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Reunited, Roxette to perform this July at “New Wave” event in Latvia

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 27, 2009 to and .

(Updated) - Editor's Note:  The Daily Roxette originally published this article over a month ago – on April 22 to be exact – announcing that Per and Marie were reuniting and would perform again as Roxette in Lativa this summer.  This article was published prior to our breaking the news on May 4 that Roxette would appear at the Night of the Proms concert series.  We're republishing it today, along with the previous comments.  While mention of Roxette has still not appeared on the event's own website, posters have been put up on the streets of Riga advertising Roxette as "special guests" at the opening of the New Wave festival and today, Per acknowledged the accuracy of our report via a Twitter message. 

Roxette are back together again! According to several published reports, the first of which appeared on Monday [April 20], the duo is set to perform for the opening of New Wave 2009 on July 28 in Jurmala, Latvia.  Some of the biggest newspapers of Latvia and their online news portals have reported that Roxette have already agreed to appear at the opening ceremony of this annual international young pop singers competition.

In an editorial published by The Daily Roxette just days ago, we addressed the speculation that Roxette might reunite, and since then there have been rumors of exactly when and how that might happen, with most centering around the Night of the Proms series of concerts in Europe towards the end of the summer.

From its beginnings in 2002, the New Wave competition has become a significant event not only in Russia and Latvia, but also in CIS and other countries for several years once television rights were sold. Millions of TV viewers watch and support the contestants, confirming the fact that New Wave has become a eagerly-anticipated annual European festival. TDR has learned that this this festival is very popular in Russia, as many of the participants come from post-Soviet countries and regions. We've also reported on this event previously, when in 2003 a contestant from Sweden sang "Sleeping in My Car."

RuthRox/Lilla727 tells TDR that in a short article on TV*Net (in Latvian) they report that the famous Swedish duo stopped in 2002 when Marie was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Later, Fredriksson and the other partner in the duo, Per Gessle, went in for solo projects and the last time they performed together was in 2004 to mark the celebration of their 25th anniversary since they met for the first time… that later led to the foundation of Roxette. They say that the duo has decided to re-establish working this year and have already confirmed their participation in the New Wave festival.

Russian baritone Dmitry Hvorostovskis and Chicago-born (U.S.) singer-songwriter Anastacia (who has fought her own battle with cancer), are reported to be the guest stars for the closing event.


Oh my god! Is this true???? *yay*

What? It’s not 1:th of April today! O_O
Anyone knows how many songs they’re likely to perform? Or if it will be playback or “for real”?

OMG I can’t believe it! Wow! Great, fantastic!
Is it too early to demand... hope for a tour??? ;-)


Well, it became known on Monday, April 20:

And Roxette will perform on such show?

It’s time for Roxette again!! yes yes yes!!!!! July in Latvia, this fall remastered albums, and i hope a new album next year!!!!!! best news since last Hits cd!!!

Dreams come true! After 7 years. Greaaaaaat!

If this is finally true, this are the best news i’ve read in this site in a long long time!

Strange way and strange place for a comeback. I hope for may 9th or 10th!

Im a bit sceptical... it would be AMAZING if it is true... But ill wait for Roxette management to confirm. And if it really is true...then im sure there will be a new album and at least some shows next year..

If true it may just be a baby step towards bigger and better things later this year/next’s hoping.

amazing !!!!!!

Yes strange place for a comeback!

this sounds like the Night of the proms rumour... (see German forum, no time and energy to write this down here)... we’ll see

Lars, I’m glad to see you back here :) We even reported about this festival before in 2003.. incredible.. you are the only one who would have found such article.. or searched for it :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

You Russians and Latvians must keep your cameras and video cameras ready - we want to see EVERYTHING!!!!


I won’t believe it till i read - Confirmed - - Official - or sth like that.

Tooooo goooood to be true.

This is the TDR i remember Good Work all of you!!

