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Micke Syd’s single to be released soon

Written by tevensso on May 11, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - “If someone had told me as a newly-hatched 19-year-old pop star that I’d release my first solo single at the age of 45, and that it would have a title mentioning one of Sweden’s best soccer player of all time, you can easily say I would’ve smiled (widely).” says Micke Syd in a press statement today.

  Micke will release his new single “Du och jag och Glenn Hysén” (“You and I and Glenn Hysén”) in time before the World Championship in soccer starts June 10. Micke describes the song, which comes in three different versions, as “very related to mine and MP’s Gyllene Tider history.” Furthermore Mighty Mike tells us that the song is about the dreams one has as youngster; dreams about becoming a star in, for instance, Deep Purple or Toto.

  “Deep Purple didn’t happen, but four guys from Simlångsdalen, Åled and Harplinge did, so all turned out well after all.” Micke still has soccer dreams, he longs for a phone call from HBK’s coach Janne Andersson, “But he seems to have lost my number…”

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cool - always liked Micke singing!! :)

Yes, very cool. The release date according to Ginza is 17th May, so I already pre-ordered it together with Marie’s new single that is released the same day.

But it’s not his first solo single. The first one was In The Summertime, wasn’t it?

You can listen the song on Aftonbladets web site,4506,s0no060511hysen,00.html

Not very good one. It’s the song we have heard a million times before.

I guess this is not what he wants to hear, but his way of singing/Swedish is so sweet and cute! :D

Nice catchy song!! Cannot get it out of my head since I heard it..

It’s not a great song IMO, but still I quite like it. Catchy tune!

A lot of MP inside, ha? ;-)

Good fun :)

Very nice song! Micke is cool!


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