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Not so silly, really: Dreams of Roxette together again

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 16, 2009 to .

PerAs this article is being written, Per and his band are being called back on stage to perform an encore before a noisy, raucous crowd in Helsinki, Finland. It's the first night of the Party Crasher tour and, like many other international tours involving Per Gessle, Helsinki is again serving as the first stop.  It's an exciting moment, one to be repeated over the next few weeks in venues across Europe.

Partly as a result of the obligatory pre-tour publicity campaign — the tour after all ended up being subtitled "The Man from Roxette" — and partly the result of the natural progression in the timeline that has marked the remarkable recovery story of Marie Fredriksson, there's been considerable mention in the media recently of a possible reunion of Per and Marie as Roxette.

Both Per and Marie, in speaking to various journalists and reporters, have over the last few months mentioned the possibility of some kind of Roxette project surfacing again.  Lately, Per's been quoted in an article appearing on Chart Attack as saying "I'm sure something will happen."  With both Per and Marie talking out loud, on the record, to reporters… not just once but repeatedly… it's now seemingly safe to say that it's not just possible, but extremely likely that we'll at least be able to hear Per and Marie again performing together as Roxette. Per has said that he and Marie recently picked up some acoustic guitars and sang some of Roxette songs together… to see how it felt. Apparently, it felt good for them both.

We congratulate Per (and his partners-in-music) on tonight's premeire concert.   Untold numbers of our readers are looking forward to attending one of the upcoming concerts on this tour, and The Daily Roxette looks forward to providing extensive coverage.  These are good days for fans of Per Gessle's music.  Still, as we enjoy the Party Crasher album, and hear Per singing Roxette material on stage again…  we know we're not alone when thinking about Helsinki tonight.  We wonder if it's too much to hope for that this favored first-stop city might be called into service yet once again?  It's not so silly, really… to consider the possibilty of Per and Marie jetting to various locales to give their fans a treat.  For example, fellow Scandinavians a-ha just did that in Brazil… flying in to do one concert in Sao Paulo and one in Rio. 

Yes, we're all a bit older and have learned to manage our expectations, but for now at least we'll once again entertain the idea of seeing both Per and Marie on stage together.   Our prayers, after all, were answered once before.


Great article Lars!

TDR thanks Roxwriter for the news tip on the Chart Attack article.

I am in absolute music heaven right now.

Per’s concert in London’s just a few weekends off, we’re seeing Rox-related news stories online like the ones these past few days, and the Lightning Seeds have their first album in 9 years next month too (I heartily recommend them to any TDRer - they’re so much more than just Three Lions)! Great days indeed!


My pleasure ;-)

When I read that Per and Marie played acoustic Roxette tracks I nearly fell on the floor! I had to tell someone hehe!

Nice write up Lars! Keep up the great work TDR! Without this site Rox-Fans would suffer greatly!

Te best news I´ve received this year... Here in Brazil we´re hopefully waiting to see Roxette again. God bless them and we´ll pray for this dream comes true.
Per and Marie, we love you.

Luv from Brazil.

Eduardo Bentes

Official Playlist - Helsinki 16/04 ;-)

01. Dressed for success
02. Drowning in wonderful toughts about her
03. Stupid
04. Party Pleaser
05. I wish I could fly
06. She doesn’t live here anymore
07. 7 Twenty 7
08. Party in my head
09. Late, Later on
10. Listen to your heart
11. Do you wanna be my baby
12. Opportunity Nox
(13. Band presentation)
14. Doesn’t make sense
15. Church of your heart
16. Dangerous
17. Joyride
18. C’mon
19.Are you an old hippie, Sir?
20. The Look
21. It must have been love
22. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone
23. Queen of rain.
Too much Roxette,Where is PG? Or where is Marie?

Well he does say in this Austrian interview “Ich habe auch schon wieder neue Pläne für die Zeit nach der kommenden Tournee, die jetzt im April startet.” translated as “I also already have plans for the time after the upcoming tour which starts in april”, so lets hope these plans include some roxette recordings. It seems more likely than ever to me, especially as he already said that he met up with marie to discuss working together again. I really think there is a strong possibility that we can expect some new roxette music next year!

Too much Roxette,Where is PG? Or where is Marie? [2]

nice article Lars:)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Many-many Rox songs,yeaaah!

Nice article!
Why would Per play Marie’s songs?

