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Marie revisits her ’70s favorites with “My Best Friend”

Written by tevensso on April 12, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson will release her new album “Min bäste vän” (“My Best Friend”) on June 14. On the new album, she gives her own, personal interpretation of the music she grew up with during the end of the ’60s and the beginning of the ’70s.

  You’ll find songs from artists like John Holm, Fred Åkerström, Pugh Rogefeldt and the Hoola Bandoola Band on this album, along with many others.

  As early as May 15 she will release the first single, the John Holm song “Sommaräng” (“Summer Meadow”).

  Marie has again worked with her husband Micke Bolyos as both producer and arranger. The album’s been recorded at her at-home studio Vinden during the winter months. Marie and Micke worked with a small group of musicians: guitarists Ola Gustavsson, Staffan Astner and Jokke Pettersson; brothers Per & Sven Lindvall drums and bass guitar and Mats Ronander plays the harmonica on Pugh’s song “Guldgruva” (“Gold Mine”).

The songs:

DIN BÄSTE VÄN [Your Best Friend] Words & music: John Holm.

SOMMARÄNG [Summer Meadow] Words & music: John Holm.

OM JAG VORE ARBETSLÖS [If I Were Unemployed] (“If I Were A Carpenter”)

Original Words & music: Tim Hardin.

Swedish lyrics: Cornelis Vreeswijk.

GULDGRUVA [Gold Mine] Words & music: Pugh Rogefeldt.

VEM KAN MAN LITA PÅ? [Who Can You Trust?] Words & music: Mikael Wiehe.


AFTONFALKEN [The Evening Falcon] Words: Ulf Lundell. Music: Pugh Rogefeldt.

INGEN KOMMER UNDAN POLITIKEN [No One Escapes Politics] (“Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine”) Original Words & music: Philippe Tatartcheff & Anna McGarrigle.

Swedish lyrics: Ola Magnell.

MAN MÅSTE VETA VAD MAN ÖNSKAR SIG [You Have to Know What You Wish For] Words & music: Mikael Wiehe.

DEN ÖDE STRANDEN [The Deserted Beach] Words & music: John Holm.

HÄR KOMMER NATTEN [Here Comes the Night] Words & music: Pugh Rogefeldt.





GREAT!!!! :)))

Great news! :0))) But I hope there will be not so many Micke‘s ideas in arrangments and so on. I prefer Marie‘s old style. She has the music in her heart, she knows what to do and how to do it. Recently I feel it‘s more their marriage-work than Marie herself. I‘m so happy that they are such a great marriage and they love each other, but Micke has too big influence on Marie in the studio. Anyway, it‘s not so important, even with Micke - the album will be sooo great, I‘m sure!
Rox on! :0)


I love you.

:D Great news, waiting in anticipation :)

YAY!!! :D


I was looking just for this news today - A Marie New Album - And here it is!!! Here it is!!!


So Happy!!

wow so its a cover album of old songs from when she grew up ? very personal , im liking the idea alot, I love the sound from her studio sounds real and raw.
I bet this idea started when she but ’the good life’ on the change, loved her singing that :-D

Wow, great news!

Must be quite common right now to go back to the music of the youth. ;) (Okay, who inspired whom? *g*)

I am curious to hear her version of “Den öde stranden” (which seems to be the only song in the list that I know, as a non-Swede).

What a nice Easter Egg!

WOW!! Fantastic new!!!!!!!!
Good work TDR!!!!! :D

What a way for a fan to start the summer! Fantastic! Marie’s the best!

Yes, very exciting news indeed!
I wonder if there is going to be more promotion for this album in Sweden this time around??
I am so happy to see that Marie has got the strength to make more records and continue working hard.
I agree with a previous statement though, I prefer 100% Marie music instead of her husbands... not offence to him, I just so much prefered every song she wrote herself on her previous album and the thing is, I only checked the booklet much later and discovered that the songs I didn’t like as much were not written by her.

What great news! I wasn’t expecting a cover album at all. I’m very curious to hear her version of DÖS! Also I have a song called ’Här kommer natten’ sung by Joey Tempest of Europe and Patrik Isaksson.... I wonder if it is the same one. Maybe that was a cover too.

Edit: There’s no info on (yet) Marie made her own “SOAP”-Album :D..okay with coversongs...sounds interesting!!!

I guess I’ll join in....


only if your gonna sign this CD can you please give a little notice to your fans that might want to fly over....

me don’t like the idea at all. this is not asoap album, it’s a cover album.

i agree with blunek!!!. it a great new!!!!- however i would like to hear some new stuff written by her.
unreal from argentina.

Sorry, but I am disappointed. This album doesn’t sound exciting to me. At this point I am tired of old stuff, or music that sound like old stuff (SOAP).

