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“Min bäste vän” enters Swedish album charts at #3

Written by Jud on June 22, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson’s new album “Min bäste vän” has entered the Swedish official album chart at #3 this week (June 22).

  On a side note, now features a streaming video of Marie singing “Små lätta moln,” which is the B-side of the “Sommaräng” single, outside in her sun-filled garden.

Daniel_alv and Txiqui contributed to this article.

  Update July 2:The video is now available - in full - on


Congratulations Marie, I wish you the best!

Great News! Well done Marie

mmm , could of done with being number one ! ! ! once other singles get released which are better off the album im sure it will do well.

ps what a lovely video, they should have recorded the first single sommarang vid like this one, would of been great.

You deserve it!Well done!Now goes for the #1!!

the video is grrrrreat!!! its sooo nice to see marie singing again! :D

Its very nice ! The album is great too , I like every song on there - I didn’t like most songs on The Change at first but got used to them over time - I like this album straight away tho !

Well, I have to admit I like “The Change” more. But anyway... I wonder which song will be the next single. In my opinion, it must be “Din bästa vän”. “Sommaräng” is nice, but not as strong as the title track. Do you agree?

i agree.

out of wonder can someone tell me how all her other albums charted ? ?

Not sure, but both Antligen and The Change reached no 1.

Well, hmm, a pity she didn’t get first spot on chart...

By the way, does anyone know how to download this SLM clip from Marie’s website? And why there isn’t whole version of this video?

Het Vind charted at No.6 and I en tid som var at No.2, all others reached No. 1 in Sweden.

So she’s had 5 no 1 albums, 1 no 2, 1 no 3, and 1 no 6 album. Quite impressive! Hopefully this album will get more exposure and do really well as its one of her best!

You can download “Små lätta moln” here:

Thanks :)

hehe oh I seeeee. So this is that ’little suprise’ :-) Thanx Bunio :D

Oh I really want this album!!!

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Rox on!

I actually like this album (downloaded it from iTunes yesterday after shock discovery in UK iTunes store!!). Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not really too much of a fan of Marie’s solo work, apart from The Change, but this is good. She sounds good!!

wow so she has had real success album wise hasnt she.

Yeah to Marie!

In the 2nd week “Min bäste vän” falls down to #9, “Sommaräng” is now on #40 (last week #31).
So it’s how I predicted - “Sommaräng” charted worse than “2nd Chance”, so MBV will chart worse than “The Change” ;-)
And it autumn it’s even harder to chart good than now in summer.

Why is it harder to chart in autum?

Great video!


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