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No longer just the dream of die-hard fans: Roxette are back!

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 4, 2009 to , and .

LONDON (Updated) - No longer just the dream of die-hard fans around the world who will surely feel their prayers for Marie's recovery were answered: Roxette are back!

The Daily Roxette has learned that Marie Fredriksson will be joining Per Gessle on stage at the “Party Crasher” concert in Amsterdam on Wednesday. For several days now, fans have told TDR that people affiliated with the tour have told them to expect a “surprise” at that concert. Since Per has already said he expected Marie might join him on stage for one or two of his tour dates, fans who heard about this upcoming surprise immediately surmised that it meant that Marie would be making an appearance. This indeed will be the case.

There, in Amsterdam, in front of one of the largest expected audiences on this tour… fans in attendance will be able to witness first-hand the long awaited, highly anticipated return of Roxette to the stage when Per proudly announces he has a special guest.  

But the real evidence of Roxette's return is that tomorrow afternoon shortly after 5 pm, at an official Night of the Proms press conference in Belgium, they will announce that Marie has recovered from the illness that forced them to cancel their scheduled appearance in 2002. Seven years later,  Roxette will finally make good on that previous commitment and perform at this year’s series of concerts to be held in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands beginning at the end of October and running through December. 


The official press conference is tomorrow. So I guess LEO spoiled it now. ;-)


O M G ! ! !

I definitely hope we will see a Rox-(club)-tour some day! :)

Wooooohoooooo!!! :-D You finally got confirmation? :-D :-D :-D

See you Wednesday Marie and Per!!!! I can’t wait...

oh my god, the dreams come true!!!!!!!SUPER ROXETTE ARE BACK i can t believe it yes,come to greece roxette please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun in Amsterdam! I’m really happy to read this :o)


Gessle-Girls can do it (22/7/08)

Oh I wish I could join this historical moment in Amsterdam! But it’s too far, in the middle of the week...

To be honest: I never expected that. What a great news! What a great day!

Woowww I can‘t believe it!!!

btw I just ordered the tickets some minutes before I read those fantastic news! :)

ROXETTE ARE BACK!!! we can’t stop to crying!!
Bren & Leo.

Fantastic!!! If Per and Marie were looking to make my birthday memorable... this does it!!!! Roxette rox on!!!!

There were times I wouldn’t believe this could happen. These are really extremelly strange, some kind of magical feelings I’m feeliing right now. Some kind of fairy-tale dreams, which comes true.

Many thanks to Per and especially to Marie, that she made this fairy tale became true. What a woman.

Yeeeaaaahhh Roxette is back!!! im so happy I dont even care if she doesent show up in stockholm hahha ( off course, that would be very nice to say the least) :D

Bring the champagne!! :)

Let’s just hope that Marie can really handle this.
All the best to her - the best singer in the world!!! HUGS and KISSES


“Let’s just hope that Marie can really handle this.”

I don’t think she’d say yes if she wasn’t confident. Hats off to the lady with the thunderstorm voice!!

Just saved ticket for NOTP/Dortmund. :-)

Happy Happy..ha ha

haha surprise!!! Not really :D
We at German forum have known this might be a possibility since April 18th ;) More and more hints came in between.. Kiwein, we guessed right!!!!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I have tears of joy in my eyes. And thanks to hints about a “surprise” a ticket for Amsterdam. :)

I remember Marie was telling that she does not want any type of stress either positive or negative. And that is the thing, I can only imaging how much emotions there will be from the fans and how that will feel for her. Obviously, everyone in Stockholm wished her appearance as well, especially to have it on the DVD. Maybe the show in Holland will be filmed as well?
-= tridy =-

The press conference is at 17.05 p.m. according to the site of NOTP.
I just bought tickets for Rotterdam.

I can’t make it to Per’s concert in Amsterdam, so I have to wait so long :-((

Yes Judith, we did. So in the end I’m not surprised at all to be hones. ;-) I already got my tickets 10 days ago. ;D


Tears in my eyes! This is great! I´m such a huge fan and now we have the chance to see Roxette back!

Roxette forever! Marie you are f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!!!!!!!!!

got the tickets yesterday ;)

And all thanks to a dumb mistake hidden in a HTML code at!! Hadn’t they written, hidden in the code, that Roxette will be the main act, nobody would have found out ahead of time.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

i have a huge party - not only in my head - in my whole body.


