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“Sommaräng” enters single chart at #21

Written by Jud on May 26, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - The first single off Marie Fredriksson’s coming album “Min bäste vän”, “Sommaräng”, entered the official Swedish single chart at #21 this week. The single was released on May 17 and the album hits the stores on June 14.

Animalkingdom and Sweepi contributed to this article


Go Marie! :D

It’s really a nice song.

Yeah, Marie 1#


Yay, wonderful to see Marie in the charts again!!! You go honey! It’s a great song, hope it ends high!

x Nienke

Congratulations Marie, I want that it is in the top teen!!!

( (“)(“)

Has anyone ever heard Sommaräng on the Swedish radio?

Yes I heard it yesterday on radio!

Great! I´m hope that the song reach the top ten, too.
It´s a great song, but i don´t know how many important is for the sweden people the original version, but the marie´s cover is really great, i don´t listen the original yet.

#21 is really, really bad.

@Strest: For a singles artist, yes. But Marie is not a singles artist, so it’s really not bad at all.

I think 21 is good, I expected it to reach like 50- The audience of Marie buy albums, not singels. Äntligen (the single) entered at #54..

21 is a lucky number!! (my lucky number)

You Go Marie! C´mon swedish people help her to get the N°1 that an artist like her deserves.

kind regards ;)


I expected more than #21, “2nd Chance” entered at #8 and was four weeks in the Top 20.
I thought “Sommeräng” is more interessting for the masses than “2nd chance”, because it’s so positive, sommerlike, simply beautiful :-)
But “2nd chance” had this ’1st single after the illness’-thing, which reaches seemingly a little more attention.

As I said I think the album will sell a lot better then single. 2:nd Chance probably sold more because people wanted to try it, marie solo in english is new. Marie solo in Swedish is nothing new, now they buy the album instead.

Lots of support from Romania, Marie!

Yay! You rule Marie ;)

Yes,Marie,very good!

Off course the album will chart better than the single - you needn’t to be a big predictor for this ;-)
I think it makes more sense to compare single-and album positions separately with each other.

In the second week “Sommaräng” falls down to 25, that’s why I think “Min bäste vän” will chart worse than “the Change” - just a speculation without any emotion whether this is good, bad, a drama or something like this ;-)


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