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“Hits!” enters at #8 in Austria, #11 in Argentina; falls in the UK

Written by mf2004 on November 1, 2006 to .

(UPDATED) - According to CAPIF Argentina the new Roxette compilation “Hits!” enters at # 11 in Argentina.

  The “Hits!” album also entered the UK top 40 last week at #22, but lost eleven places to be at #33 this week, This has been expected by fans mostly due to lack of promotion, which this week came in the form as only one TV ad, which was shown at 23:00 GMT. “One Wish” has also been heard on a number of radio stations in the UK now, as reported by some fans.

  Sweden’s top 40 is a chart based on both airplay and single sales in Sweden, and “One Wish” is now at #2 on the chart. The Scissor Sisters are still #1 for the fifth week in a row with their “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’.” Topp40 is hosted by radio station RIX FM.

  In Austria “One Wish” climbs from #74 to #56 and “Hits!” enters the album chart at #8.

rox-kuryliw, Daniel Alvedahl and Klaus Binder contributed to this article.


this is good news :-)

Please help us out on the Israeli chart! Roxette is #25 on 100FM, one of the most popular israeli station! With enough votes, we can lift them to #1 !

Just enter this link, click on the word “Player”, and go down the list to vote for One Wish! Next to the number there are two small hebrew words. This is the voting button! Click on it, enter your name in english and just submit!!


iv done it :-)

On the REAL single list in Sweden One Wish is at number 4. The Hits! is at number 6. The second week on the charts.

i would like to know more about argentinian news. how come? i mean i did’t listen the song on the radio , yet. how do you know this?..please let me know wich radio is playing it.

I don not want to create false expectations but the chart you talk about is the record stores distribution chart. I mean Rox could be #1 there and do not sell any single record. Room Service stood one week in the #4 in 2001 and only sold 6000 copies. By the way is good to see a rox record there couse it means we could buy it.
We are waiting for the box now!

I am not surprised with what is happening in the UK. It has always been like this as far as I remember. Uk is not a country traditionally attached to the idea of keep giving path to certain musical artists and groups and Roxette over the years and Rox are coined as a “past 90’s group” that never been on top spot in they heydays so ... I don’t see how that could happen today. Yes there’s is no promo because EMI UK isn’t not interested in making anything worth out of any Rox release ... so why keep pushing the buttons. This is an industry why fight against it... we’re just music listeners so let’s keep truthful to the music.

I am not also not surprised with the album chart position in Argetina. After all South America has always been the biggest supporter of Roxette’s music. No surprises...

Sweden remains the only country where Roxette still can be proud of hitting #1 positions ... as they’ve been highly regarded there. Outside of that people still know who they are, or still rememeber their name or even think that the group probably disappeared into vanishing air ... but no thritll into wanting to buy their music as it happened 15 years ago where Roxette was hot and everybody loved them: fashion ... comparable to the fashion of today’s people wanting to buy a Beyonce or a Timberlake album. That is how everything goes.

In the end the only thing that remains good is the music with out without promotional status or general public feedback. There are still fans who still love the band, right? So whatelse do we need? Me ... nothing else but the music.

One WIsh entered in NO24 in the Greek single chart of last week and it remained at the same position for second week now! This is rather bad news for a country that Roxette used to be very very popular (though Roxette never managed to visit). In any case I just love this song! Hope that the Rox Box will be available here, as so far it is not:(

I read that One Wish is doing quite well in Spain.. Is stilll in the Singles Top 10 after 3 weeks. I believe is one of the most succesful singles sin WICF or Stars in Europe and i have some good vibes about OW in USA. how is it doing OW in Germany? Somebody knows it?

One Wish is a flop i Germany this far. Not even in the top 40. It’s at place 50.

But they’re climbing in Spain from 38 to 26 :)

I’m impressed, with great happiness!!!

Thanks Juanjo.

TV-text just told me that “Hits” has entered the german charts at #21...well and about “One Wish”..still not heard on the radio next to us fans doesn’t now about a new Roxsingel...I wonder what other artists or better said their recordcompanies do that the radiostations are playing their songs...waving with money?’s illegal but it still happens!

mmm mixed news. I wouldnt call ’One wish’ or the hits album a flop at all. Not done bad at all with very little promotion i think.

huh, and this without promo or almost none in Austria :O

That’s not a success!!!!!

Believe me!

Madonna reached in 100 countries the Top 5!!!!

Great for Argentina!
The album has not ANY promoion,and the single OW even wasn’t play in main FMs,and video never was shown in any tv channels.
So the album enters at 11 it’s such great! Can you imagine with a little promotion of EMI?!

My wish is that Zelda would keep her big cake hole shut...

@Zelda: Madonna’s been having a BIG promotion in almost every country for two thousand years, so no one can wonder that her singles are so successful in charts. Nothing against her music, though, Frozen is one of the best ballads ever, IMO :P

Maybe it´s Madonna´s best ballade! But not the best of all!

SMT is the best ballade!

So i keep my mouth!

I think, that chart results in Austria and Argentina are quite good, though I’m amazed that it’s happening nothing in Germany!!!

Great in Austria and Argentina!

In Norway, GH is up 4 places from 15 to #11 on official sales chart, list is published every tuesday -

In its second week in the spanish charts “Roxette Hits” go up to #26 (entered at #38)

“one wish” is #6 in singles charts

For all the official charts, all at once: :-)

No wonder there´s no airplay in Germany. The German charts are dead!!! They are stucked with junk music! No chance for good music!!!

That is why I tell you all the time ... ignore the charts you can easily live without them cause they won’t rule your choices of what you want or don’t want to hear ... focus to the music people!

“hits” entered at #7 in switzerland

ow from 72 - 56

not bad at all


wow! 11 in Argentina? here? but I have’t heard the song on any radio or seen the video! Nevertheless I feel so happy! GREAT NEWS!!!

In Argentina the release of the album has been announced in a few newspaper articles, TV shows as well as in some radio stations. That’s, at least, a bit of promotion and it seems it has helped.

Even in the Netherlands album top 100 Roxette entered with the 20 greatest Roxette Hits on 86 this week.
Yes, yes.

i don’t know if posted before but One Wish climbed up to #69 in Eurochart Hot 100 in its 3rd week there (the single was at #79 weeks ago and at #80 last week)

GH climbs another 4 places from 11 to #7 on Norway sales charts this week, in it’s 3 week on the list :-D


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