@Judith: I’m glad you posted a translated summary of all of the rumours from the German forum on for all of us non-German speaking fans... I’ve been crossing my fingers for weeks that these rumours would turn out to be true (and they seemed to be based on really great evidence - like the “hidden” HTML code stuff)... and now they are!!! So thanks for sharing with us!

thanks to the German fans who found the code and shared it in their forum :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

all i can say is OMG


like magic and love lots of forgotten words

what code?? have I missed something??

not to forget the mistake at the official notp website:

haha! they even have a picture of Roxette on the 2009 folder!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

When I read “Roxette are back” I supposed it would be a something like a new album. Or a new single at least. But no, it’s just Marie joining a Per concert to sing 1 or 2 (old) songs, maybe 3.

Bleh... not very exciting.

I have no words to describe how I am happy !!!!!!!!!!

raelian: read the story again.

To the others about the code:
you will find the code and screenshot of the google search :) Scroll till the middle of the screen, where it says “Roxette bei Nokia Night of the Proms?” :)

this was the code HIDDEN in the

.id=”final” style=”display: none; text-align:center;”>
Die Künstler der Night of the Proms 2009 stehen fest: ROXETTE, ALAN PARSONS, HEAVEN 17, KANTONA TWINS und JOHN MILES...”text-align:center;”>Countdown bis zur Bekanntgabe der Künstler 2009!..../p>

I’m SO HAPPY!!!!

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@ Judith: If you change the picture link I´ve just posted to AlanParsons , Heaven17, John Miles and FineFleur, the pictures of the bands appear ;-) Only Kantona Twins do not work :)

!!!!! I still don’t understand that one can make such a mistake, hidden HTML code is searchable in Google! :) Good for us though :))

Ah well, it’s anyway a great surprise, and it helped some fans a little bit to get tickets before it’s officially announced. Tickets are on sale since December 08 and many for first rows are sold out (where there is no standing places), so at least some fans could buy more or less good tickets before everybody rushes to get them tomorrow.

Have a great time in Amsterdam :)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

What I really DON’T understand is that they are still trying to tell me that it was just a coincidence that they put all the bands in the hidden source code. It’s silly really ;-) I didn’t believe in that story from day 1. It was just a terrible mistake they couldn’t get right afterwards. I hope they do better in hiding next year. They’re only a fanpage but they KNEW the artists from the start. It’s just about fooling people. Well, good for us.

I am happy now! I always wanted to hear LTYH (hope they’ll play it) with a big orchestra.


Great news!!!!!!!!!

“There’s always time for a little dance”

BEST NEWS 2009! Yahuuuuuuu! Greats from Italy

So happy!!! CU on stage the day after tomorrow sweet Marie and Per... Can’t believe this!!

Gosh, I am so jealous to European fans... I said that often, but this time is different because I REALLY REALLY mean that, especially lately I am such in Roxette mood, keep playing their music everyday.... Maybe I should buy lottery tonight :P

Do you think that there will be a new single for the NOTP?


In celebration!


In celebration! I had a chance ot chat with Per a few years ago.

@shine: Looks like a good idea. It has meaning to come with a new song for the comeback and for the gigs. With a brand new album somewhere in the spring 2010. Let’s wait and see.

Can’t believe it’s happening!!!

So damn happy!!

Cannot put it into words just watch a bit of LTYH video and got goosebumps!!

Maybe one day......
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

I’M IN HEAVEN! :-))))


And i don’t even know why!?!?! :) :) :)

Addicted to R once more
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

I have ever wondered how Roxette’s NOTP 2002 orchestra versions could have sounded. If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands. I’m happy indeed. :D

Fantastic news about NOTP. Will try and go to a few gigs. The London gig was great tonight.....a shame marie didnt make an appearance here though, it would have made it perfect. Cant make the amsterdam gig because of work. I wonder if she will make an appearance in stockholm as well?! I have a ticket for saturday, but still undecided if i am going yet

WOW this is great, great news but very depressing at the same time you see I live in another galaxy called Sydney, Australia!!! ;) So the chances of going this year are very slim :( Still the best thing is that Marie feels well enough to do this and I never would have believed this possible in 2002 when she was diagnosed with the tumour. I hope it all goes well for them and that we might get a DVD :)

Exciting times for Rox fans, makes me feel 15 again ;)

Thank you GOD :)

Listen to your heart in london:


Please!!! Give me shock treatment....I can’t believe it. don’t walk alone!!!!!!
Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

OMG! Thanx Roxette! I’m so happy! I’m speachless! Don’t forget Argentina (hehe)!

I’ve just landed back at the hotel from the gig in London - Per, Magnus, Helena, Christoffer, Clarence, Pelle... Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for an absolutely stunning night. This piece of news is the cherry on the top of a very tasty (and truthful) cake.

