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“Best Friend” album cover to showcase Marie as artist

Written by Jud on May 11, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Today EMI released a preliminary concept cover for “Min bäste vän,” Marie’s new album that will be released on June 14. The actual cover is expected to vary somewhat, with changes to the text and, perhaps, to a different but similar photograph.

  Marie will present “Sommaräng,” the first single off this album, on May 14 on SVT’s “TV-huset” program. The single will hit the stores on May 17. Additional promotional appointments are expected in the next weeks.

  Update May 9: “Sommaräng”’s B-side will be “Små lätta moln,” a song written by Pugh Rogefeldt.

  Update May 10: According to Marie Fredriksson’s new – but not quite ready yet – website (, the single will be available from digital download sources on May 15, two days earlier than the in-store release date. – Roxryder-V2002

  Update May 11: EMI has confirmed that this is indeed the actual single sleeve. Now updated with a larger version for your pleasure!


It’s a fantastic looking cover!

When you think on it, and looking at that picture, Marie is quite remarkable with what she has been through!

happy lovely relaxing picture :)

Awwww. Cannot wait !

good one. i like it.

It’s a happy picture, i like it.

Will TV-huset really be on Monday May 15 and not Sunday May 14? That programme is usually on Sundays.

Welcome back Marie! The cover is great!!!

Lovely Cover!!!!!!! I feel happy for you {:D

I also really like this cover, it captures the season - and Marie - beautifully.

I really like it! :)

Since I’ve been one known to be quite vocal when I don’t like the album artwork and design (HAND still makes me grimace)... I feel I MUST say how much I like this one. It’s a great concept!

She looks beautiful:)


She looks so great! Really beautiful picture! I never thought she would back with such colours, flowers, hapiness... :D

The Change and Soap desing are so boring! This is completely different, I really needed a good picture like this one!

I love the cover!!!
Full of energy and happiness!
And Marie,Oh God!She looks GREAT as awlways!I love you dear!

Oh, Marie looks so very beautiful! It’s so great she is back with us again. Lots of LOVE!

I have to admit when I first saw the picture, I was in a little shock. It’s not a typical Marie album cover. It’s so bright and hej, I can smell the summer ;)

Indeed, Very lovely.

@Alison: Despite all she’s been through, she looks more lively and radiant than EVER - I bow in awe...

Lovely cover!

Jeeeeeeeeees! At last!

A big contrast if compared with the cover of The Change: one being so sad and shoking and this one so colorful and plenty of life.

Anyway, I like both. I don’t think the cover of The Change was boring (as someone posted above), because it’s a picture of her feeling at that moment. Both sleeves are like a mirror of a certain point of her life...

She looks so fantastic! I’m counting the days until the album is out :D

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I’d buy the album just for the cover! ;o)

I like the surrealistic concept of the picture but I’m hoping for a different shot.
Would be cool if the jewel case had the color on and the sleeve was just white with Marie holding the brush but I reckon that is technically not that simple (and cheap).

Welcome back Marie! Great cover! Luv from Argentina.
Go on supporting Roxette.

Room Service & Carbon... agree with you guys!!

Yeah it’s gorgeous... seriously looking forward seeing more!!!

Great concept, makes me feel very happy :-)

joyrider, that’s a great idea with the colours on the jewel case.

TV-Huset comes on 14 Maj this is a sunday

Cover itself shows happiness.. Marie you look great!! Can’t wait!!

“I like the surrealistic concept of the picture but I’m hoping for a different shot.” I agree! It’s a great concept which captures Marie’s personality and the season perfectly. But I’m not a fan of these “in the nose” smurf perspective photos. A different shot could make it perfect! :-)

What about the single cover? The covers should be in print now, it’s only 1 week until release...

beautiful and uplifting - THANX Marie! Can hardly wait. I still haven’t listened to the original versions of these songs to have a clearer mind and avoid comparisons :)

The cover is o.k.
I don´t like her hairstyle. She looks like in 1999-2000. A little bit longer would be more than great.