Well, after they cancelled their South African concerts in 2001, I don’t know if I’ll ever see them in concert again since everything seems to be concentrated in Europe. A new album would be some consolation though.

Great article Lars!!

You represented our thoughts and feelings the best posible way!!

Roxette ,the magic friends -Marie and Per singing our favorite songs together .
That is what we waiting and hoping for last 8 years.

Roxx us again!

Well..well...well... I guess Dressed For Success, Listen To Your Heart & It Must Have Been Love sound dreadful with Per on lead vocals - the demos did.

BUT the best news is Roxette coming back!!! I knew it!!! Can’t wait to hear them together again.’s a cookin’, jumpin’, jivin’ shout!!

Very nice article, my thoughts! :-)

I really can’t imagine Per singing some of those Rox songs. IMHBL? Should be... interesting! 8-]

A quality article and it pretty much sums up how I’m feeling too about ’something’ happening.

More please Lars-Erik :)

Roxette will be back. It’s more or less a fact now. I can’t think of another band or artist that can cause so much excitement from adults! The vast majority of us here are either late 20’s/30’s and even into our 40’s, but we act like little kids at the mere thought of Roxette reforming. Isn’t it great?!?!?

Haha, so true Paul.

Nice article. As steven said it really does sum up how most(?) of us feel right about now about the future of Roxette.

Sorry Judith, Thomas, Colin, Visa, and the others but you just can’t beat Lars grammar. He’s capital letters in what writing means. So nice to read. You know i’m right, hahahaha.

Well looks like you’ll be working hard this days (as always there is news)

Thanx for everything done and what’s to come

like magic and love lots of forgotten words


You mean “Lars’ grammar” right? You forgot the apostrophe :-p

@Roxryder - Thanks, that’s make me feel really good!! :-) lol

Could be that Lars in fact is a writer... He’s also a native English speaker.

Hey peeps!

I said Lars(apostrophe) grammar not mine.

C’mon no hurt feelings never said nor even had the intention to that you were not good writers just he’s better that’s all and just was a fun comment to tease you a bit always with respect.

Gotta go to work it’s late.

HAND to everybody :)
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

@Roxryder: Nobody claimed otherwise :)
I am the first to say that Lars is a great reporter and writer, so I don’t know what your point is, if you wanted to let us know we aren’t as good, then congratulations, you won :)

I cannot speak for the other TDRers, but for me it is harder to write in English than in Catalan or Spanish, and besides that, I’ve never been a good story writer :) And to add to it, now I’ve got to cope with a third (German - or forth if you add Swedish) language in my brain ;) I’m glad Lars took his time to give me some tips so that the articles don’t end up being total crap :D

I wish Lars had more time to write articles because they are always extremely nice to read. I was surprised this morning to read the article, it brought a big smile on my face. Lars -> you hear that? We want more of you on TDR!! :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Well, I can’t really comment because I don’t write stories here very often at all, mainly because I have no contact with any management. Plus, I wasn’t brought onto TDR for that reason. I would love to write more articles and with being English, hopefully my grammar would be to everyones liking!

@Roxryder - no hard feelings from here - I was only joking!! HAND to you too!

@Judith: Then no, i didn’t win.

I was just praising the guy’s writing it’s not something you read everyday that’s all.

No complaints AT ALL about other TDRers writing.

Hope what the article says becomes true that’s the important thing, isn’t it?

Hope i cleared things out.

I like TDR and i’m happy with your work not any kind of the attacks you’re use to.

HAND indeed

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Did he really not play “Silly Really”?! Now THAT’s silly. Really!

Would love to hear “Opportunity Nox” and “7Twenty7” and of course, “SDLHA”... with Marie, of course... :-D

From your lips to God’s ears Lars! It’s time Per and Marie gave us some good pop to cleanse our ears from all that crap being played around.
Go Roxette!!!!

I’m pretty sure they’re doing NOTP this year.... ;-)


I don’t believe in two Rox related tours during one year. It has no sense. They need new songs before some shows. And it means new album.

Kiwein: I had the same thought today while shopping!!! :O
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

We found some hints in the meantime. ;-)
Check the German forum, Judith.


heading to the forum
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

super fantastic Per forever,the best singer in the planet earth.

According to an article in, where’s an interview with Per, there will be re-released all old Roxette albums during this autumn. In luxury remastered edition, with extended booklets and previously unreleased bonus tracks.


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