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Written by Jud on May 29, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet has published an extensive interview with Marie Fredriksson today. In the interview, Marie – who is healthy again - tells about her life after the brain tumor and openly explains about the problems she has as a result of the operation she underwent to remove the tumor, “it is still hard to read and I cannot count at all, but who cares! There are computers that can do that for me. Micke and my children help me a lot. Sometimes I can feel like ’damn, I cannot manage this, what is it?’ But it’s getting better. I just have to practice,” she explains, and adds, “I feel incredibly fine and I’m glad that I am alive.” Marie’s children sometimes tease her, “sometimes they are mean to me, they test me a bit and ask ’What is five plus this or that?’ but it doesn’t matter,” laughs Marie.

  She has also changed as a person, “before I took everything for granted. Today I am grateful to be alive. I enjoy time in a completely different way. Before I became sick I worked too much, toured and traveled here and there. Now I take one day at a time,” she says stressing every word strongly. “Every morning I wake up and I think ’Thank God I am alive!’.”

  Marie showed how strong she is when she dared to go to see the Rolling Stones live at the Cirkus in Stockholm when she was still under heavy treatment which made her look totally swollen. “I went there even though it was a horrible time for me. I took a lot of cortisone and I was swollen in the face, it was hard when people looked at me. But at the same time, it was like ’I don’t care! I finally got this far.’ I just didn’t care about that and I went to see the Rolling Stones because I love that band. I tried to put all thoughts about my illness aside and I went there.”

Marie releases her album, “Min bäste vän,” in about two weeks, on June 14. The album features 11 covers of Swedish artists like John Holm and Pugh Rogefeldt. “I think it has to do with age. I am not 50 yet, but I am a 48-year-old woman,” Marie says laughing, “there is some kind of longing, everything comes back and one wants to go back to those memories again. These are songs that meant something for me, which are linked to my teenager time. Pugh is one of my biggest idols.”

  Micke has produced the album as well as played the keyboards on it. “He is great. Very strong. He is a fantastic person. Meeting him was the best that happened to me,” explains Marie. They met in the beginning of the ‘90s, when Roxette was in Sydney, Australia, as part of Joyride tour. Micke was on a trip around the world and turned up at the hotel since he was friends with Pelle Alsing, Roxette’s drummer at that time. “It just clicked. We met on a Monday and on Wednesday we were engaged. So fantastic and so romantic.   But then I had to go home to Sweden to record a solo album and Micke continued his trip. You meet the love of your life and then you have to separate after just a few days… But thank God for telephones! I tell you, nobody wants to know the phone bills we had during that time,” Marie smiles.

  Marie and Micke married in 1994 in Östra Ljungby, the little town in Skåne where Marie grew up. It was in this town where one could clearly see where she would go as a world star. She rode a moped and smoked before she was 15 and she loved Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. “I was young and didn’t know which way to go in my life but as long as I had music I felt strong. There was an enormous power. I just longed to be in a band myself. Jimi was the biggest of all, to experience such music when you are 10, it can change your life, it changed mine. Even today there is nothing that can match what he did. My parents didn’t really understand it, but I am still grateful to them, I got to listen to it as loud as I wanted as long as I kept myself in the room up in the attic.”


Thank you again!

It’s so great to see how strong she is! I’m grateful that she’s healthy again

What can I say... Marie you are the best :) Congratulation!

Mondays like these are the best way to start a new week!!

Positive thinking is in the air...

Thank God she’s alive and kicking!!


No words will express the power and beauty you’re full of, Marie! I love you!

Being unable to count... hm, but anyway, she’s alive & recovered.

Marie is just incredible woman...both with Per are my Idols for life

She’s so wonderful.... missing words...

I’m man enough to make my previous remarks and I’m man enough to retract them too.

After reading this article I do take back my previous words and would like to issue a retractment of my previous post and would also like to offer my sincere apology to Marie and to anyone offended by comments made in a previous post.

A truly uplifting heartwarming interview where one can only eat a sour piece of humble pie for reacting in such an over-zealous manner. So I’ll eat the pie.

Again, congrats on the article and please take my post to be sincere and genuine and my apologies for the earlier comments.


Beautiful Marie: God bless you and all your beloved.

Thank you for all these years of wonderful music.

Eres un angel iluminando nuestras vidas.
(You’re an angel lighting our lives).

Diego from Argentina.

Thanks Judith and sparvogamarie for all the work in translating. I’m glad Marie feels like she can share some of these experiences with her fans, now... it must be so frustrating to be unable to do things your six year old son can do with ease, but I love Marie’s attitude, and I especially love that she still wants to sing for us, even though now it is just one of many things she wants to do with her time.

Roxwriter, you’re a better person than I thought, I think it’s extremely difficult to do what you just did and very commendable. Hats off.

It´s good that Marie tell us fans how hard it was. Now I can see her in different light. Now we can be proud of her and be happy to be her fans. And as somebody said, we can be happy that Marie wants to sing. So Marie, do what you want, enjoy life in this beautiful place and if you want to sing we´ll be happy, we´ll be here and we´ll be listen.

I feel pain on having read this interview ... I am still crying ... (I would like that that was happening to me and not to her) bad luck ... (although we have her alive and thanks to God, going to give us a few songs along with Per) snif...

Marie, I love you too ... might not live without you!!

What a great interview and photo! Thanx a lot!
Maths? Who needs that! ;) All the best to you Marie!!!!

I think it’s hard to read the followings of the operation. But it’s good to see how she deals with it. She’s a very strong woman and I wish her all the best.

What can i say...
Marie is the best! Thanks God!

No more words ! What can I say ? Marie, you are the best ! I LOVE YOU SINCE 16 YEARS & FOREVER !

it does show you just what an amazingly strong person she is. It seems now that as fans we should be grateful for every piece of music we get from marie and not take it for granted. She has every right to put her life, family and friends before her career while doing what she loves best in her spare time, singing

Thanks a lot for this great interview/translation. BTW: A beautiful picture of Marie which is a big motivation for persons who are under medical treatments (before/after).

I think Marie should write a book...

It was in fact published yesterday (sunday)

Well, then thanks for telling Ted. ;)

Marie, you are incredible. You have fought, you have won... you are the champion!

You were my idol now you are my heroine!

Happy birthday Marie.

As Diego said: You’re an ANGEL!!!
I love you with all my heart !!

“Before I took everything for granted, today I am grateful to be alive!-Every morning I wake up and I think:Thank God I am alive!”

YOU ARE THE BEST MARIE!!!! Happy Birthday Lilla Sparvoga!

Luts of love from Argentina

An incredible person... Marie, I love you. Happy birthday!

Marie...from chile a great kiss for you....God bless you and thank you for the music....

All brasilian fans are really happy to see you healthy again Marie!

Lot’s of love from Brasil!!!

Good on you Roxwriter, though I knew you were joking when you said all that stuff anyway. But good for you for taking it back anyway.

Hey shouldn’t Kiwein get some credit on this page for reporting the link?

Marie: I love you so much!! Very happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday Marie!!!!!
Always thought that Marie was a strong she is more than this. She is the best example for all the world. I´m very proud.

Never lay down your arms!

Cada dia te amo mas!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for all your music!!
I love you!!!


After the struggles of the past few years, it feels even more special to be celebrating your birthday and to see you reach your 48th birthday fighting fit and ready to release a new album!


Wishing you all the best and most beautiful! Marie, you are our angel, the person who strengthens our faith! Happy Birthday!


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