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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule back online

Written by tevensso on November 5, 2006 to .

SÖDERHAMN (UPDATED) - After almost a week of downtime, and sister sites are back online. The sites are still not at full capacity and the forum is still down, but webmaster David J. Elfström Lilja promises that it also will be online this weekend.

  Transmit/Receive’s web server array went berzerk last Saturday and it has taken them a week to restore all data lost. Customers affected include Lena Philipsson, Mauro Scocco, Orup and Peter Jöback.

  Update: The forum is now up.

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Hope no other issues arise before monday!

Good it’s fixed!

Carlos E., New York.

welcome back :)

It’s good for Us.

Good news.

Must be some pretty nasty problems for it to take a week to get back up.


Great news :). Can’t wait for the forum, though. I miss everyone there :)

Finally! :) Welcome back!

I was incredibly happy when I checked the page and it worked! Hope the forum is back soon.

Yay, well done duys! :D

What problems can keep a website offline for ONE WEEK?
However it´s nice to see it back online again...

The forum is back. :-)

Depends how the web hosting is set up. I work in IT and I’ve seen things take a week where “non-expensive” things are in place, they usually go like this...

Day 1) Problem happens
Day 2) Person responds
Day 3) Troubleshooting begins, involving lengthy calls to hardware and software vendors, lots of headscratching and coffee.
Day 4) The problem is identified and a part is ordered
Day 5) The wrong part arrives and everyone cries
Day 6) The correct part arrives but the data must be restored from backup, which is offsite and the vault has closed for the night
Day 7) The backup media is available and the restore is completed.

That’s just my slant on the matter, as we don’t know what systems are in place, we’ve no idea. It could be that they only work 9-5 on it and maybe the webmaster does the Rox sites in his spare time etc.


sreky: It’s morning - still nearly 15 hours to go. Just sit and wait. ;-)

Its noon now here on the North American east coast, so getting to evening in Europe, and still no sign of a new stream either on Gessles myspace or Anyone got an idea if they’re still planning to do this?

Where is new demo???

well, let’s see if they are able to put one online tomorrow...

Words & Music by Per Gessle
Published by HipHappy
Recorded at Tits & Ass, July 30 1998
Programming: MP & PG
Guitars: MP
Vox: PG

Finally, Crush on you is here. I like the guitars. It feels as if Per was singing this song somewhere in my house.


It doesn’t work for me at all; the “listen” reference on the site isn’t displayed here as a link. Does it mean I have no right to hear the song? Cos the only way for me to hear it is by getting it “illegally” from someone; sorry. Myspace was already better, I must say.

Words & Music by Per Gessle
Published by HipHappy
Recorded at Tits & Ass, July 30 1998
Programming: MP & PG
Guitars: MP
Vox: PG

To listen to the demo(s) on, you need to have the Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer. You can get this for free from Adobe.

@LEO: it’s not that I wouldn’t have anything to play the song with; but I can’t even click on the link; the “listen” word is here just as a word on a line, not as a button or a link; the site doesn’t get displayed correctly here. I’ve been told it could be a Java problem but I have absolutely no idea how to fix it.

Finally the site is back! The demo of Crush On You is great. Though I really miss Marie’s voice...

@Mary: I hope that you finally solved the problem and were able to listen to Crush On You demo.


Words by Per Gessle
Music by Marie Fredriksson & Per Gessle
Published by Jimmy Fun Music & Shock the Music
Recorded at Tits & Ass, Feb 9 1988
Programming: MP & PG
Guitars: MP
Vox: MF


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