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Gothenburg art gallery to show Marie’s work

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on July 24, 2008 to .

GOTHENBURG - Lilla Galleriet, an art gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, will host an exhibition of Marie's artwork from September 20 to October 5. An invitation-only reception will kick off the show.

The gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday, from noon until 4 pm.


YAY!!! I gotta get a book!!

That’s what I like it - to be informed in advance. Thanks TDR ;)

This is the map which shows how to get to this gallery - it’s really near the central railway and bus station.

Excellent stuff,congratulations and well done.

so which is it? ghotenburg or goteborg?

Gothenburg is an English name for Swedish city which is called Göteborg :=

That’s terrible GREAT!!
I understand it’s a new exibition.Or is it the same from last year EBIS?
Whatever it’s great!!

I don’t think it’s ’new’ at all. It may be the same works as before. The ones that remain unsold, at least.

anyone outside from sweden is planning to come ? i am interested, so maybe a group to start the departure from Stockholm and stay aroun 3 days?

Cool....i’m excited!

I’d like to go, but my little budget can’t afford it at the moment :(

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Good for her! If it’s allowed to say it here, I’m not crazy about her artwork.

I’ve been there and I really liked it!


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