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Wowowwoo!!! Im smelling roxettes comeback... they are dropping so quickly a few coments about new projects, events, comeback ideas... its great, and maybe in Latvian show we WILL SEE A NEW SINGLE 4 A NEW ALBUM!!! YES!! I HOPE SO!!!

To quote the legendary quarterback of the Deimon Devilbats, Youichi Hiruma...


Oh my god!!!! This is incredible!!!!!

good to hear roxette are coming back

Fantastic!!! Does anyone (perhaps one of our Latvian or Russian friends) have a sense of whether we can expect a true live performance, or is it typically playback?? Also, would it be likely that they would perform only a single song, or can we perhaps expect a small set??

Anyway, who cares? IT’S ROXETTE!!!!

OMG!!!! WHAT A GREAT NEWS!!! I don’t care how it is or where it is... I just love the word “reunited” on the title of this article. And I love the fact that we are getting better news about them everyday!!! :) I LOVE ROXETTE!!!! :)

I wanna live, I wanna give, I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold...

Just to read the word Roxette makes me damn happy!

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Absolutely amazing news!!!!!
I’m so happy!!!! I can’t believe it! They’re back!!!!!

Does this mean they are gonna hit the stage to mime at “The Look” or some other hit from the past? That’s all I see happening in Latvia, and I have to confess it doesn’t really excite me. That’s what I call an ’amazing’ come back.

And the remasters stuff is just another rip-off from EMI. Wake up, people...

They’d be playing in your living room and you’d still find a reason to complain.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Holy Bloody Hell, Roxette were mention in Today’s Paper, [In The Box office Insert].


’Keen For a Joyride? Well 90’s Roxette rockers, right, have begun talks to reunite for the first time since 2002. At BoxOffice, our fingers are crossed that a world tour could see them travel down under in the next 12 months.’

I cannot Believe, It’s taken many years, but Roxette is, dare I say it, popular in Australia again.

Another article Here:

Wasn’t Per tweeting that he’s reading “The Word” yesterday? the end all those newspapers are using the same quote. “ way or another....” So it’s nothing new really. But the Latvia thing makes me wonder, too. ;-)


Woohoo!!! Fantastic if true! And since LEO wrote it... 8-D

really fantastic, almost unreal; :-)



@ditroia - Which paper was that?

And where is all this touring stuff coming from. I don’t recall there ever being anything ever rumoured that they would be touring, at least any time soon.

Nice bump on whirlpool too :-)

Well, I am Latvian. I know this “New Wave” show and its more for russian public, even all can watch it. There have been many famous artists before but they usually perform 2 or 3 songs and sometimes some new songs too.
Am a big fan of Roxette; They never have been in Latvia before as much as their fans would dream about it and I would LOVE it to happen but this show isn‘t the place I would really like to see them. Am not a fan of this show at all.

But if they do I would be very glad to know that they are back together performing! That would be the most important thing to know! Still hoping for a proper gig in Latvia, Riga!

Hey Rob it was in the Adelaide Advertiser.



Wow nice to see the Aussie mentions! However I really can’t see Roxette coming to Australia again. I don’t think Marie wants to become that involved to start doing world tours again but hell I would love to be wrong :) Still I’m happy to see that something definitely seems to be in the pipeline one way or another.

2009, the year of Roxette comeback!!!!

From - Night Of The Proms website:

” “Begin mei maken we opnieuw een grote artiestennaam bekend. Ik ben er redelijk zeker van dat het ‘hot news’ zal zijn voor al wie houdt van onversneden popmuziek. ... We verwachten dat de verkoop na de aankondiging begin mei supersnel zal gaan”, aldus organisator Jan Vereecke.”

Rough translation:
” “In the beginning of May we will announce another big artist. I am quite sure that this will be “hot news” for whoever loves true pop music. ... We expect ticket sales to go super fast after this announcement”, according to organiser Jan Vereecke.”

NOTP is not as much travelling as a real tour, only +/- 5 songs per show, but still something that Rox hasn’t done before. Sounds like a good opportunity for a relatively “easy” return to the spotlights...

