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“I take it easy” says Marie Fredriksson to Aftonbladet

Written by Jud on May 16, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Today Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet published an interview with Marie Fredriksson, in regard to her new album “Min bäste vän” and Roxette’s 20th Anniversary.

  Marie explains that nowadays she takes things very easy and enjoys spring after a long dark winter, “Weather is so nice now, so I love to be outside, enjoy the sun and see everything blossom,” tells an enthusiastic Marie, “I don’t work every day, I take it easy. One day I may write, the other day I draw. But above all, I try to take it nice and slow.” Marie tells Aftonbladet reporter Jens Peterson that she has gotten over the illness and treatment and that she has learned to relax and not live under stress anymore.

  The reason behind her new album is similar to Per’s story about Son of a Plumber. “I started to long for those old albums and started listening to them again. I re-discovered many favorite songs from that time. John Holm, Pugh Rogefeldt and the Hoola Bandoola Band.” Marie didn’t feel inspired to write something new herself, so she decided to make this album with covers. “We wanted to have 10-11 songs on the album, so it was hard to decide which songs were going to make it,” laughs Marie.

  Marie also explains that she enjoys singing more than ever, “I have never felt so secure and calm when I sing. It is a gift I had since I was born, but now I’m not so stressed about it anymore. If I have to record [an album], then I’ll do it my way. It can take a long time or it can be fast, but it has to be under my conditions. I don’t compromise.”

  And, of course, she still has place for drawing. “I enjoy it very much. It is totally different to recording an album. I always wanted to draw, but I never had the time for it. Suddenly it felt like I had to draw, like when I was young. The ideas come so naturally.” Marie started drawing with charcoal and last year made an exhibition of those drawings, but now she reveals that she has started to work with some colors and in bigger format. To the question if we’ll get to see these paintings soon, Marie answers, “Yes, I hope!”

  Marie’s children think her art and music are fantastic. “It is great because they say what they think, what they like and what they don’t like. Oscar also draws and is very creative. Josse as well. It is fun that they are interested, listen and give their opinion about it.”

  Regarding Roxette, Marie talks shortly about the new songs that she and Per will record this summer. “We will make one song for sure. Then we’ll see how it works, maybe we make one more.” But so far, no tour is in view. “No, I want to relax.”

  Marie’s comments about the songs featured in the album:

“Sommaräng”, “Din bäste vän” and “Den öde stranden” by John Holm:

“John Holm has a big place in my heart. His lyrics are so pure and simple, they go straight to [your heart].

“Guldgruva”, “Här kommer natten” and “Aftonfalken” byPugh Rogefeldt:

I took the songs that I like the most. Many memories from my teenager years.

“Vem kan man lita på?” and “Man måste veta vad man önskar sig” by Mikael Wiehe (Hoola Bandoola):

“I liked Hoola Bandoola. I don’t wonder if the lyrics are right or left winged anymore.”

  Update May 16: The album sleeve of “Min bäste vän” has been added.



hope of new roxette cd!!! i´m waiting a long,long time!!

I´m waiting of new pictures!!!!

Thanx for giving an overview over the Aftonbladet interview!

Marie sounds really relaxed and calm. I’m so glad that she’s obviously fine again!


it’s quite a full translation, left out the bla bla in between :) Hope you like it!

Good work TDR, as always. Thanks Judith.
Marie looks simply great. If you compare this new pic with some pics on, you can see this change. It must have been very hard to her. She´s a warrior.
Hope that she and Mr. G enjoys their studio session and bring us more than only one new song.

I sure do! It’s good to hear from Marie after a long period of time we had to do without her. And the picture is of course beautiful!

Enthusiastic Marie, lovely interview!!!.

Wow Josse and Oskar are very creative, that good information.

” ... maybe we make one dwells(dwell).” It is the best news of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-luv from roxvan, my dear Marie-

A truely wonderful picture. Just looked at and she looks so different ! I’m glad she has come through it. Cannot wait to hear her sing - Im glad she enjoys singing more than ever ! I will enjoy listening to it more than ever knowing that the world could have lost such a voice !