From the guy in the white Orlando Magic shirt next to the bar to your right.

Best news in a very, very long time. Marie: an example of strength and hope. Per: very good friend, always supporting her. Nice to say again that Roxette IS Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle.

Thanks Marie for that tough and brave decision!!!!

Thanks Mikael ,Oscar and Josefin who support her in everything !!!

I’m so happy that I’m unable to say something sensible at the moment, I just say I LOVE PER!!!I LOVE MARIE!!!I LOVE ROXETTE!!!

Super cool!
I will be there in Amsterdam!!!

YES YES!! There’s a party in my head!!! It never ends!!!! see you all in Amsterdam!!!!

I don’t think there will be a new single because of the NOTP. Most artists who perform in the NOTP have a long history behind them. Somehow it shows that you’re finished...
I don’t mind though, ’cause it’s great to have Roxette doing the NOTP!! I resold my tickets in 2002, perfect to get a second chance!!

“There’s always time for a little dance”

the photo on the official site has been removed
on the German site the pictures of Alan Parsons and Heaven17 are still there (they will also be announced today in Antwerp)

Are they going to stream the whole press conference live on website?

Great news!

Always wanted to hear what the NOTP versions would have sounded like, now we finally can.

Quick question, do we have any idea if the Amsterdam show will be Marie on a few songs, or Per introducing Marie at the start, and it almost being a Roxette show?

Listening to Roxette perform with a full orchestral backing at NOTP would be fab. London gig was awesome btw :)

@RobS – One, possibly two songs. “Wish I Could Fly” would be my guess, unless they add something not on the current set list, as this is the song Per introduces as “a song I wrote for Miss Marie Fredriksson, who unfortunately couldn’t be with us here tonight.”

At the beginning of the tour he said: “a song I wrote for Marie Fredriksson, one of my favourite singers in the world..”


Great news!!!

They say Roxette will be on NOTP!!!

Hey hey! Yesterday I e-mailed al this good news to a famous Dutch radio station. This morning (6.45!) I was called by the DJ (Giel Beelen for all the dutchies) to announce this news live in the broadcast!! Although I was half asleep, it was a nice little conversation! See you tomorrow!!!

: )

@LEO thanks. Just wanted to make sure :-)

So great to be a Rox fan right now!!

Oh wow. This is great news. How will I be able to work with all this anticipation for the concert tomorrow?

I wonder what songs Marie will perform. Will she simply take over some of the songs from Per, or will they add certain songs to the line-up? Soul Deep, maybe?

I think that best female singer under the sun should sing best ballad under the sun - so Marie should sing Wish I Could Fly. :-)

More small newsbits about this and that at

These are great news!!! I’m so happy, specially because this time I may see them on stage again, something I didn’t think possible. If things go right, this may be my chance. I’ll pray for it ;)

expressen reports about it, they say Dimberg has confirmed the come back.

I am so happy I could cry.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

“singel, turné eller samlingsalbum” ??? New best of? ;-p Please someone translate!

Expressen’s article doesn’t say anything. It merely states they have talked to Dimberg who in turn says “I don’t know what they are planning to do, single, compilation album tour...?”

Lots of roxette in sweish media right now...aftonbladet,expressen... They have not yet said anytihng about new singles or albums...Thats what Im waiting for :P

Well I just heard the news and I’m ecstatic. I’ll be at the Melkweg tomorrow :D Lars I sent you an email, will you be there too?

WOO i’m so happy I could cry and laugh at the same time!

Kiwein1, he said that in london too

no doubt anymore :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

“We are thrilled to finally be able to attend Night of the Proms. It’s gonna be the first time we share a live stage together since 2001 and it certainly feels most exciting to do it in front of the huge Night of the Proms audience. We look forward to performing some of our greatest hits and working together with the big Night of the Proms orchestra, which should fit our music very well.”
(Marie & Per)

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Awesome awesome awesome!!! Did anyone see the press conference? Surely Per and Marie were there??

Link to announcement in English:

we’re watching the countdown!!
We’re TOTALLY HAPPY!! Great to see Roxette comeback!!!!
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

They will perform in Antwerpen.

Will they be on every show there I mean on all the 8 concerts?????

No surprise. Asa Gessle told about this in Hamburg, although it’s a very good not-a-surprise!!!!))))
Hope that show will be filmed for DVD, great to know Marie is back to sing with Per!!!!! ))))) Rox on!

It’s on the website of The Night of the Proms:

“There’s always time for a little dance”

There’s even a new picture of them with NOTP on the background.

Not the nicest one but it’s still Roxette on that picture :)

I don’t know if Per isn’t happy or his just tired.
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

The best news of the year!!!!!

