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Marie signs albums in Stockholm

Written by tevensso on June 15, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson will sign her new album “Min bäste vän” at Åhlens City department store in Stockholm on June 16 at 17:30 CET.


GREAT! (-:

But, no chance for me to be there! These news came as always much to late...

btw: Who will be there? Please mail me:

[email protected]

Next time they will tell us only a few hours before the session.. *rollseyes*

That’s fantastic news. Unfortunately I can’t be there. But maybe there’s someone out there who could let sign an album for me (of course I will pay for it!). That would really be awesome.

Greets Helene
[email protected]

I want to be in Sweden!!!! sniffffff.. :(

@Kiwein: Yeah, you could almost think they don’t want any fans to be there... *rolls eyes as well*

Okay now I am really annoyed....

I have been waiting and watching for days for this news, because we knew it would happen and that she would sign in at least one place...

I was planning on booking a last minute flight (you know a few days before) and going to get to meet Marie and get a signed copy of the album....

Now we get the news, far too bloody late for those fans outside of Sweden who want to go!

It is so annoying... okay so it’s a Swedish release but the management and Marie know she has a big international following and that there are some people that would love to see her sign this... and then they announce it less than 24 hours before hand!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I checked flights and it would be nearly £700 to book one tonight to leave tomorrow....

Yeah thanx Marie....


Well I was planning on bringing back a few signed copies if I went! The only flight to Sweden tomorrow is at 5.30pm - go figure!

Actually I could go for about 200 Euro but I am so annoyed that I wouldn’t be in a good mood if I went. Finally, they got what they wanted: keep the foreign fans away from anything that can be called promotion.

So: I agree with you Ally. It would have been better not to tell us at all.


Ah wait, they WANT to annoy us that’s why they tell us..

Nobody from the management has told TDR anything about this, we found out about this by luck, just like Roxette’s new single. So this “we think the remaining sites will suffice” seems to be the normal nothingness...

It’s even worse knowing that they didn’t actually tell TDR about it.... it kind of makes you think if being a fan is worth it....

I mean there is no official FC for Marie so if TDR would have not said anything how many people would have known....

Marie did exactly the same with the book signing last year, and that was annoying as well, I had to admit I find it rude whether its Marie or the management behind it....

I can understand her not wanting lots of international fans being there, but we are adults and I doubt it would have attracted more than 100 fans from outside Sweden with even a few days notice....

It just seems cruel.... yet I am still waiting for my album in the post...

Well, thanks to TDR for the news anyway. I don’t blame YOU.
It’s even more annoying hearing that they didn’t tell ANYONE..

I’ve had my tatrum... I am still annoyed... ;)

I am going

who flight tomorrow?

I think you have to see it all from another point of view. (I can say it because I have worked in that branch.)

A store like Ahlens organizes signing sessions merely in order to create more “traffic” in the house. What kind of customer do they want to attract? Surely their regular customers who will come back even after this event and who will create a regular turnover. They are NOT interested in people from abroad and fans you bung up all the passageways, scare away all the old ladies and vanish for ever again. I hope you see what I mean.

I am very sure that this event is promoted in Ahlens house but nowhere else. Anything else would not suit the desired target group.

You as a fan will have to live with that because this is simply business. Of course it would have been a friendly move by the management to send a short message to the TDR but they have regularily failed in such situations before ... so what did you expect? ;-)

thenicekai, okey, but why got information about GT and Per signing session weeks before the signing date?

ally i totally agree with you 100 % on everythere you said love.

Oh, lucky those Swedes who are going :)

I hope we can see some photos????

I would like to met her too!

Mari, I assume it is because of the good relation between Tev and Per which make some news flow faster than usual. As we all know, Marie doesn’t care about her internet fanbase that much and so it is up to the management to give the info. Well we know how this usually ends up.

there aren’t more signing sessions planned

Oh well would have been nice to have been in Stockholm for the weekend...

Now what is the chance of her signing in Gothenburg next week of something....

Let´s hope for Halmstad too.

Well, it doesn’t matter where she signs when they don’t tell us that she does..

waaw great ,i want to be in stockholm :-(

Jesus, blaming Marie for that is really foolish...

And I also think, Marie is fine with that..not so much hullahballuh..with fans..she can take it more relaxed. I’m sure there will be nice pictures. And soo cool that she is up to signing. You go, Marie..

I can only agree with the comment above.

i gather they’re keeping ti low key for a reason

normally Ahlens announces it in the shop some days before, for Per’s signing session in November they had some kind of self-printed out posters announcing it some days before.. and Ahlens is visited by many people daily.

Ted has at least been able to go there :)

was at all someone there?

@ally77: Do you really think that, if they’d announced it say a week in advance, there would have been as many as 100 international fans there at the signing? I sincearly doubt that. 10 perhaps would be more accurate.

Although I do agree that the management could have announced it atleast the same day as Åhléns put up their posters about it. Giving us atleast the possibilty to know about the event.

