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Micke Syd opens his website

Written by tevensso on June 1, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Now the new web site of Micke Syd’s has opened. You can see, among other things, videos and Micke’s blog there. Micke also has an e-mail address for you to get in touch with him. The site is in Swedish only. Future plans include a webshop, “where you can buy Syd underpants and drum sticks” claims Micke.

  According to Micke the site is far from finished, he wants it to be a fun place, which sounds promising.

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Nice Micke=) hered you on the mix megapol morning show “Äntligen morgon” today=) good work!

finally!!! :) Fun stuff!

Who cares?

Don’t read it if you don’t care then. Who cares about you?

Typical answer from TDR.

Typical answers to typical comments, wouldn’t you say?

That’s a great and funny site ;)

ha ha :D

e-mail address? Do you think we could get Per´s autographed photo via Micke??

hey Tev do you know Per´s email addy?

[email protected]?

last time I checked Micke was not Per’s secretary :P

Nice website ;) I liked the video to the new song and to his version of Tyloe sun!!

Tev you’re so funny. You, me, Vix and Spooks should start a club to torment people with our sarcasm lol! We could compete to see how many people we can p*ss off. It’s just so darn easy.... *evil grin*

How funny Spar!!! Even the slighest comment can get a reaction!!!

How do you guys like Micke’s song “Du och jag och Glenn Hysén” ? I like it a lot. Lyrics and melody remind me very much of Gyllene Tider.

Nice football song for the World Cup in Germany!!!

MD I wanna be part of that club too...!! Yeah yeah!!!

Wow, really funny and personal website! I don’t mind that it is not finished yet. Maybe one should tell his part-time-boss that he shall take a close look at this page in order to get some new vivid ideas for his own place. ;-) What was his mail address again (haha!).

Urm am I the only one wishing this web was in English... ?!

Micke who?

To the Mods - mind the placement of the pic! ;)

Ok Purple, you’re in!

I have my own message board and it has a secret section that I can choose who sees or not that I use to gossip with my friends, we should get that here so we can plot evil plans...IT’S JUST SO MUCH FUN! C’mon Tev, make us a new section for our evil club of evil!

Sparv: I’m game.

:O can i also join if I promise I’ll be sarcastic too? ;)
(btw, some people here and per email have called me sarcastic due to my posts.. why do you think I’m the diplomatic one?? :(((( :P)

Has Micke’s single been released yet or not? Ginza delayed my order, so I haven’t received it yet.

Really Jud? You’re usually the nice one who tries to smooth things over hahaha. But if you promise to be really bad, you may join the troublemakers club and let the mayhem begin!

CDON has sent it out, and to answer a few others: the HBK single can be bought at Skivlagret in Halmstad.

I received my Syd single last week :) Nice song for my World Cup mood I’m in :D

Hey, I´m really surpriced about that Song of Micke Syd in a positiv way! Didn´t think it´s so good.

I try to buy that single at ebay (together with Marie´s CD when it´s released....)

Does someone know how I can download that Video? Didn´t work on the homepage. Or maybe as MP3 (just to listen to it meanwhile - until I´ll buy it)...

club of evil........... can i join ?

You’re already in Vix, so far it’s you, me, Tev, Jud, Purple, and Spooky hasn’t confirmed yet but I’m sure she’ll be in. I bet Roxwriter will join, though he went soft after he found out Marie can’t read. Purple’s gonna have to get more controversial, he’s much too nice. C’mon Purps, you can do it!

Is there any way to order the HBK single without visiting Halmstad? Skivlagret doesn’t appear to be selling by mailorder. It’s not available from HBK’s on-line shop either:

Dammit now I’ve got a reputation for being ’nice’ - pfff what’s the world coming too!?! LOL!

I got a reply! :)


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