_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Well, that could be a possibility. Obviously Rox were due to take part in this back in 02, so maybe this could be it.... just maybe??

to add to it, on

it says following:

Achtung, der Countdown läuft! Do. 23.04.09 - 11:57
Der Code, der Ihnen die Künstler des Jahres 2009 der deutschen “Nokia Night Of The Proms” verrät?
bei einer großen Pressekonferenz am Dienstag, den 5.Mai um 17:00 = 555 in Antwerpen haben wir die Ehre und Freude, den Vorhang zu lüften, wer Sie bei den „Nokia Night Of The Proms “ Terminen 2009 auf der Bühne begeistern wird.

It means the artists will be announced on 5th May, at 17:00, in Antwerpen, this is close to Amsterdam and London, where Per plays before and after.. which makes me think.. **IF** Rox @ NOTP would be true and they would be at press conference.. that Marie may not play in Sthlm as expected but London or Amsterdam?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Good point Judith. I’ve been thinking about the possibiliy of Marie turning up in London and there are a lot of reason why she may turn up.

Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Someone’s gotta put this performance on YouTube for us after it happens!

I don’t think you’ll have a problem there!! :-) IF it is London, I’m sure I can get something posted on YouTube!

@LadyKatrin: Thanks for the info! This reminds me a little bit of American Idol or something similar... everyone hates it, but everyone watches it so it’s a great place for an artist to perform if they want very high exposure (-:

What a great news!!!! always expected hopefull news about my fav dou..
Roxette rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks TDR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I

Hope all of this be true and hope no playback this time

@ Judith: thanks for the extra info. Of course these are all our speculations, and we might be miles away from the truth, seeing what we want to see. But still, indeed it makes sense. Let’s wait and see.

But Marie in Amsterdam... I’d go crazy. Being a Dutch fan living in China I already have to miss Per’s return to my home soil, let alone Marie showing up there as well. If it wasn’t for my fellow Dutch fans, I’d say I rather see her showing up in London then....
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Well, since it is not going to be a commercial event and not at a very strategic locations, an appearance is what will happen.

rox-remasters as a rip-off from EMI? Well, this is THE way of making money, right? It follows the rules fo supply and demand. If you don’t want to buy it, you do not buy it :). It is not linke you don’t have a choice or something, right? ;) If I was working at EMI, I probably would do the same thing – make money :).

-= tridy =-

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this news, I was like WHAT???!!!…NEW WAVE??!!!…JURMALA!!?? I watch this show every year, its not that bad really. And by the way normally invited guest sing live. Surprising news really!!!

invited guest stars that is, hands are shaking...

And then there was silence...

The eye of the storm?
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Maybe a holiday to Latvia...

This quiet is scathing. But may it’ s quiet before the storm...

I’ve got a reply from Marie Dimberg:
No confirmation from our end.

But no denial either (-: I’ve got my own theory - they’ve got a deal with NOTP that lets NOTP promote the tour as Roxette’s return to the stage - so they’re not allowed to preempt that by announcing any other shows before the NOTP announcement, on May 5th. Just making stuff up :-D

This seems to be the best reason for this no denialing / no confirmating. But in case of NOTP. Not for New Wave gig, its artist list was announced yet.

“No confirmation from our end.”

This reads pretty much like a hint! Why shouldn’t she write “not true” or something concrete otherwise? Afaik “New Wave” itself hasn’t announced the artists yet, just the media. Right?

As for NOTP, the artists are generally not allowed to announce their participation before NOTP does. And that happens May 5. We’ll see...

@roxtexanet: makes sense indeed!

For NOTP, they mention on their website that a Belgian newspaper expects “a famous Canadian rock singer” as the headliner. Can’t find anything about that in the online edition of that newspaper (Het Laatste Nieuws) though.

One more week and we’ll know!
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Today in a big Chilean Radiostation, they were commenting the “lots of rumors” about Roxette reuniting during this year.
Dunno what they exactly said as i only catch a part of it, but it seemed they talked long about Marie´s Cancer,
Per Touring Europe and possible new Rox tracks / tour. They never talk about Roxette on Radios around here,
but this was a very nice surprise.