Agnetha Fältskog (former member of ABBA) released an album like this in 2004, “My Colouring Book”. I played it when I got it, but no anymore. The point is I am not used to old standards, I want new songs. I was born in the 80’s, so 60’s stuff is totally indifferent to me.

Just my point of view.

It’s a great new to know that she is working again and looking forward in her life. My experience with this kind of albums is not good. “My colouring book” from Agnetha is not good at all, too much “old fashionable” and boring for me. The same with “Indigo: Women of songs” from Olivia Newton John. I am more into the ’80 stuff, the ’70 and ’60 are too old for me (i’m 27 years old now)... LOL.
But who knows.. it could be nice to hear Marie this songs.. we’ll see. Anyway, it’s great to have news from her!
Keep on Roxin’!
HB from argentina.

If would be much better that she saves efforts and make vesions of the Per songs this summer. 8 or 10 versions from Per’s demo songs.

BTW, this is MF...

Great!!!!!!!!! I´m very happy!!!
Marie´s The best!!!


Cool news!! I’m glad for Marie. But it’s sad that Marie and Per doesn’t put the same energy they put on their solo work for a brand new Rox album =(

wow great news

marie, i love you :)))

*shrugs* A cover album... not very interesting.

Doing an ’Agnetha.’

I she put her energy to a roxette album, but how fun must it have been to record an album of songs that you grew up with, must have been a pleasure to do.

it’s so great!!!!!!!!!!!! Marie’s new album!!! I think is great Marie record a new album. I can’t wait to listen the new single.

But, she can make a new album, Per can make a new album, But they can only record one song for roxette!!

Well, maybe if this summer they enjoy recording, they try to record some new songs.

Please, make a break with solo albums, ROXETTE IS ALIVE YET!!!


Why you say that Purple?

I think this willl be interesting.

When Agnetha (abba) released MCB, I thought It would be great if Marie or Per do the same. I even wondered why Per didn´t record a cover album as Agnetha did, which would have been better than SOAP...

Great news about Marie, I‘m so happy ;)

Cool! I look forward to it!

DEN ÖDE STRANDEN now by Marie???
Per’s version is great

I can’t wait to hear her version...
where can I get the original version of this song?

great :D

disappointed. sounds cheap.

disappointed? you must have forgotten the version she made previously of other songs, let’s mention “For free” and “I never loved a man” (unplugged), and why not, “Så skimrande var aldrig havet” :D

And yes, Joey+Patrik’s song is the same :)

You can tell I didn’t read the news... didm’t relise it was covers... perhaps I’ll buy it when I am next in Sweden....

Nox1983, ha, ha, good joke :D

Well, coveralbums always sux. But this time it’s different- Cover album by Marie sounds really great! So this is kinda SOAP by Marie?

i’m really excited for this one!!! expecially to hear marie’s versions of Pugh’s songs (heheh) and also Den Öde Stranden!!! :D cant wait!

A cover album? Micke’s arrangements? Oh my God! Ugly! :-(((

It sounds fantastic and I’m happy because Marie is back again. On the other hand, I’m sure it won’t be released in Argentina, so it’s a pity for me.

Anyway: Welcome back Marie, we all love you so!!!

What I do not understand is why there are so many critics under us???

There are many ways to view the fact that there’s finally a new album by Marie:

1. Who’s had the biggest struggles in his / her life? Per or Marie?

2. Who was the one who had the financial underdog position in Roxette. Doing all the work (Singing most of the songs, attracting the audience) and getting LEAST of the money??
Per or Marie?

3. Who’s the person who makes music from the heart with emotional and personal intentions and not only the commercial intentions...

4. Who’s the person who even in marriage SHARES her love for music and CONNECTS with her CLOSEST friend?

In my honest opinion Marie is DEFINATELY the most UPRIGHT person of the two, that never used or made her own music for the commerciality of it! If a grown up adult woman who’s a TOP MUSICIAN chooses to work with MICKE, another TOP TALENT, who are we to discuss this?? Just because it doesn’t sound like the familiar Clarence Ofwerman sounds?

Hey, Tina Turner doesn’t sound like Celine Dyon.
You can not say either one isn’t a TOP TALENT!

I would really like to hear your opinion on this.

Why is this even an issue? Per is Per, Marie is Marie, together they are Roxette. Kind of easy to me?

The Song selection and the Songs are very very strange!!!
Is the selection from Micke or Marie???
that was all unknown Artists.

Great news! I’m really looking forward to hear Marie’s version of Öde Stranden (a song I really like sung by Per and not at all sung by John Holm, hehe). The only thing that is a warning sign to me is that she again used Micke to produce and arrange the music. Just hope it is not another record with “The Change” kind of music, cause that I really disliked a lot.