I hope theres a brand-new Rox album (and tour) in 2007!

Im sure they´ll record more songs...
Well, now at least, we know she is relax and not closed to record again...

Mariiiee!!! She’s finally back! She looks fantastic. Oh my god, I miss her so much; I hope one time she’ll be back on a Roxette tour stage.
Sure, 2 or more songs would be very nice ;-))

Thanx very much, nice translation! Hope she enjoys the aerosol grey machine. :-)

WOW, she looks STUNNING!!!
It’s really really great to see her back again. She’s a DIVA!!!

Marie Rules!

Do you want a new “arty” Marie desktop background?
Here you have, hope you like it:

I like it when you come around, you make me feel so very good.
I like it when I’m off the ground, just by havin’ you in the neighbourhood.
I like it when your eyes are laughing, oh baby I wanna hear you sing.
To see you smile is all I need. I really like it like, I love it like that.


only 1 song is really a little for a anniversary....
Let’s hope there will be more.

NOw this is a great piece to read. very positive :-). Fantastic picture , i hope thats cover also .

One song for the new Rox20 compilation?

Yes, Marie needs to relax and take it easy. It must be very very hard to open your mouth and belt out a tune that Per will write for her and she will not produce.

Poor dear.

So the songs get written FOR HER and she’s required to throw in a few na-na-na’s and the woman now needs to take a walk in a meadow to recover from a stressful few hours in a recording session? So she can only handle one song? She can’t possibly manage.. geez...I dont know....two maybe? What a crock.

Pardon me if I don’t strum my violin, but spare me woman.

If she can sing other people’s lyrics on this new “inspired” covers album, then surely she can open her mouth and sing a few more songs that require little to no input from her other singing Per’s lyrics.

Bit rich. Bit moody. Bit lazy if you ask me. And then I read these fan comments kissing the woman’s feet. Rose-coloured glasses off for a second here folks, she ain’t the sweet innocent angel we’d like her to be.

What a grouch...

My 2 cents.

@joyrider:thanks for sharing your wallpaper with us ;)

“If I have to record [an album], then I’ll do it my way. It can take a long time or it can be fast, but it has to be under my conditions. I don’t compromise.”

Well, if this is her attitude towards recordings now then it’s no wonder if there will be only one new song. No compromises... urm, okay...

@Mr Floppy.

Exactly my point. And yet check out this page. People are singing the praises of the wonderful Marie.

Dvia indeed....and not of the good kind.

I’m glad to hear that she calls the shots. She’s earned it - she and Per have made EMI and a lot of other people A LOT of money, why shouldn’t she be able to work only when she feels like it?

@ roxwriter

You know, I don’t blame her for that. Without a doubt she had a really hard time and now she can call herself lucky that she has the possibility to do whatever she wants to do. Other people don’t have this possibility at all, good for her but a bit sad though.


Excelent!!! Great news just when I needed to read something good.

Tack Marie!!!!! You´re the Best.

Roxwriter: I just choked on my chocolate milk.

Watch out, Per! Now Marie is the boss! :-)
She looks so fantastic again! I just love her! She deserves it to do what ever she wants to do!

I suppose one has to go through what she has gone through to understand the way she sees life now. I don’t call it being lazy, I call it enjoying life at the maximum, and if it for her it means trying to avoid being away from home (tour, promo tour) for long periods of time, and being with her family and with herself as much as possible, then so be it - who hasn’t dreamt of having money enough to not having to wake up at 7, work 8-9 hours a day, and do what you please? ;)

She was the one who asked Per to record some new Roxette stuff for Rox20, which is a good sign :)

Yes. Take it Marie and summer is coming soon, i hope yóu go next year to turnee...Marie, im happy that you feel better .God pless you.


Chocolate milk at work? In front of the kiddies? That’s not a good example young lady ;-)

Go off in a field of tulips and draw me a chocolate cow, use only charcoal and take 7 months to do so by drawing one line every day.



@ Joyrider, you artowork (very good) looks a bit same like mine... :D

The cool thing is that this Aftonbladet pic is just an interview photo, not an enhanced & retouched pr-picture. Sweet!

