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Written by Roxryder-V2002 on October 16, 2006 to .

This week Roxette’s new single rockets 20 places up from last week’s #24 to #4 on the Swedish Topp 40 (airplay/sales chart). Three weeks ago “One Wish” debuted at #26, the next week it climbed only two spots but this week it became the biggest climber. All these three weeks the #1 belongs to Scissors Sisters’s “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’.”


So it´s time for new No.1. Don´t you think?

Cool, but i tought that the swedish charts how Roxette get´s new on the 2nd Place are the sales Charts?!?

i dont get it either lol .

One_Wish: Right, #2 on the sales charts, #4 on the combined airplay/sales charts. But yes, it’s quite irritating!

Useless system. :(

thx for answer to Sascha... -ok, for the 2nd place in the Salecharts, Roxette will get 20 postions higher in this Charts... -now i know it... :-)

On Tacks is OW #14 and started on #11 last week. That is not good news bacause almost every song have been on top 3 on Tracks.

Roxette is not number 2 in sales.
The official chart is sales and downloads. Number 2 on the only swedish official chart. It is the first week the new system is used. Last week there was some techical problems. Therefore there was some confusing numbers on

The list where its no 4 is a list where also TV and radio airplay is included, but thats not the official chart in sweden.

The official chart you can check here:

So after all, Roxette is #2 in Sweden, right?

Roxette IS #2!! - this chart has always been the official one that gets published in papers etc etc. I have been a chart-freak for over a decade so I know ;)

Thx to davefin for the Link´s, but which Place does Roxette have in the Salecharts? -i read everywhere that Roxette get the 2nd Place...^^

It is nr 2 in the saleschart. but the new thing from this week further on is the fact that also downloads are counted in to the charts. This fact actually helped Roxette to climb directly to no 2.

In Sweden they have discussed for long time allready to include downloads becourse people dont buy singles anymore.

From this week they changed the rules. Still it is saleschart becourse you pay for downloads to.

(iTunes downloads are not counted course all music in not for sale there)


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