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Pre-listen to “Min bäste vän” on Marie’s official website

Written by Jud on June 3, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - EMI Sweden has updated Marie’s official website with a new picture and a couple of snippets from the album: “Sommaräng,” “Aftonfalken,” “Din bäste vän” and “Ingen kommer undan politiken.”

  Marie also comments on the album:

  Marie has decided to title her new album “Min bäste vän” (My Best Friend), where she makes own personal covers of the music she grew up with during the ’60s and ’70s.

  “I missed singing in Swedish again, and I longed for my old friends, all those songs I often listened to before..”

  When she got her old LPs from the ’70s and started to play them again she discovered how good those songs actually were and she started to think about a new album.

  “I found out I wanted to sing those songs myself. Use my voice to my favorite songs by John Holm, Pugh, the Hoola Bandoola Band. And when Micke (Bolyos, Marie’s husband) and I decided to record a new album, everything went so fast. I didn’t want to drag things out too much, just go for it.”

  The album was recorded during winter 2006 in Vinden studio, together with a small group of musicians consisting of guitar players Jokke Pettersson, Ola Gustavsson and Staffan Astner, brothers Sven and Per Lindvall on bass and drums and Mats Ronander, who plays harmonica on Pugh’s “Guldgruva.” Micke Bolyos produced and arranged the album.

  “We had so much fun,” says Marie. And one can hear that on the album, which is full of freedom and improvisation, both in Marie’s way of singing and Micke’s arrangements inspired by the ’70s. One can hear everything from Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles to Steely Dan, Jamaica-ska and jazz by Preservation Hall.

  “I don’t think everything has to be pure and clean anymore, like I did before,” tells Marie, “I just go for it.. and then anything can happen!”

  EMI Finland’s website also offers you the possibility to listen to “Aftonfalken” in full via their online Jukebox.


Aftonfalken reminds me of Den Standiga Resan album!

din bäste vän is great better than original!!!

oh how sad, I hoped to hear “den öde stranden” today... That´s one of my favorites from Per´s solo album. Now I´m interested how marie´s version sounds. maybe they should play it live with roxette (I know they never will...)

Din Bästa Vän is great!,The original version sucks,but with the Marie’s voice is amazing!
Den Ode stranden touching!!Really beautiful version.

A nice new pic on the site ;)

I really like all that i’ve been listening of this new album
So much better than the Change IMHO.

Thanks Judith for the links!!

I like Aftonfalkon a lot, although I have to say I expected the whole album to be happier and more easy-going.
Sommaräng is the perfect summer song so I thought the album would contain more songs like this.

However, can’t wait to finally hold it in my hands and listen to the full length veryions of the songs........

Is a great album, I want to listen to the complete songs, I’m nervous...

Oh thank you Judith! Didn´t know that before...

But I think I don´t like that version... I hoped for a powerful version like Per´s...


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