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Marie Fredriksson interviewed on SVT

Written by Jud on March 10, 2009 to .

Swedish TV channel SVT interviewed Marie Fredriksson about the concert "Still rocking in the free world" which will take place at Café Opera, Stockholm, this coming Thursday. You can also find the rehearsal of "Jealous Guy" on SVT's homepage.


I have just prepared my version of this news by myself :)
Well, I wish all who will attend the performance to have a great evening :)))

WOW! Pelle Alsing!!!! Great to see him behind Marie....and in few weeks also behind Per! Great to see them together....maybe little bit more Anders and Jonas...? :-)

Hope there’s new album on the way and solo tour is much more probable ;) Will they record this gig?

any tips on how to rip the video, please? ;))

I’d be surprised if they didn’t. With today’s technology I think that a recording artist records every moment of performing live, just in case.

Yea tomos85, Marie said last year suring some interview, that she is working on new songs and new album could be released till the end of next year. So let’s hope it comes true this autumn.

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Is it just me, or does Marie sound really tired during this rehersal? She also appears to be struggling with the song. Nice to see her doing more and more though.

Don’t know if I’m allowed, but anyway - you can download both videos here:

Marie Fredriksson - Jealous guy (rehearsal)

Reportage from SVT about “Still rocking in the free world” event

(Just click on “pobierz plik”)

Ahhh, she has NO make-up!

Great videos!

I really do love this song when Marie sings it. I just hope they improve the mix for the real thing - you can barely hear Marie! Turn up the poor girl’s mic!!

maybe she is just.... tired? Who knows how many hours they had rehearsed?
I think I look much tired than she does *yawn* ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true


Really nice to see Marie happy, healthy and laughing. She was dressed for success and she still got the look. Marie is so beautiful and she still can sing the socks off anyone. :) I’m now more than sure that we haven’t heard the last of Roxette yet. There will be more Roxette someday in someway in the future. :) :) :)

btw...was it Marie’s son that was in the video?

Marie roxx us once again!!

thank you so much for the link!!!!

Lasse Lindbom also plays the bass-guitar!! We met him in Halmstad, while travelling in Sweden in summer 2007!!!! He was so great for letting lating pics of him!)

That’s Great News!!!
Have Fun!!!

Great to see Marie..she look so beatiful without make up..and their happy and shine..Love you Marie..great to see you singing a gift..he he
Have a Great salutes from Santiago, Chile–

@Kman - Yep, Oscar was in the rehersal video as well

Did anybody notice the photo on the wall between 1:01 and 1:08?

Marie in a turquoise blouse with Elton John :)

Some photos from yesterday’s night at Cafe Opera:

Ive just seen Marie and Oscar singing on the same stage. Check it out on You Tube!!Let’s hope he’s half talented like his mum and we’ve got a star. He looks so like her. It’s quite moving.

She is healthy and happy and its time for a new album from Roxette!!!

Thanks for all the links ;)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Here’s the link of Oscar singing. He’s very good and he plays guitar too (watch out, Per ;) ) He’s kinda sounded like Marie I think ;)

Why isn’t this a main topic on the dailyroxette?
This is big news! Marie on stage together with her beautiful son!

Not just that fact, but also the fact that he’s very talented!!!!
Even having the same talent and voice as marie!!

... and looking very much like his mother...


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