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“Hits!” enter UK album chart at #22

Written by rox-kuryliw on October 23, 2006 to .

LONDON - Roxette entered the UK Top 40 album chart at #22 with new album “Hits!” this week, ahead of acts like Evanescence and Chris Rea.

  This is Roxette’s 8th album to hit the UK top 40; “The Ballad Hits” being their last back in February 2003 and the first being “Look Sharp!” (which entered at #4) way back in 1990 .

Animalkingdom contributed to this article.


“The Ballad Hits” entered at #23 before climbing to #11, right? Hope this album will climb as well.

I hope so too. Go Rox! Heja!!

May be one day a wish of a UK Top 10.
Go on supporting Roxette.

Roxette-atic: 23 to 11. Now 22. So next week it climb No.10. ;-) Would by great.

Yeah, I think and hope the same... -it will be nice, to see that Roxette get back to Success with a Top 10 Album... :-)


i hope it climbs but you have to remember that Ballad Hits was released in Feb 2003 in UK so sold more around valentines day because of the Heart motif on the cover....anyway if it falls then so be it.We have Roxette back in the charts on the shop shelves and back on tv early xmas present ever

I hope I am wrong, but I dont really think it will have much staying power in the charts. There is so much competition in the Xmas GH compilation these days and there are far too many of them released every year for all of them to stay in the charts and attract buyers. I am sure that Roxette could do well, but it would need an intense advertising campaign in the lead up to christmas and i dont think that is going to happen

its not gonna climb, but its nice to have them back on the charts :-) i was suprised it did better than Evanescence, janet jackson didnt even enter top 40 ! ! if we her borther was same LOL . i was suprised it took 2 years to get there first album in charts back in 1990 aswell.

So, thats me out of the price of a pint then!

both the new janet and evanesence albums are crap, but whats really disappointing is how new rox albums dont hit the uk charts but hits packages do they have to release reveal as a single to keep the album in the charts, this bodes really well tho is marie is serious about anther rox album :)

@ coy

“Do they have to release Reveal?”

OF COURSE!! I was about to start a topic @ SmallTalk about it. Reveal is destined to hit the airwaves in mid-December for the cold & dark winter!

That’s a very good chart position for Roxette considering that it’s UK market and, as I understood, there was almost no promotion. So after all, Roxette are not forgotten in the UK!

lol i missed the space bar and a period, I meant they do need to put out reveal in order to keeep the momentum going, and since its a slow song marie can be in the video she won’t have to bounce around much :)

Great well done roxette!! lets buy for a christmass gift and let talk about it with friends....and it might reach a better position...cross fingers!

It’s fantastic news that the “Hits!” album reached No.22, considering there was no promotion. This shows that the UK still cares about Roxette!. So let’s pray that the album climbs higher!.

:´-( -Roxette loose 11 Place and get on Place 33. in the second Week...

I fear the album will just keep falling down the chart. Unfortunately at this time of year, there is a lot of competition with other Greatest Hits and new albums from major artists. A real shame!.


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