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Roxette is hot in Sweden again; album enters chart at #2!

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on October 27, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Roxette’s new compilation on behalf the 20th Anniversary: “A Collection Of Roxette Hits! - Their 20 Greatest Songs!” debuts this week directly inside the Swedish album chart at #2.

  The “One Wish” single remains steady at #4 after three weeks on the singles chart.


Well done Roxette!!
Now reach the#1!

And The RoxBox - Roxette 86-06 is at #20!

This whole 20th anniversary is a lot more successful than I thought it was going to be. It’s pretty good. I’ve heard Roxette on the radio everyday this week. The time I remember that was around Crash Boom Bang time!!! :-)

This is not a success. Okay, maybe in scandinavia. But in the rest Rox isn´t big!

if a roxette album enter the UK chart at 22, and the single is getting airplay then it’s big!! lol

Out of curiousity Paul - which radio stations?

Well, I know that Capital Gold have played it a few times, but my local station Island Fm, their sister station Channel 103 in Jersey, Palm FM in Devon have played it, a The Wave in Wales have played it too. I’m sure that there are others too though. I know it’s not really big stations, but it’s better than nothing

i‘ve just listened to roxette‘s latest and it‘s great that marie is back. i didn‘t know what to expect regarding the new releases and marie‘s ‘voice change‘ - all i can say is welcome back!!!!
the second new release -‘reveal‘ - is absolutely beautiful and it‘s like she‘s never been away.

i love reveal. I do hope that gets released , it deserves it. So who is at num 1 in sweden blocking rox from the top ?

In the album chart only Hammerfall is higher. Go Rox!!! But of course, if I made the list all by myself they would always be on top ;).

Nr 1 in sweden is a heavy metal group called Hammerfall. I m pretty amazed that the roxboox made it even in the charts. i cannot recall that a multi cd box ever found its way into any charts.

for those who don’t understand Swedish, there’s also en English site with all the official Swedish charts, also with an archive:

Still no “One Wish” in northern Germany!
Do you wanna help?


scroll down to : Eigener Vorschlag...fill in Roxette and you can also win a faboulous I-pod. (Per..I’m sure you need another one too :)))

Or here: NDR2:,3325,SPM7090,00.html


click on : Mein Hit Tipp

Roxette entered at #38 in Spanish Album chart (1st week), the single #5

GH entered at #15 in the norwegian sales charts in it’s first possible week :-)

One Wish is no where to be seen in the singles sales and/or download charts (Norway only have list for 20 most selling songs/singles) Nor is One Wish to be found on this weeks 40 most played songs in radio (hit40) :-(

Great for Europe!
In Argentina, nothing happens, the promotion is completely null, this has been this way already for the last 7 years.

In its second week in the spanish charts “Roxette Hits” go up to #26 (entered at #38)

“one wish” is #6 in singles charts


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