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Listen to “Sommaräng” on Marie Fredriksson’s new website

Written by Jud on June 7, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Today EMI Sweden has launched a new website,, to promote Marie’s new album “Min bäste vän.” On the website you will find a snippet of “Sommaräng” and you will also be able to participate in a contest to win a signed picture, Mp3 players and beach towels. Enjoy!

  Update May 14: Marie’s website has also been updated with information about the new album and single. The images section features a new picture as well.

  Update June 07: More pictures have been added to the images section of The pictures in “Marie 1” are taken from “Min bäste vän” booklet. The others.. just check and enjoy!


GREAT!! I love the snippet! sounds so light and positive and...lovely.. participate in the contest I’m sure you have to live in Sweden haven’t you?? :’(

I like the arrangement very much as well :D

well, it’s good, i don’t know. but it’s good to hear Marie’s voice again.
I hope will be up-tempos songs on the album.

it’s a beautiful song
i love the song

ow its so summer, the song is like a really relaxing summers day with a glass of wine and the sweet smell in the air warm breeze of the face, beautiful.

can someone tell me what the other options on the page are for. They should do a english one aswell. Im sorry but for every swedish fan they is a english speaking one.

Graet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marie´s voice sounds perfect like always, very nice!!!
I love Marie, and i know i´ll love her for ever!!
Thanks for another great song for us, is beatifull that, we can enjoy it

the first option is to participate in the contest (you need the order number of your order at cdon, ginza or the other stores and answer a couple of questions)

2nd is a list of shops where to buy the single

3rd is a list of shops where to pre-order the album

At the bottom there’s the “tell a friend” form so that u can recommend the website

thanks jud, i got num on that page and i thought it was for a ring tone so got a wee bit excited at that prospect.

ok i am not swedish but what an improvement from “the change”

the production and sound in the change was terrible :( why do swedish fans always get the best its not fair :(

Sweet song, thanks

It feels very great to hear her fantastic voice again (-: Can’t wait to see her on tv, next week......


I love it!

I haven’t posted in a great while. But wow... what a lovely snippet. I expected all kind of things from these strange Swedish covers and was prepared for the worst, but for sure not a light guitar summer track with a smiling voice shining through my heart and soul :)

@ljus: I couldn’t have put it better myself!!! Exactly my opinion as well! :-)
Hope the rest of the album follows the same pattern.

contest is only for swedes?

sweet Song-great voice

Very pretty and as others have said, pure summer - makes me want to take the rest of the day off and sit on my deck and watch the sun set!

Why EMI won’t make that page has english version too? I know she sings in Swedish but she IS international artist. I think if the site also in english, it will bring more international fans to visit it and probably buy her albums.

It’s a beutiful !!!

I agree with Majdy. Obviously I speak Swedish but what an insult to the non Swedish fans that they can’t even read the site. And am I wrong, but is that competition only for Swedes? Do any of those sites deliver outside Europe?

I did not like the song, but the arrangement and... HER VOICE are great. This is that kind of songs that you need to hear few times before you start to love it...

I agree with Nox1983.

THE MARIE’S VOICE SOUNDS SO SWEET AND RELAXING!!!I love her voice,she makes the song shines!

Do you know where I can find the lyrics and, maybe, an English translation too? ;o)

Maybe any kind soul here is able to help me.

About the website I have a theory since it’s the same phenomenon with Per’s sites. When he releases an album in English we get an English page, when we get a Swedish CD there follows a Swedish website. The same with Marie...

It’s a pity though.

she is international but the release is in Swedish, as Kiwein said, and whatever you say, the target is Swedish/Nordic market...