Roxwriter, it seems you don’t have a clue of the pain in Marie’s live for the last 4 years... If I was her I’d do the same: Play with my children in the garden and watch the butterflies. :-)

Roxwriter: I wasn’t at work when I had my chocolate milk so the joke’s on you.

Hey nobody’s’ll have to write something a little stronger. How about this one: Marie’s an ingrate who doesn’t appreciate her fans. That one ought to get a nibble or two?

I’m so excited - i can’t WAIT to hear the tracks!!!!!!

A fantastic and wonderful picture with a relaxed Marie! It’s good to see Marie healthy again. That’s the most important thing, so I think if there will be only one new song with Roxette I wouldn’t be that much disappointed...let’s calm down all together and be happy that she’s fine again!! ;o)

Good to see Marie looking so healthy again. :o)

On the other hand, I doubt we’ll get a new Roxette album any time soon. If in any time at all. I hate to say it, but I think this is the beginning of the end folks.

And if we do, it’ll hopefully be on Marie’s terms - staying away from producing, leaving it in the capable hands of Clarence and Per - and only going in when she is to record her vocals.

Cheers cheers

I can clearly imagine the situation at the recordings: After 10 minutes of the first session Marie says to Per “Okay, great. I think that is enough for today. Let’s continue tomorrow.” Per then ” But dear, we only worked for 10 minutes?!” And then Marie again “Yeah, what’s the point? I told you I don’t compromise!” Hahaha... happy recordings!!

(And please don’t take this oh so serious)

Great interview. I am sure they will record more new Roxette songs.

Marie looks so fantastic again!!!!

Wow she looks great! And it is so great to hear from her again :)

When she says she doesn’t compromise I don’t think it means so much in the studio but more the pressure from the record companies and wanting things done their way and that things must be finished by a certain date etc...

@Roxwriter: You know if I had the money I would do the same thing as Marie. She nearly died, she went through hell... let her smell the roses a while!!! And no I don’t have my rose-colored glasses on. Marie is no saint, that is for sure, but give her a break. You would do the same thing in her position. Just because you might not get your precious Roxette album... no need to slag her off.

A lot of you are talking as if you actually know Marie. I don’t, you don’t. So perhaps some of you should just accept what she says instead of arguing over it because you want another Roxette single.

Why shouldn’t she take things easy? After 20 years on stage, it’s about time she afforded herself a break.

@sparv: Exactly what I was thinking, glad nobody gave him what he wants!

I AM VERY HAPPY FOR HER AND FOR US. Now, i understod why she hasn’t write new material , but it is OK. CONGRATULATIONS TO MARIE!!!
I must confes that yestearday when i knew about Shoraya (latin singer) i coudn´t avoid to make a comparison. i must said that i felt very happy for marie. i realy hope the best for her due to the fact she gave me a lot of happiness, through her music.!!

Maybe you should change your nick to EX-roxwriter or sth more not-connected to this band, ‘cos you don‘t seem to be a fan of this band. Did you ever think that maybe Marie can read your words? I guess you didn‘t.

Listen to a snippet of Sommaräng at !!!!!!!!

It sounds very nice! I like it !

Sommaräng sounds beautiful, makes me cry...

Marie looks So great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love her!!!

instead of stringing us along cancle the hits just release the box set and announce roxette is over...this is so depressing the idea of having to listen to any of the total shit thats is out there today called musioc :(

Well, Marie surely is in this lucky position of being rich enough to decide what to do or not to do, when to work or not. She enjoys the benifits from the big success she had. I think, she deserves it. Everyone else would do the same, considering especially her medical history. Those who complain might be jealous, for they have to get up every morning to go to work.

After reading words like Roxwriter’s or Mr_Floppy’s in their comments to this article and again so much of the like over and over again for the years of being a fan I’m left with no more words myself... Sometimes it hurts too deep to be part of the Roxette (and/or related) fans community. Just too deep. So much that sometimes I even find myself feeling ashamed of being. This is the whole little much I can say.