@snavelkopje: Instead of practicing your hate for Per, I suggest you should be happy for MF instead?! I think it is so extremely childish all this babble about PG is so mean and rich and MF is sooooo nice and cute all the time. You don’t know any of them so who are you to say what they are like. I don’t know any of them either, but I think both of them seem to be really nice people.

Wow, DEN ÖDE STRANDEN is such a cool cool cool Song! I love it in Per´s Version. Gyllene Tider played it also on some concerts in 1996 (but not in all). I never had a good recording but must have been great.

Can´t wait to hear Marie´s version! Maybe they should record it together some time (As MF & PG not Roxette of course)....

Strange that the creativ Marie releases an Album with Covers.... Maybe she has no ideas or she is “burned out” and didn´t want to spend too much time with it...

Sommaräng is nice

Den Öde Stranden should make a great cover from Marie... actually I am getting quite excited about this release now... better pencil that date into my diary!

Fantastic News. Anyone who knows me knows that i am a much bigger fan of Marie than anything coming from her makes me very happy, whether it is Roxette or her solo stuff. Would have preferred an album of original material but just grateful to get some new music from her. Her voice is the reason I fell in love with Roxette in the first place:)

I would have to agree that this is fantastic news.

Marie is not the first (and will not be the last) artist to revisit her past and perform songs that were influential to her in her formative years. She has been through a great deal recently and I think that it is wonderful that she has been inspired to record and sing again. I will continue to support her whether she decides to release a covers album, an english album, a children’s album or a cooking album.

As for Roxette, I personally would prefer to have them take their time and find fresh inspiration to create new and exciting songs. If it takes them a while to record a full length album then so be it. I would not like to hear something done just for the sake of it.

I am truly tiring of “fans” who seem to be upset that they are not churning out material at the rate of twenty-year olds. They have given us so much over the years to be happy for as a duo and as solo artists. Nothing last forever, things change and they do not owe anybody anything. They have paid their dues so let’s cut them a break and see what the future holds.

Just my two cents :)

I can’t wait to hear her version of “If I Were a Carpenter”– it’s such a fantastic song.

Awesome! Marie’s always sung other people’s material (in addition to her own) so this isn’t disconcerting to me... she emotes so well, she could bring the phone book to life if she sang it. And besides “Den Ode Stranden” I don’t know any of these songs so it’s not really a cover album for me :-D

And at least I got my wish... no songs written by Micke... (-;

I have to add that in general I really like the covers Per and Marie have tackled (especially as Roxette)... “Heart of Gold” is simply gorgeous, and look what they did for “I Never Loved a Man” and especially the C!B!B! tour version of “So You Wanna Be a Rock ’n’ Roll Star”! And “The Good Life” was amazing, one of Marie’s best vocals yet... I think this will be a real treat.

Great news! Well kind of ... I would have been much happier to hear an album of new songs but this will do! At least she is still releasing music, that is something to celebrate!!!

“her own, personal interpretation of the music she grew up with “

Hm, I’ve heard that before... ;-) ...if only I could remember who did it quite similarly...

Well, against better knowledge I’m gonna buy it. I don’t like Micke’s style so much either (therefore I hardly ever listen to TC), but these edgy, harsh arrangements are what it takes to be called “art”. More than Per’s bubblegum - which I tend to like better.

i don’t understand why people think this is “not personal” (enough). We all (should) know how good she is when it comes to putting her feelings in songs she hasn’t written herself.. she’s done that in most of Roxette songs? :)

None of this songs are familiar to me so this is 100% NEW stuff Glad for that!
@Judith ; well said

Cover songs...well not my cup of tea..well if you think about it Marie is quite a good cover song artist she has been covering Per’s songs quite well under the name Roxette ;o) just a little joke

All new songs to me :-P So i think i’ll be getting it. I love her singing in swedish, even if i can’t understand a word.

This sort of thing is really popular especially since Rod Stewart started making those “Great American Songbooks”. An Aussie singer has just put out “The Great Australian Songbook.” So Marie is kinda making a great Swedish songbook. If that’s what she wants to do, good for her. Always nice to have her back whatever she chooses to do.

