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Revised tracklist of “Min bäste vän” revealed

Written by Jud on May 10, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - The final tracklist of Marie Fredriksson’s new album “Min bäste vän” has been revealed today and it is like follows:

  1. Din bäste vän
  2. Sommaräng
  3. Om jag vore arbetslös
  4. Guldgruva
  5. Ingen kommer undan politiken
  6. Jag ger dig min morgon
  7. Aftonfalken
  8. Man måste veta vad man önskar sig
  9. Vem kan man lita på?
  10. Den öde stranden
  11. Här kommer natten

  As you will recognize, “Jag ger dig min morgon” has been added to the initial tracklist announced in the press release of April 12 , making a total of 11 songs to be included in the album. This song’s Swedish lyrics are written by Fred Åkerström.

  The album is out on June 14.


So 12 new songs from Marie is just AWESOME!!!

BTW anyone know where I can pre-order album & single?

tack så mycket din album jag ventar här...

And now I wanna see some artwork, photos! ;-P

PS. Judith, the press release link is wrong.

Thanks Sascha, link fixed.

Where is the original Artist from this Song?

Yeah I got to admit I am excited about this now!

Fred Åkerström performed it in Sweden, but there is an obsure English original somewhere.

I would like to hear that!

It’s quite a nice song. :)

Do you know the translation both of the b-side of the single and this new added track?

Thanx in advance

Edit: Typo

I Give You My Morning=Jag ger dej min morgon
Small Flimsy Clouds=Små lätta moln

Meaning for flimsy? haha :)

Yeah, this is a really nice song! At least by Fred Åkerström. :-)
@Ally: If you want the Åkerström version, mail me! :)

Yes, you can order and see the tracks tittles on:

Tack! ;)

uhm so, what does “flimsy” means???

Thanks for the information Judith.

thanks marie

you cannot order the CD neither the single at CDON yet, You can only “monitor” it.

It is 20 Euros there. I think that’s quite a lot...?

The Swedish price is 169 which is normal.

Per Gessle recorded song “Den öde stranden” in 1983 on his solo album. Marie too now. Two songs, one name... hmm... nice.

now the single can be booked :D


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