Please Marie, let them longer!

perhaps the Single Cover? or from the Booklet???

the cover looks really sweet , semi child like :-D cant wait
ye i prefer her hair longer about an inch, but hy what can you do :-)

...and blind me; oh gimme just a smile...

Good Luck Marie! You are the best, it´s the truth.
Nobody can compares to you.

Beautiful cover! So springy and positive :-D

i love this pic. it´s so positive, it shows marie feels so good. she is dressed in white, the most of it is white and the fact that she´s painting is also an original idea. (considering she released a whole book with drawings). i hope the next roxette project includes something like this.

edit: sorry for the mistake...

Tavo Marie never released a book with PAINTINGS!! They we drawings!

I actually LOVE MArie’s album covers... seriously lookign forward to seeing the rest of the presentation!!

awww , i’m so happy
marie is back for good

marie i love you very much
and i miss you so

from belgium

What a beautiful cover!

ALRIGHT, a non-album track b-side!! The first since... “Tro” (not counting remixes and alternate versions)! Sweeeeet!

What a lovely picture...sniff.. I’m looking forward to everything! :D

ain’t she great :D

:-D , its a great picture, she is glass painitng though clear glass , what a cool idea, wonder who the photographer /desginer is.

It’s a beautiful picture and Marie looks great, full of life! She looks even better than before, she has changed and I think we can see that change on her face. She looks happy.

I’m really happy for you Marie! Love you so much! You was, you are and you will be the best for ever.

The cover concept is just awsome! Great idea from the designer.
I totally agree that Marie needs a new hairstyle.. longer for sure. That will make her look younger, it will make her rags turn smoother... so nobody will note the little differences in her face because of the medication.
She is not so thin now and that’s improve her look a lot!

Love this wonderful cover! Marie looks so happy and beautiful here!

I knew I saw »the photographer’s idea« a few times somewhere else before ... for example here: and ... it’s an Austrian image spot for wood beeing a creative building material.

cnn´t stop seeing this picture, its so great..

yeah, her hair looks like 1999, i prefer RS or Ballads Hits era...

btw, this idea would have been much better in english...

Små lätta moln must be nice to hear when Marie sings it. It is one of the very few songs I can remember from the GT25 support acts!

Beautiful picture. Beautiful Marie. I’m so happy to see this. Can’t wait to hear her bautiful voice again. :)


Nice!!!! , Full of hope. The picture says so much!!! Life, Hope, warmth, happiness, springtimes...That´s what we needed from Marie. God Bless her. I´m sensitive today, I´m gonna cry.
I can´t wait to have the chance to hear the album.

Thank you God!!!!

I can’t wait to hear the single.

Me too! is a very good cover. Though Marie seems to not to be interested in using make up anymore. I think she would look really really better with more stylism. But,on the other hand, perhaps that´s the way of look she wants to transmit.

Does CDON have it to order yet?

Preorder only so far.

you can prebook both album and single in (shipping sweden and norway only) or “monitor” it on cdon. If it works, they send you an email when the items are available for booking/buying, but as I said, if it works, I registered in the past for some items and I’m still waiting for the notification..

and a bonus song as a B side too! Cool!

And a new website - that’s really great :D

when is the new site online?
give it a link to the site?

I really hope that Marie & Micke got themselves a PC and that there’ll be some sort of forum on her web... would be so cool to have them lurking around and see the loads of people that appreciate their music!!

Good there’s new website coming! I hope a proper site and not only a one-off promo.

It would be great if will be part of,, and All Rox related artists together. But I don´t think it will be. Marie want to be a solo artist, not only part of this big circus of Roxette.
But if it´ll be part of this www family, than it´s a good sign for Roxette.

Strange that mariefredriksson.SE, that is made for the realease of her new SWEDISH album is in english.

Will be updated?

I really wanna hear what her “voice” will be for this album. I think it’ll be a softer album rather than a high, fast album. Hope I’m wrong. Really wanna hear some Marie High notes!!! is not updadet

hope that will be more interesting than will not be a part of Gessle’s sites.

But a link from wouldn’t hurt! (If the mf-site turns out better than ;-)

What a beautiful cover!!!! I am looking forward to her new album so much!!!


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