Another picture :
Per & Marie together with orchestraconductor Robert Groslot

Sooo great!!! Glad I got standing tickets! And for the ones far away: There’ll be a live CD and DVD! :-D

We’re from Argentina,We’re going to buy the tix tonight!!
But on the web says only a show is electronic ticket (they send by email and then you printed it) the rest they must send them by airm mail or something
We want buy standing tix,can you help me with traslation plz?
mail me if u can help me.
[email protected]

Another picture again:
Marie seems to be Happy! That’s good.

yeah!!!!!! i,m so happy and i can say only one word:

by from

On which shows Roxette will play??

Do the tickets to NOTP sell out FASTor is it ok to wait before buying tickets?? Anyone from sweden planning to see these shows?? Dont want to travell alone.. Marie sure looks happy...:D. Per looks more tired..but off course...he has been working hard lately=)

Very fast, look at (german dates) for that. Roxette will do all the dates!

BandL, I’ll try to help. You got mail!

additional concert date has been announced: Sunday, 6th December 2009 Frankfurt Festhalle. It starts at 3pm, so it is a concert in the afternoon. However, best seats are available on as the sale has just begun. Might be an option for those of you who have not bought a ticket yet.

I want buy a ticket but I don’t know that, Roxette will every evening???

This is amazing.... now im rolling back in time... but now, the time is HERE!!!!
PD:WELL-Come-back ROXETTE!!!!

I bought tickets to the cologne and dortmund gigs. I would quite like to get tickets for either belgium or holland as well, but does anyone know how to order them with credit card? The only ticket agency I can find is and it looks like there is only the option to order now, pay later, which would be fine, but it seems that you need to be in the home country from what i could gather

Per promised new songs in HR3 interview, joked to write them in the waiting times on tour.

So probably new album is on the way. Hey, what about title “Miracles Happens”. ;-)

Even if it may now be a possibility for new roxette material, I dont think it will happen before NOTP. Obviously the remastered albums are the planned release to coincide with this tour. I suppose there is the remote possibility that they will record a couple of new songs as bonus material for the fans on these discs, but it is more likely that it will be all old demos and b-sides.

Maybe one new single during late summer / early autumn followed with new album soonest in the spring 2010, but more probably during autumn 2010. I hope so.



Short report from the press conference at :-)

Roxette reunites for European tour dates

STOCKHOLM (AP) — The managers of 1980s pop sensation Roxette say the Swedish band will reunite for a small European tour starting in October.

D & D Management says Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson will play live together for the first time since 2001 at the ’Night of the Proms’ touring festival in Antwerp, Belgium.

It will then tour with the festival to a number of sites in the Netherlands and Germany.

Roxette rose to international stardom in the late 1980s with hits such as ’It Must Have Been Love’ and ’The Look.’ The band stopped performing when Fredriksson was treated for a brain tumor and hasn’t returned to stage until now.

In a Tuesday statement the two band members said they looked forward to performing some of their greatest hits again.

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Can you help us plz?
We are from Argentina,wanna buy the tix but we must decide something.Can u help us with traslation or info plz?
Mail me
[email protected]

Unless I overlooked it being mentioned... but I noticed this on the Dutch NOTP site:

“Eerder dit jaar knoopte het management van het duo zélf gesprekken met de Promsorganisatoren aan over de mogelijkheid om Roxette opnieuw op het programma te plaatsen.”


“Earlier this year the management of the duo themselves approached the NOTP-organisers about the possibilities of including Roxette in the lineup again.”

I was surprised to read this, but it confirms the idea that this is the perfect occasion to reach a huge audience for the reunification without doing a full Roxette-tour. Very happy to see that the initiative to go on tour came from Sweden, and not because of the request of NOTP. It shows that they really wanted to go performing again!
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

I don’t have time to read all the replies... but most people have known about this since the Koln concert... and also about Marie in Amsterdam when a certain guitarist let slip the Amsterdam show would BE EXTRA SPECIAL... hence why people decided to flock to Amsterdam!

Lars gave me the news officially in the venue in London that he’d just published the story... so I had the pleasure of starting the gossip train in the venue! :)

Anyone any idea:
How many songs will Roxette perform there?
They will everywhere?


@kriszta: 5 songs.

They’ll perform 5 songs. Read more details from the radio report:
German tour manager Dirk Hohmeyer said they were surprised to get a phone call from Sweden some weeks ago: Roxette wanted to return where they left!

This comeback at NOTP must have big symbolic meaning for Marie. :-)

Roxette are back!!
We must celebrate!!


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