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Marie Fredriksson to appear on Bingolotto

Written by Jud on May 29, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson will make a guest appearance on this season’s last episode of TV4’s “Bingolotto” on June 5. Other invited artists are Robert Wells, Lill Lindfors, Magnus Johansson and Amy Diamond.

“Bingolotto” runs on TV4 between 20:00 and 23:30 CET. The performance will most probably be availabe afterwards in streaming format on TV4’s website.


Oujee!Sorry icant see that program,but Marie can do her best,she is the best!


Another chance to see the beautiful diva and her marvellous tanned skin...have you noticed it? Her appearences during “After the Change” book she was rather with a ill-colour skin. But now...she seems to have been in Marbella for a while before starting to promote “Min baste van”. Hehehe. Anyways, she is very very good looking!!!

(BTW: Isn´t a excesive sun bad for the skin problems? Just if we can advice Marieeeeeee)!!!

OMG Kiwein, why did you hide that great link in here? I almost missed it! What a great interview, thanks for sharing it!

Anybody could translate it a little bit? Please please...

I am translating at the moment..takes some more minutes..

Thanks Kiwein

Can someone translate it for us poor unfortunate souls who don’t understand Swedish, please :)

Wow, what an uplifting foto! (the first one) :-)

I just have seen that MD was as fast as me, but you can read my translation there anyway if you want to. ;)

Can’t wait to see her performance when it’s online! :D

Hotblooded: the translation is in the Small Talk section

Thanks :)

Is good to see you my dear Marie (Happy birthday my queen!!!)

Can’t wait to see her ;)

Anyone recordered it?
Does TV4 make any repeats of Bingolotto?

I saw this today, great performance...


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