I feel it´s gonna happen ;)


I think it is possible that Roxette will be at the NOTP...but the dutch NOTP site also mentions a canadian rock singer (in my opinion Bryan Adams). Offcourse this could be a misleading trick, but i still hope my wishes comes true!!!
Double pleasure this year!!! PG in Amsterdam, Roxette in Arnhem & Rotterdam!!
Lets pray!!!! ;-))

what does Bryan have to do with POP MUSIC?
To me it’s more like rock.. but ok..
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

This is what’s written on the dutch version of NOTP

Het is ondertussen een publiek geheim dat Night of the Proms op dinsdag 5 mei om 17.05 uur zijn volgende artiestennaam bekendmaakt. Het cijfer 555 (5 mei, 5 uur, 5 minuten) krijgt op die manier een beetje een magische betekenis. Het Laatste Nieuws gokt vandaag op een bekend Canadees rockzanger. Wij houden uiteraard de lippen stijf op elkaar tot dinsdag 5 mei.

In English:

Meanwhile it is a public secret that NOTP reveals the next name on tuesday the 5th of may at 17:05. The number 555 (5th of may, 5 minutes past 5) becomes a magic number. The Latest News thinks it will be a famous Canadian Rocksinger. We keep our mouths shut till the 5th of may.

So the Latest News gambles....a rocksinger..NOTP belgium says something about Popmusic...and yes that really could be Roxette...LETS HOPE THEY’R RIGHT :-))

Could also be different artist for different countries.

maybe they were in discussions but seeing the warm welcome Per received during the tour, they decided to make something later on on their own, no NOTP. We’ll see. This is kind of exciting and funny. Back to the first days of news collection/reporting. Loving it
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

According to Gessle Marie might show up on stage pretty soon.

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Where have you read/heard this?

From the horse twitting mouth of course ;)
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Hahah... ok, now THAT actually made me laugh out loud!

I’ve been following the comments to this article, but haven’t – as you’ve all noticed – been able to actually update/re-write the article yet. Someone else already pointed out the important thing to “note,” and I believe there’s another hidden clue in the interview with Per that’s currently our top story.

Just trying to guess but as i said before the “events” word it’s the first time he mentioned in a recent interview as far as i know and the other thing that call my attention was the answer about how a new Rox album will sound looks like he’s already been thinking about it. Hope is the other way around like nowadays tour sound and not HAND and those. Bring back the guitars to the front!!

Whatever will be will be...
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

i am secretly hoping that they will take the come back in latvia to release a new single... ;-) i really really really seriously think that this would be a great new platform to feature a new song...surprise everyone....

@jasonchong: I think exactly the same, but I don’t believe this will happen.

Don’t think they have a release ready until then.

What will it be? A complete concert or just a few songs? Does anyone have a guess?

A guess: 3-5 songs tops.

And my guess is: The Look, Listen To Your Heart, Joyride, It Must Have Been Love and Wish I Could Fly...........

I think one or two songs. Not more. Because as the ticket site states, besides Roxette there will be more than 27 participants. Among them Fillip Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva, Dima Bilan, A-Studio, Kristina Orbakayte and many many others.

Yes, same as Night of the Proms would be a good guess.

I guess The Look and maybe It must have been love and that’s all. Too many artists.

I’d like Joyride and LTYH for a change! ;-)

The word self-adulation is on my mind for some reason...


Kiwein1 said on May 27, 2009 20:33:

The word self-adulation is on my mind for some reason...

lol Kiwein, really? :D:D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m so overjoyed. I live close to the border with Latvia so it’s a real must for me to be there and I will!

Roxette needs something strong for their comeback. The most appreciated songs from Roxette are their ’ big bad ballads’ , so would be great to record another Wish I Could Fly-like great dark ballad. This is ultimate and timeless artwork.

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