Suddenly things are put as if Marie is/was/would be some snobish spoiled unprofessional professional. Is it really like this that Marie is regarded in the fans community overall?!...

Sadness just keeps growing in my heart of fan each time more (and it’s no other than the fans community that keeps causing it to grow)...


I don’t think that it has to do with jealousy when people are complaining. Nobody is complaining about Marie having to much money. At least I haven’t read a comment like this. I just think it is a bit sad that she decided like this (even if I can understand it and maybe would do the same in her situation). Since a few years I was thinking that it would be like this in the future so it’s no big surprise to me. And on the other side everything has to end sometime. That’s just normal. So if there will be something new from Roxette GREAT - if not, so be it.

cmon people, sure we all love Roxette and will be happy with anything new they come up with, but life goes on even if they decide this is the end (which they haven’t anyway). It’s not the end of the world (and if you feel like that, then I feel really really sorry for you)!

i never quite get people like roxwriter or floppypoppy... i think it’s ok to be sarcastical or even cynical at times. i also understand if people are disappointed or sad that their favourite band doesn’t record anymore. but to shoot at those who made your life better in the past by offering you joy with their music, is simply selfish and utterly impolite. on a more personal level, I find both your comments really disgusting. my father suffered from cancer too, i know a lot of people close to me who experienced the same or died... and there is no way, people you like you should have the right to use a public forum to insult them in such a way. well, of course, you have the right, since free speech and everything... whatever... i think there are some lines which shouldnt be crossed.

Mmmh, I don’t get it. Could you please explain to me what I was saying that you are so pissed of??? There was not one single sentence where I was complaining about Marie or insulted her or anything else. I just wrote that I’m A BIT sad (NOT dissapointed, NOT angry, NOT pissed of - just a tiny little bit sad) if there won’t be new Rox-material anymore. But I also wrote, that it’s okay because logically everything has to end one day. And the other comment I told you not to take it to serious! I don’t know what your problem is. Oh wait, now I know it - it’s called intolerance!!

@floppy ok, to be fair, your comments weren’t as bad. still, i didn’t find it funny, no matter how many times you write “don’t take this serious”. intolerant... hmmm... i guess your right. i don’t tolerate it when guys like roxsomething behave in a stupid and cruel way. but then, there is nothing you can do about it, since it is a public forum where any jerk can speak out (including me).

@ Roxwriter

My question is: What do you do in this forum? This is a forum for Roxette and MARIE-Fans and NOT for Marie-haters.
I don’t understand you, why do you attack Marie. Marie did so much things for us, so much work with Roxette, solo and many more. Now it’s her right to enjoy her life. If you are ready with all your work, you feel you have done enough in your life, you would stop working and enjoying life, too. So hallo, where are your problems. 20 years only stress (with breaks ok), but so much time and only stress. I think you would not have so much power to be able to do Maries job. What’s the reason for your horrible behavior? Marie is not a person who is your own. You haven’t got the right to say what she has to do. I felt very ashamed you. Realy.

@ljus Now that’s alright to me;)

Thankyou all kindly for your emotional and incoherent replies.

What am I doing here? I’m a Roxette fan. A fan who can admit they’ve recorded some awful songs and made some stupid decisions during their otherwise amazing 20 years. I’m a fan of Roxette and yet like to think I can maintain a healthy level of objectiveness to their work...despite a strong bias to just support all their moves.

Firstly, I’m glad Marie is better. That’s fine. But my point is her arguement makes no sense. She can only handle recording one Roxette song...two songs seems a distant achievement. From someone who has just recorded an album full of covers? Seems odd how she directs her energies. You may say that’s her call. It is....but. You see, there’s this other guy too. His name is Per. So he has to keep his Roxette dream on hold yet again. Fine. I’m sure he can appreciate that. see, he’s also put SOAP and a potential SOAP tour on hold too for Rox20.

What has Marie sacrificed for ROX20? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. She doesn’t have to, sure. That’s her choice. Please, it has NOTHING to do with Cancer. I come from a family where people have survived Cancer and they go back to their unglamourous lives working in hospitals, raising kids all for minimum wage.

