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“One Wish” enters charts

Written by swedishcharts on October 13, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - “One Wish,” the new Roxette single, entered the official Swedish singles chart at the #2 position behind “7milakliv” from Martin Stenmarck.

  The Swedish singles chart is compiled from the sales of physical singles, radioplay and legal downloads (except iTunes).

  “One Wish” also entered the official Finnish singles chart at #5 this week. It is the first time Roxette’s enjoyed a top-5 hit in Finland since “Sleeping in My Car”. The last time they had a hit on the singles sales chart was with “The Centre Of The Heart,” which peaked at #13.

  The new single is #3 as a new entry in Spain as well.

animalkingdom contributed to this article.


Roxette is BACK but not just in Sweden and Finland, i hope all around the World, this is a happy 20nd Birthday...

Yippee! Congratulations!

Great! This is just GREAT! Yeey! Happy birthday, rox... ;)

And by the way, I think Martin Stenmarck is bad, I’ve never liked him. Rox is all, rox is all around you... :)

This is just inbeliveable! This is HUGE!

I could never ever imagine that One Wish would be such a big hit. Not even in scandinavia.

And when it gets some promo, maybe #1?

well done!!!
You are the best and you deserve the top of the charts!!

Whoa, SPAIN?!! Sweet! And all from a little promo (for a fantastic song). Imagine if Rox were on the front page of a major newspaper in every country...

That Spanish chart, is it the official singles-sales chart? As far as I know TCOTH didn’t chart in the singles chart in Spain

That’s very great! WOW!!!

Wow, Spain as well? This is huge! A great mark for the anniversary. :-D

@ Wicf:
Yes, it is the Official Spanish singles chart. And TCOTH did chart back in 2001, but just for two weeks: #12 and #7. I know because I bought that single and I used to check the charts every week to see how it was performing.

The Swedish #2 is in the sales-only charts, right? The article seems to have mixed it up. It’s a top 60, the combined sales/airplay chart is a top 40.

Is Media Control really the official sales chart ? Because you always see the Los 40 charts (where Roxette is not mentioned).

The official Top 60 is NO airplay, it’s combined phyical sales and download.

Yes, Media Control makes the official charts for Spain since some years.

It’s great! I’m speechless!

I just hope ’One Wish’ will become a smash hit in The Netherlands as well... although I doubt whether that will happen :(

One wish enters official swiss charts at position 72:



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