Friends of mine were there (thanx Kroolik&Blondie) and here are some photos from singing of new Marie’s album. ENJOY ;-)

And best of all, Marie singed a ’Sommaräng’ single for me :) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Thanks Jo-anna :)

thanks :D

@ tomo: you’ve got mail ;)

EDIT: she looks great *yay*


thank you for sharing! :)

How was Marie?????

Oh my God!!! o_0
Really great!!
Thanx a lot for these beautiful pictures!!!

Please, maybe i could put the pictures at the news section of It will be great!! :D

Thanx for sharing... sitting here crying my eyes out.. Shes so wonderful!

yes nice to see, although not the most flattering, but we know she is human :-)


Thanks a lot for sharing the pictures with us.

Marie looks a bit tired to me. Seeing the pics one can tell what she went through.
Nevertheless she’s a beautiful woman with an outstanding personality and the most wonderful voice on earth....!!

Thanks for sharing pics!

Thanks for sharing the pics!

Really thanks Tomek ;)

thanks a lot for the pictures! Isn’t she lovely? I think it’s so silly to accuse Marie of not having let anybody know in advance, but I kind of understand why. I happened to be once in Ahlens when Per was signing his album and the crowd was awul. There were so many people standing there for hours. In the end he was so tired, that it really makes no sense to let anybody know. The store is always full with buyers anyway so that’s more than enough. We have her fresh pics here, so enjoy them!!!

Thanx for these great pix. It’s always nice seeing her :o)

Well, I’ve published it without authors’ permission :):):) But I hope that girls wouldn’t mind xD

@Judith - Frist I’ll have to talk with girls and then I’ll reply for your email :-)

Wow, thanks so much for these lovely pics!

Uhhh! Marie doesn’t looks good! Sorry for saying that! She looks bad I think. Her face are STILL swollen.

Ok there are diffents between her and Madonna!

I really don´t think she looks great! When you compare the pix with them from!

For example here:

Maybe she looks different because she has been very ill?? When will ppl finally see that a brain tumour changes a person completely..oh my.

Åhlens does advertise signings about a week ahead. I remember when Eva Dahlgren did her book signing, my friend and I saw it and said “Hey next week we have to go there and get pix for Jud!” So I’m sure it was advertised. If only I was still in Sweden, I went to Åhlens all the time so I would have seen the sign and told all of you. But it’s very, very clear that Marie does not want the fans at these things, because the same thing happened with the first NK signing. Yet like someone pointed out, Per and GT signings are reported to us in advance.

thanks for these beautiful pictures . tomos85

Thanks for the photos! One can tell though that she has very little make up on and I guess that’s why she doesn’t look as good as she could.

yeah she was lovley,and even Dimman was nice (extremly nice to be her)
It wasnt that crowded. and I got all my things signed except 2 which had falled out from the plastic folder) noticed when I come home that they wasn´t signed.
I met 2 polish girls but they lived in Stockholm , otherwise no international fans. me a pic of yourself when you ’re turning 48 okay!
I think Marie looks fantastic.

Thanx a lot for sharing!!!!!


ohhh, no, MARIE is very old, I cant imagines.
God bless you Marie, for me You will be sunshine!

Thank you very much for the Marie´s pictures,are fantastic! I see Marie very good,fine.... I love the album,my favourite song is Jag Ger Dig Min Morgon

I don´t know how to look with 48. Hope like Marie!

But Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer looks amazing in the same age!

One of my best friends lives in Stockholm. She was so nice to go for me at Ahlens and get signed Marie’s new album. She also took some pictures with a oneway-camera. When the pictures will be developed I will put them on this site. So stay tuned!!!
I can’t understand fans who think that Marie doesn’t look good. Don’t forget that she suffered from a serious cancer for several years. And she is almost 50 years old.
Marie, one day we will sing together....

don’t forget that big Hollywood actresses such as Michelle Pfeiffer and (especially) Sharon Stone have had help looking “amazing”

Marie at least has the grace to age naturally and, to keep it real, the pictures where she looks “tired” she has a serious expression on her face and she is bent over a table writing on an album cover!!

as soon as she lifts her head and smiles she looks radiant as always

sometimes people don’t get fed up writing flaming things just to pollute the happy atmosphere. we’re celebrating marie’s comeback, who has won the fight against death and people argue because of her this nd that, shame on you.

I don’t think people blame Marie herself for her management not telling about this.. at least I do not blame her, she has nothing to do with it..

Err... Where are those photos gone?
If anyone has them, please e-mail me... Thanks...

Okay, I thought on it and I take back what I said t was not Marie’s fault, the management are to blame for not telling us about the signing....

BTW The photos are great!

@ alchemiste ..... go back a page!

Did, but they all seem to be gone?!

Those pics are brilliant. Marie if you visit the site, i just want you to know you are still gorgeous!!

I had a tattoo of you on my back in 1993 and i still get nice comments about it.

Come back to England and do a tour, We miss you and Per......ROXETTE!!!


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