Whilst this over-priced Diva swans about her house drawing crude stick figures with charcoal. Yes. That gets up my nose.

I can RESPECT her decision by all means. I don’t have to like it though. This isn’t about me getting excited over a Roxette album, it’s about her choices and her flawed justification for her laziness.

I mean c’mon you people. This hack had 4 years of treatment and never at any stage provided a decent enough update or recognition to her fans for what they did for her. People even made prayer chains and websites for her. The woman barely even acknowledged their efforts. “Tell my fans I miss them....” as she wanders off in her car sipping some’s heartfelt.

Meanwhile, we get Per with a Q&A section on his site and a travel blog.

Fine. They’re different types of people, different personalities. I accept that. Just be weary of worshipping people who probably don’t care all that much for you. That’s all I’m advising.

I think certain times call for certain measures and I think Per putting his career on hold for a woman who will see if she can open her mouth for a second song (to be written and worked on by Per...again) is unfair.

If Marie told the press “I’m no longer interested in Roxette. My best years are behind me, I just want to record solo stuff once in a blue moon and be a mum” then I will kiss her feet. I will sing praises to this woman.

But be clear.

Tell us that you’re over it. And don’t deny Per his solo efforts or put in a pathetic attempt to celebrate Rox20 with a lousy song whilst you record some Swedish covers. Maybe she’ll feel like more Roxette in 2 years time? When she’s ready for it? Perhaps.

But 20yrs only happens once. Grin and bear it woman and please, the cancer routine is getting old. Be thankful she’s not a woman in the ’burbs recovering from Cancer and working for minimum wage like most cancer folk out there.

From what I here, she’s got a nanny anyway.... but I thought her busy career was over??? So why a nanny then? Shouldn’t she fire her nanny?

Don’t have kids and then use a chequebook to raise them whilst you draw some crummy pictures and then claim to be a stay-at-home mum. My grandma raised 9 kids with barely a grain of salt and in this ridiculous post-modern life we lead, women now hire nanny’s and still call themselves “mum’s”. Spare me. Oh and the for the record. My grandma passed away from Cancer too.

Hmmm....Marie’s a flawed person as we all are... some of us cannot realise that...others can. Those who do...get attacked by fools on a forum.

Best wishes to her, this ONE roxette song had better deliver....

Well I’ve thrown my 2 cents in.

Some of you are understanding what I’m saying and choosing to disagree with it, which I can TOTALLY respect.

But others are just missing the point completely. But I would expect that on an internet forum where people are too passionate. I could try repeating myself but clearly it’s not going through.

At the risk of this dragging on and wasting more of my time, I’ll just leave it here, I’ve shared my thoughts, thanks to those who respected my right to voice them and best wishes to all concerned.

Beautiful album sleeve!!!!! ... design in watercolors, draw it Marie or his children? ...

Share your personal opinion, share your thoughts - that’s of course your right. But please (!!) be as kind to yourself and delete your stupid comment. It is nothing than a collection of foolishness in only one posting! And of course can nobody force to sing or to make a record. And you can’t even force someone to make decisions, it’s everyone’s own life and you won’t change anything with your comment. Or let’s say it that way: such a posting as you did would be a reason for her to quit Roxette...

The problem is that i dont really think people like Roxwriter understand what Roxette means to Marie (and also to Per, though perhaps to a lesser extent. Music is their real passion. Of course they had ambition, and they had massive worldwide success. Marie’s solo career is a totally different kettle of fish...its about the creativity and the process of making the music which is therapeutic to her, it runs in her blood, and even better she can do it in the comfort of her own home, in her free time whenever the kids are at school, playing with friends, etc.
Per said himself in the past that a project with Roxette on a small scale was not worth it. Roxette was always an international project. Along with that comes heavy promotion, international travel, and perhaps touring all of which take a lot of time and energy. Time and energy which it seems, understandably that Marie feels she cannot give at this time in her life, and after all she has been through she wants to spend her valuable time with the people who mean the most to her....her family. I probably shouldnt say this, but what if the cancer does return? It is always a possibility, and if it did, do you not think Marie would regret spending the time with Roxette, when lets face it, they have already reached and passed their peak, rather than spending this time with her family?
I wasnt happy that we are getting another GH, but I can understand the rationale behind it. At least it means minimal commitment of time recording away from her family, and minimal promotion (as GH generally sell themselves).
Maybe in a year or 2 if she still feels healthy and gains more confidence she may regain some of the fire and ambition for international success, but unfortunately I think this is unlikely, and I will respect her decision no matter what

