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EMI Argentina decides to release Marie’s compilation

Written by 7-Twenty-7 on July 14, 2008 to .

(Updated) - All of a sudden, EMI-Odeón Argentina has just decided to release the latest compilation by Marie, "Tid för tystnad." What makes this even stranger is that the company refused to release both "The Change" and "Son Of A Plumber," which were sung in English (and hence, had a wider potential market).

The CD looks exactly like the European edition, and it has an sticker in the back that reads (in Spanish): "Product to be sold exclusively in South America, except Brazil." Just for the record, this is the first Swedish album by Marie to be available out of Sweden since the Japanese edition of "I en tid som vår" in 1997.

This is the first Marie (or Per) solo album ever printed and released in Argentina. Some of their older albums used to be available at the stores, but they were imports.

Update: The album charts at #16 according to the Argentinian Chamber of Commerce.


All i can and have to say is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW

It’s listed on emi argentina site’s new releases.

April 1st?

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Great thing for all the fans in South America :)

But why do they left out Brazil??

Bizarre! Maybe Canada, too then... I can always hope (-:

The best news for all of us the argentinean fans

mmmmmm have no words

Unbelievable! I have no words. EMI Argentina didn’t release the RoxBox and now it releases an album by Marie in Swedish.

Argentina is a strange country... everything can happen here (or nothing at all)

It was obvious from the beginning that such an expensive package like ’The RoxBox’ woulnd’t be released here. It was 100% unlikely to happen. I don’t really know how that rumour started spreading among the local fans. To my knowledge, The RoxBox was not released anywhere else besides Europe.

@ 7-Twenty-7 -The RoxBox is also in Australia.

I think it was available in Australia and other countries as well. But it’s still the one made in Europe.

“Product to be sold exclusively in South America, except Brazil.”

Does anybody understood this?
Maybe we are out of South America map and someone forgot to inform us :(

Excellent...Getting off track-I recentley purchased the GT 25 DVD and en handig man DVD and they are excellent....Per is such a talented man.Hope Marie is OK and would the bloody fans stop pestering her to record stuff to fulfil there oversized egos...maybe she wants a life-like a NORMAL person...Give her a break!!!!!

“Product to be sold exclusively in South America, except Brazil.”

Oh, it’s a cruel world...

Dear Fernanda: you can only exclude something that is included. Since Brazil IS included in South America, the note tries to prevent copies made in Argentina from being sold in Brazil. Perhaps there are plans of a local release by EMI Brazil.

The Room Service preview launch party thing in Cologne was awesome.

That a great new!!
We are still waiting the edition of ’The RoxBox’ !!!!

it’s really weird but good news at the same time, congratulations to Argentinian funs

It’s really strange that EMI releases the record here in Argentina, weird....
Besides this, the fact that is only for ARG, CHI, URU is a marketing an economic strategy. Today its cheaper to print a disc in argentina because of the real value of the Argentinian Peso. Why not Brazil, i don’t know. Maybe they probably had a custom release...

Although im quite lost with the new Emi´s strategy about releasing a swedish languaje album here i think Marie is less popular than Per for most of the people here, even Per is quite unknown or he is just known as the almost male of Roxette....

I hope more releases in the future and to be sincere im happy with the news and even if a had illegally donwloaded the album im gonna buy it,

Marie less popular than Per? I think it’s the other way around. Indeed, people used to think Roxette was her name. Just look at some live bootlegs: most of them only feature only Marie in the front cover!

7-Twenty-7 it was just my opinion based on personal situations and the fact that i work several years on radio and some music distribution channels offered per´s music since The lonely boys. For example do you wanna be my baby in TWAG and Hey Mr Dj in SOAP.

The other fact is TWAG was available in ARG through the import channel.

I speak about official releases couse right or wrong they are part of the market and i think your idea about the bootleg cover is right but the bootlegs were released almost exclusively for fans o pseudo fans and we know the Roxette story.

I don’t care who is more popular but i’d like rox would be more popular right here.

Well, ’2dn Chance’ was heard by some people on the radio too. I don’t hear the radio myself, but I assume it was true anyway. On the other hand, I never heard of ’Hey Mr DJ’ being played on the radio when SOAP was released or later.

The fact is Per has released more solo material in English than Marie. But it doesn’t make him more ’popular’ or ’known’ than her (I am talking about Argentina). Just show any average fellow a photo of him and I am quite sure nobody will reckon him. But they will recognise Marie, at least by her short hair! She’s still ’the blonde of Roxette’ in the eyes of many people.

Great news for all South American fans, except the Brazilian ones LOL But don’t give up a hope - maybe Marie’s compilation will be released in Brazil later :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

EMI get’s stranger and stranger......... Good for the Marie fans in South America though!

so say we all

meet the reason why emi and all it’s subsidiaries are in such a financial mess, no idea why they would do anything like this

EMI Brazil is going to release it too?

No idea about EMI Brazil. I wanted to check in their website, but I got an advice by Google:

What is the current listing status for
Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer. Of the 390 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 158 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.

So, I didn’t dare to go there after all...

I was at EMI Brazil. Nothing strange or dangerous there :)

But this page seems to be a bit out of date. At least that’s what I assume due to my nonexistent knowledge in Portuguese. But even if EMI Brazil won’t release it, I’m sure the Brazilians will find a way to get their Marie stuff. ;)

really great for all the fans there, but I also think its strange that they will release a swedish album instead of the 2 english albums by Marie and Per...

It’s not that big deal the sticker.

Most of our releases has that same sticker for instance Coldplay’s last one and many and many.

So Brazilians don’t get your hopes down yet.

By the way, is the cd picture the real one, with that big Capitol on it??

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Yes, it looks like the European CD, except the text around the edge of the disc and the stuff about copyright and such.

What a way to waste such a nice booklet has no relation at all with the concept.

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Yeah, strange things have been happening in Argentina recently, but this really freaks me out! How many copies is EMI planning to sell? Maybe this release is intended for the Finnish community in Rio Negro (Botnia) or the Swedish one in Tacuarembo (Stora Enso)!!!!!!! Then who can say the “papeleras” were such a bad idea after all...

Weirder still - if this is to be believed, it’s charting!! :

Maybe records sales are as low as in Sweden: you only need to sell a certain amount of albums at a certain point to chart?

So hard to believe that Marie is beating Tokio Hotel even for one week. They’re on the radio and mtv and so on all the time. Maybe it’s true but i don’t think so. Any case totaly deserved.

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Great for Marie!!!

It’s true. The CD is at #16 of the weekly ranking. I emailed CAPIF and the answer is the chart is, actually, based in retail sales (no wholesales to the CD retailers). So, it seems some people is really interested in the CD, why not?

Why shouldn’t people be interested in her album?. After all, she’s still the beloved “chica rubia de roxette”. :)
I guess it deserves some promotion. Maybe EMI could send a promo video to MuchMusic.
I think TRO would work perfectly since it’s a great song with a great video.

@7-Twenty-7: do you have any idea how many copies the artist should sell to get number 16 on the chart?

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

@ tevesson

Hard to believe since it’s a Marie record, isn’t it?

It´s truly an excellent news to have in Buenos Aires the latest compilation...I live in Argentina I will get it in a short time!
Marie, you look very well that´s a good news too...

Marfredrik from Bs As

It´s truly an excellent news to have in Buenos Aires the latest compilation...I live in Argentina I will get it in a short time!
Marie, you look very well that´s a good news too...



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