I’m not really too big a fan of Marie’s solo stuff (My life neads Per’s cheerful bubblegum songs!!!!), but I’m actually excited about this release. I normally love cover albums (Agnethas My Colouring Book is nice - :-)). Just only wish it was in English. But I can sort of make out the odd word in Swedish now, so that helps a little bit

Nice effect of this release: Probably we’ll get some nice PR photos from Marie very soon! And maybe a few swedish media appearances plus interviews containing Marie’s current view on Roxette! :-)

Please connect evry forces with per and create a new, again: NEW stuff!

i think everyone needs to realize what this means, another rox hits and the box set, marie rushed out ehr last album and now a covers cd, they are using up the album counts on their emi contracts...there isnt going to be any new roxette stuff after the box and i think they or at least marie is going to retire

well i never heard of any of the songs..... so am indifferent. am sure it wil be worth a listen tho.
Den ode stranden is one of my fave songs by per but am a little confused.... its says JOhn Holm wrote it originally. is that right? i never checked it but always assumed it was a gessle song.

I never heard them too, Claire.
So this release will be amazing cos I´ll be able to hear again the wonderful Marie´s singing. and know a little more from swedish pop culture!
Great! :D

Yes it’s John’s song.
These songs are not really Swedish pop as you know it, these are “prog” songs, about politics, the government and things like that. The prog movement died out a long time ago.

You can find all the original versions here:

I must say, that i’m very curious how Marie will change them :)

the most Songs very strange

hah thanks!!! i downloaded DOS and heheheh the original makes me laugh! Per’s is sooo much better :P

@Bunio - thanx! well done! Everyone’s talking but you made finally something useful! Thank you

My first reaction was - oh, a new album from Marie. And then I got a bit sad - it’s gonna be a cover album. But after all, I haven’t heard any of those original songs, so it’s a brand new album for me. YAY

Great news!!!!!!! A new Marie’s album for us!!!!!!!!!!

i think everyone needs to realize what this means, another rox hits and the box set, marie rushed out ehr last album and now a covers cd, they are using up the album counts on their emi contracts...there isnt going to be any new roxette stuff after the box and i think they or at least marie is going to retire

Well, maybe your thoughts become true.....but I prefer to think they want to end boringEMI’s contract and then change the record company.

Please, try not to be so negative!!!!

Please, think that It will be a new Marie’s album and try not to be a fortuneteller PLEASE!!!!!

...maybe marie’s going to retire (from Roxette) :-( ...but anyway I really hope they are going to end this Emi contract...I’m very bored of all this lack of promotion..

I can’t wait for listen to your own version of Har Kommer Natten!!!It will be SIMPLY AMAZING surely!!!
You are gorgeous!!

I don’t think a split from EMI would do Roxette any good. They would loose control over the major part of their back-catalogue and had to restart somewhere else in the autumn of their commercial carreer. And Per & Marie seem to have a great connection to EMI Sweden! Do you think another company would really do much different? A lack of promotion is not only the record company’s fault, it’s also in the artist’s hand. It’s Per and Marie who decided to slow down Roxette in the recent years!

Amazing news to me. I must admit that I only know the songs by John Holm, but really love them! Also, I’m happy that she’s singing in Swedish again, which is a good contrast to her work with Roxette. I hope, too, that Micke isn’t as much involved here as he was in her last record, and that she’s finding her way back to more quite music like on “den ständiga resan” eller “efter stormen”. Can’t wait!

Well, the really big question is:

Was John Holm so big then????

I mean... his voice sounds rather... erm... euh... Can he sing?

The Songs from Min bästa vän are swedish classics?

No they are not classics. They are probably among Marie’s favorites. These are all songs from before I started to listen to music, but the only sung I recognize, apart from Den öde stranden, is Vem kan man lita på?.

Not my cup of tea. It will interesting to see if this sells more than The Change.

“Not my cup of tea. It will interesting to see if this sells more than The Change. “

Wow.. this is REALLY interesting... for sure! *ironic*

Piss off Grasi. I hope it sells well for Marie.

Does she hope it sells well then? Or does she want to make her ’own’ music, and enjoy that people are listening to it? I don’t think Marie bothers about 10.000 or 1.000.000 people listening to it.
I think making music is more personal for her nowadays, and not only about the sales-figures...
Besides that, she doesn’t need to do it for the money anymore..

wicked new album of MISS MARIE YES MAN COOL CAN’T WAIT


Do you know when is the airplay premiere of the first single?

The press release doesn’t say. I would assume 2-3 weeks before store date.

Soon enough... :)

Yay, I’m really happy!!! I can’t wait to hear her voice in new old songs again!! I think it’s a good idea that she does whatever feels right for her. She is living life to the fullest and making a cover album is something she always wanted to do. I admire her for doing the things she wants to do, instead of doing the things other people expect or want her to do. You go honey!!! My support is yours!

Love always, take care!!


i cant even imagine trying to get hold of this over in the u.k not that i can speak swedish anyway.

CDON will deliver it to the UK when it’s out. :)

Yes! Very good, i hope we enjoy yours music in here finland.Thaks, Marie!

So I don’t think there will be any signing!


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