Jag ville tala om
för du skulle veta [för att du skulle veta]
tala om för dig
Det finns en sommaräng [finns om sommar en äng]
där jag brukar leka
dit ska du följa mig
Där är det gröna grönt
och det sanna sant
dit ska du följa mig
och knyta vänskapsband
Där ska vi slänga våra skor
och gå så lätt på tå
och nå varann i skogens ljuva famn

Min blåa sommarklänning [Din]
som blåser vid min sida
den ska jag ta [du ta]
Och vi ska dansa
under himmelen den vida
dig vill jag ha
dig vill jag ha
dig vill jag ha
Sen ska du ska ligga i min famn
tills dess du somnar
och jag ska be att solen ger oss evig sommar
då kan jag lova allt jag har
att jag har allt som jag vill ha
Allt varmt och smeka fjunet på din kind

Please correct :)

She has changed some parts form the original, into [..]

For the umpteenth time: Marie is a Swedish artist, she normally releases her work ONLY in Sweden, why oh why should her site be in English???
You, the “fans,” already know this info, this site is probably for normal Swedes that want to know what’s going on. You are sadly behaving like spoiled brats.

becouse trev, For every swedish fan they is a english speaking fan, and dont be rude calling use brats, ignorance are thoses who dont let others have an opinon without rude remarks on others for the opinons.

I do understand the market is sweden but maire is an international star and people love her voice. So just as sweds buy english roxette , other international people will buy swedish marie.

Agreed that she has foreign fans (of course), but this album isn’t mainly released for them. So this album will sell what, 500 copies outside of Sweden? It just isn’t worth the effort.

I’m not sold on this song i’m afraid. :(
I wanted to be, as I am more a Marie fan, but SOAP will remain in my CD player for the time being. I won’t be buying the album until i’ve heard it somewhere first. :(

I don’t think there should be an English site, so does that mean I can’t be a spoilt brat? :(

I’m pretty sure translations will turn up on forums etc, they usually do.

wow!! I love this song.. what a lovely vocals..sweeet. Have to confffesss that i was a lil bit suspicious about all thiscovers thing but hope its for the best =) oh also love the the cover of the single too aswell =)

OHHHHH WOW!!! REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO HEAR THE REST!!! Marie’s such a gift...!! Respect, Honey!!

BTW why doesn’t this ever happen when I’m online - I mean really on a Friday night of all things when EMI’s personel’s supposed to be on flights to the Bahama’s for the shedueled spa treatments after a hectic week of pretending to market their artists! What’s this world coming too?

strange cos im always online when stuff like this happens, im normally 4th 5th to post lol, I think she would sell more than 500 copies outside , i dont now for sure anyway, would be interesting to see the numbers though.

The melody sounds quite boring but her voice sounds pretty nice.It feels good hearing to Marie once again :)

does anybody have tips/ experience on where to buy the album if you don’t live inside Sweden? I believe you can only order at these sides when you live in Scandinavia. Any tips anyone?

I expect CDwow will have it very cheap. They still have The Change on there.

yeah, but what about the single? (best service I know of all I tried, fast delivery, cheap postage - 3,95 euro per order) (also good, but I think postage is a little bit higher) (didn’t have any direct customer experience with them, but we made a deal to put a link to one of their items in exchange for a couple of copies of that item or a poster and I never got anything from them)

I agree with Tev and the other who’ve said that, because Marie’s a Swedish artist releasing a Swedish album, the website should be in Swedish too. It’s only natural!

Having said that, I don’t see any need to call people spoiled brats when they’re just giving an opinion.

I’m not really into this song. Never really liked Marie’s solo work. Maybe just a few songs. Glad to hear she’s recording music again. I like Per’s style of music better.

I like very much the song,and the Marie´s voice is one more time really fantastic!It´s great to can hear her voice

I like the song very much.It´s really fantastic to can hear again to Marie with her great voice


OK, if that site is not intended to non-swedish fans, this article is totally useless... this could be deleted, since TDR is intended to all of her fans, from and outside Sweden... The rest of the world doesn’t need to know it...

(or should I have asked for your permission before to click on that link?)

I can be called “fan” (and I like that), but you can’t be called “moderator”, since you’re not acting like one...

[email protected]


well, i don’t follow your discussion but Marie is swedish artist, her new album will be released only on swedish market.... so it’s obvious that her site must be in swedish... same thing with GT.

i’m not happy about it, but this is how it works.

