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Marie Fredriksson performed with Pugh in Stockholm yesterday

Written by Jud on August 26, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish artist Pugh Rogefeldt gave a concert in Tantogården in Stockholm yesterday night and counted with a special guest: Marie Fredriksson, who joined him on stage to sing “Här kommer natten” and “Guldgruva” during the encore. Marie was announced as Sweden’s own Aretha Franklin and the audience welcomed her with standing ovations.

  Pugh is one of Marie’s favourite artists and she covered three of his songs in her latest album “Min bäste vän,” including the two she performed with him yesterday.

  Sandyam contributed to this article.


Marie in the stage again! She is increible, i love her with all my soul.
Hugs, from Argentina.

That´s fantastic!!!! Marie rocks the house!!!!!

Any pix?

Oh jee, why no one announced that? :D:D:D

Hope to see photographs at least. Audio (or/and) video files would be nice addition :D

yeay!!! THUMBS UP for the beautiful queen of all stages, Marie!!

I wanna hear those songs...

Oh mi Dios, Great news!!!! Marie live again!!!!

Yay! And what a compliment!

Adoro Här Kommer Natten, quero ver e ouvir isso com urgência....

Dá-lhe Marie!!!

Was this concert broadcasted on TV? Does anybody have any rip or may be audio recordings? %))))) PLEASE!!

Some people got lucky!...too bad I wasn’t one of them...

But great to hear she’s performing again!

Good for her she’s always said she loves performing live...glad to see she’s still got it in her

Great! Means my dream of seeing marie performing live again in concert is not an impossibility.

This is as exciting as Rox’s 20th or even more!!

She’s back on the stage!! That’s totally amazing! A Rox show is the next step :)

Oh Marie, I am sooooooooooooooo proud of you!!!! A standing ovation, ONLY you deserve that honey!!!!! Oh I wish I was there!!!!!!
Has anybody got pics of this gig???? Plz post them somewhere!!!!!

Hey, that’s just great!! :)

On a sidenote, though...: I’ve always wondered why you guys put the surnames of Per and Marie in the headlines. You know Marie FREDRIKSSON did this and that and Per GESSLE confirms this and that. Just like a regular (or an non-regular) TDR-reader wouldn’t know which Marie or Per you are talking about. ;)

Even now, it reads Marie _Fredriksson_ performed with Pugh in Stockholm yesterday. Pugh who? Wouldn’t it have been more relevant excluding Fredriksson and including Rogefeldt there? I know I’m such a whiner but this has just crossed my mind a few times over the past couple of months.

I think it´s a bit hard to get some pictures from this gig. I mean: Who is Pugh? Not such a ” big ” artist. Nobody (only SVD) reported about this performance. So it´s nothing special for the press to report about this gig.

Sad I know!

@animalkingdom: I wondered the same, but then thought of one (maybe) good reason - when you use the google news search engine, you actually get hits from TDR just as if it were the New York Times or Aftonbladet... that’s sort of cool! Of course, searching “Marie Fredriksson” will bring you that but searching “Marie” will get you all sorts of other things (-:

You go Marie!!!!
Nice!! Sweden´s Aretha Franklin!!!
Well, if she can do that, she can make a little appearence with Per...

Oh I can’t wait to hear these... Love Pugh’s music lately!!

How very fun!! And how NOT very fun that you weren’t there..

GREAT news, though!


It’s just fantastic! Have anybody of The Daily Roxette readers been to this gig? It would be cool to see some pictures...

I wish I were in Sweden now...

Would be nice to see the live performances!

Still no pix?

What´s up?

Pics under under die schönsten Per and Marie Pics

Pictures from the Pugh Rogefeldt gig.. Several including Marie. Thanks to Jonny Bjerkman for giving me this link.


Nice pix. Marie is looking great :-))

Love the picture :)

wow i didnt see that pic before. love The glasses and jacket very sexy.

Marie = such a great artist!



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