yes i like that font cover ALOT, she has wonderful mixed coloured eyes iv always thought that.

Nice sleeve. Which studio designed it?

The art of the cover looks really nice, I really like it :) very cool.

I would like to share my thoughts about all of this discussion this thread has turned into...

Sometimes we should think twice before saying/writing things about other people... no one can guess, from a distant point of view, the thoughts of another people or what they been through, REALLY... Maybe the reason she recorded this new album and wants to record just another song is that she knows MUCH MORE ABOUT HER OWN HEALTH THAN US...

I think all of you know what I mean... I don’t want to write hard words, or to be much specific, just because I don’t want to think about it...

Sorry, but I had to write this.

I liked the cover art so much... but it could have been made even better: just taking off that painting in front of Marie’s smile...

Kudos to all of the people that haven’t taken Roxwriter’s bait. Let him find the attention he so desperately craves elsewhere.

GREAT pic I just LOVE,.. what about the look in her eyes.. amazing!

I love this woman... she is beautiful... pity im gay, pity she is married... pity she is far way...

I like the album cover,. She looks great.

I really can’t be arsed to write anything else!! You all know my thoughts on Marie’s solo career, and Roxette’s future, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

A wonderful contrast to The Change. It probably reflects her attitudes and if you ask me, makes Roxette seem more likely than when she first released The Change.

Something I find very strange is that it is always here on the Roxette forum one get to read such horrible stupid comments like Roxwriter wrote before. No other music forum I’ve been to have ever showed that much jealousy and lack of respect to people like some Roxette fans! Sure, 99% of us (hopefully me included) are normal people with music interest, but where does the last % come from?!?!
@Roxwriter: I think your comments so far out that they are almost useless to comment, but I still have to tell you that Marie Fredriksson is a completely normal human being with the rights to do whatever in the world she wants to do. She lives in a country where you actually are allowed to do whatever you feel like (as long as it is legal, hehe). She has NO obligations to her fans what so ever. She doesn’t know them and they do not know her. Period! If she for instance would like to move to Italy and start producing pasta and never sing a tone again that is fully up to her and NOT your business at all!

Per-Axel, relax!

if marie doesnt want to record much with roxette then she doesnt have to.its her roxette fans dont own her and cant expect her to do something that she doesnt want to do.she has made 7 albums with roxette thats more than some bands ever do.she has gave us enough songs over the years and enough of her time.Let her be.

just my two bitch, both per and marie being big music fans themselves, I am sure they really undertsand that fans who invest alot of their heart and soul into folowwing a band DOnt like being baited or strung along. # greatest hits 3 video dvds.....thats exactly the thing per has said in so many interviews he would never do, and yet here we sit on the eve of another hits cd, and the potential of a boring box set with another video hits you need to understand alot of us are getting anrgy at being baited.....i’d rather they wait a year, make a good cd and announce their the fans and in all senses per and marie a good sense of finality.....

I expect that most here are probably a good 20 years my junior and as a survivor myself from a bout with a life threatening brain illness at a young age, no one can judge that path until they have walked it. I fully understand Marie’s decision. When you face your mortality, you realize what’s truy important in life. Your life circumstances or income have very little with your realizations. All the money in the world doesn’t buy happiness or time.

It’s really a beautiful cover.

PS Please, leave Marie in peace. You can’t compare Marie to other people, even if they have come through the same disease. People are different and make different desicions!!!

The “at least one song” might be something so we won’t be disappointed if there’s only one, and delighted if there’s two.


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