Marie’s voice sounds happy again!!!!
Latest albums were a little bit sad.
WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!! –> Waiting for a new Roxsong!!
Thanx Marie for your fantastic interpretation.

Damn! I´m so gonna have to have this album!!!


What a voice!!!! Once again, thank you God!! ;)

...Anybody knows if cdon gets to southamerica????

I suggest if you are not happy with EMI’s marketing decisions for an album that’s released in Sweden, you contact them and tell them how you feel. Discussing pages and pages here won’t change a thing ;)

And meanwhile enjoy Marie’s own website: - the “lazy diva” even has the information in English! Which you might have read anyway, because it’s taken from Dailyrox ;)

And now, can we please go back to topic? How you like the song and all? :) Thanks!

Fortius: no, but does :) | Mary Jane Music (in English!)

hehehehe great, that last update!!!

Mmm, always has been on english... ;)

yes, the update in the article is because has been updated as well ;)

I think all articles on TDR about Per and Marie’s swedish solo-projects should be in swedish also....

(just to put another stupid reaction in this stupid discussion :-P )

What’s the point with posting a stupid comment like that Jap???? Just to cause hassle???

She sounds great, but not sure on the song

Is there a new pic on the images section? ’Cause honestly i cannot find it.

I liked the music, but I’m not completely “in love” for this song, cause I don’t speak/understand Swedish... Anyway, it’s good to listen that voice again!

Why the “lazy diva” ?? I don´t get it.

Ihear yesterday yours song in tv-huset, i tape it my video! Its very beatyfull song, i cant waiting new album! I m very happy at you singing that song ,God pless you Marie.

Agree with Rox Kurliyw and Alexandre. You said it all...

Anyway, the most important thing is I just feel so happy to see Marie’s back again.

She’s wonderful! I’m glad to see her back again. She seems to be happy and healthy, but still a little too thin. But her eyes say she’s really ok. And I also like the song. Better than the original.

To tell the truth, I was a bit pessimistic about this cover album... But when I heard the first single, I immediately fell in love with it ;)

PS Maybe some fans should learn Swedish... It’s not that difficult ;)

I think she sounds a bit like Norah Jones. But marie
and norah both are great singers. I like it very much!

The new pics are fantastic!! She looks so great. :-)

What a great way to start the new day - new pics of Marie ;) She looks fantastic :)

PS These photos helped me to feel a bit better now. So a huge thank you to Marie and Judith, of course ;)

I love the last picture in “Marie 2”. My fave!!

Wow, some of the pictures are really fantastic! :-) Hope to get them bigger...

You can download from :D

Great pics. How is it Marie can’t seem to take a bad photo :-p

Paul, that pic is great, love it :)

wow some great new pics, live the ones with maire and her guitar, i miss her with a guitar in her hands. Loved the one with her and the huge face from ’the change’ album. really good.

OMG I’m LOVING the visual concept for the album... so cool that she scratched out some retro pix of herself - it REALLY makes it a whole lot more personal!!!

OMG #2!!

Didn’t notice the second section of photo’s at first; they are equally gorgeous - got a VERY Roxette feel to some of them tho...!! So she’s still got what it takes to ROCK MY SOCKS!!!

Beautiful pic’s, I want more!!!

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures are great!!
Marie is the best!

Marie 2,the pictures are AMAZING!!They look very Roxette-ish!!
I love you Marie!!

I love the pictures (old and new ones)

In this new album Marie looks as happy as she was in Antligen era ;)

Beautiful Pictures!!! Young Marie!!!
She is still so pretty. Her inner beauty expreses on her outer beauty.

Yeah, I felt too some Roxette athmosphere on the Marie 2 section. But it´s just a feeling (the light and colors).

I looooove her cover of the McGarrigle Sisters’ “Complainte pour Ste. Catherine”!

Now I just have to wait for to have it for sale on their site.

The new pictures are fantastic... the albums sounds great, just cannot wait to hear it now!

The video of Marie singing in what looks like a garden is really nice!


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