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Roxette climbs the charts again in Sweden

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on October 3, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Roxette’s new single “One Wish” is the highest new entry this week on Sweden’s Topp 40 chart coming in at #26. “One Wish” also debuted at #17 on the Nielsen Radio Topp 20 chart.

  The last time Roxette was seen with a single on an airplay chart in Sweden was with “Opportunity Nox.”


Hope next week it enters to the oficial swedish chart...
The single already entered the chart in a argentinian radio...

It would be great if OW beat TCOTH. In 2001 TCOTH was No.1 on Airplay chart and also 4 times No.1 Official Singles chart. But it never happend.

About singles chart... We will see next Thursday 12th at 12:00 AM.

BTW: Which one from these two charts (SVERIGE TOPP 40 or Nielsen Music Control: Radio Topp 20) is the official Swedish Airplay Chart?

Where can i buy an One Wish CD single?


Roxette must be number one this season, not only for OW, must be the number one of the charts for their career, 2o years at road!!!! roxbox!!
A new era for Roxette;new recordings soon...
But who knows...maybe Reveal was my last “”NEW HEARING LAYING IN MY BED SONG”“”

17? Hmm is it really something to be proud of?

@tr1dy: Absolutely!! It’s a Top 50 chart (not Top 20 like this article suggests) - we can’t be sure how high the next highest entry was, but Roxette was the only new entry in the Top 20 (you can see that, if they had moved up from a lower number like Mary J. Blige who went from 21 to 16, we would know it wasn’t new in the Top 50). I’m certainly pleased by all this chart action!

Haha #26???? This is very sad for a new Roxette release in sweden!

I don´t know what to think about this promotion????

Are these the official Single-Sales-Charts or something other??

Chart worlds are always a little strange. Anyway, on i-tunes sweden OW is #3!!!

not to be negative but one wish doesn’t have a chance to overthrow tcoth, tcoth was on the heels of a new album OW is on the heels of what the 3rd or 4th hits package, singles from hits compilations are notorious for duing poorly in the charts no matter how amazing the song is

It is #26 based on AIRPLAY ONLY!
You know, the single wasn’t released commercially UNTIL TODAY in Sweden. I’m sure it’ll hit the top-10 next week.

Number 17 on the radio chart?! Well, it’s not a new “Här kommer alla känslorna” so to speak.
A new single from one of the biggest swedish bands ever, and 16 other songs gets more airplay. That is not good.

It would be great to see it on an MTV chart. It seems like the world wants Roxette, as Per have said, but someone has to tell the world they’re back.

And btw, not released comercially? doesn’t i-tunes count as that?

iTunes doesn’t count because Apple and the rest of the (Swedish) music industry don’t get along regarding digital sales.

Wow, some of you have really got some strange ideas about how charts work. “HKAK” debuted at #10 on the airplay chart, “OW” is at #17... out of FIFTY songs! “Opportunity Nox” started at #SIXTY NINE by the way...

As for the other chart, it weighs airplay and sales 50% each, which means that based on AIRPLAY ALONE it is almost in the Top 20. It will climb higher - when there are sales to count.

Keep in mind that all of this is based on approximately 1 week of airplay - the charts are published long after the data are finished being collected (i.e., it will not be until next Thursday before “OW” will appear on the sales chart).

Wahey! GO ROX GO!

Go Rox! Maybe they’ll rise a little bit!

kiruna_92 - that accidentally throwed a package of schampoo in my own head today... ;)

One Wish debuted in Czech Airplay Chart on No. 56 as a second highest placed new.


Roxette is also climbing the German radio playlists with great success. Seems to be the best result so far?


That’s just the SWR3 voting chart. The official German airplay for week 40 will be out tomorrow.

Actually I expected better results. Let’s wait for the sales charts.

Right - These are not the playlists but the voting charts.
I just heard OW four times on the radio (1x WDR 2, 3x SWR 3). So it’s a presumption. We’ll see :)

The Roxmedely on the new single is missprinted.....It says 3.44 but the real time is 4.40 and thats greats news and I just love the medely it feels modern

I always thought these are the official swedish charts:
I can’t see Roxette there. Probably because the single is not realeased yet.

Hitlistan are correct if you want to see sales charts, (singles and albums), but single has been released this week, so first position results will be known Thu 12th.
We talked about swedish airplay chart. This week One Wish moved up from 26 to 24. Not so great.

Since this week digital downloads, CD sales and ringtone downloads will be combine into Singles Chart, Veckolista Singlar in swedish.

If you want to see all these results together, go to and look to the left panel, go down to the sixth table with title HITPARADY.

You can find here Swedish airplay, singles, albums and iTunes charts and Czech airplay and albums chart. We have no official singles market here in Czech rep. Grrrr...


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