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Per reveals new album - by Marie

Written by tevensso on April 5, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - In an interview published in Madrid today with the Spanish-language Europa Press, Per claims that Marie Fredriksson will release a new Swedish album in May.

  Per also comments about the new songs that they will record for the Roxette Greatest Hits album due out this fall. “We will record one, maybe two new songs, it all depends on Marie, who doesn’t want to work too much,” he tells Europa Press. “But she is really looking forward to recording with Roxette again,” he adds. “Marie’s life has totally changed, she sees life through different eyes,” he explains, and stresses that she has never stopped singing and recording music. He says she will release a new album in Swedish in May.

  Per also reveals that he has already started to write the first new song for the forthcoming Roxette anniversary album.

  Marie’s manager, Marie Dimberg, didn’t confirm the news about her new album, though. “Nothing is final and nothing is official yet,” she tells TDR.


Cool! :-) Hope it will be more cheerful and less jazzy than “The Change”!!

That’s so soon!!!!!



Can we make a new forum? “LOANS”. This year is coming heavy - SO HAPPY!!

This make my day!! :)


Oh wow!!

Fantastic! This makes me more excited than any of Pers projects or the “1 or 2” new songs we might get from Roxette this year. I cant wait!

Waw! That would be very cool! I love Marie’s voice and especially when she sings in Swedish. I hope this is true... ^_^

Cool!!!! Cheers everybody!!!!
Helan går, sjung hoppfaderallanlallanlej!

Great news!

Is there someone busy on translating the whole article :P ?

Whoa! Didn’t see that coming!! Always fun to be a Roxette fan, you just never know what they’re going to surprise us with. And May! Happy Birthday to me (-:

YAY :D Amazing news! Go Marie, can’t wait!!!

If I understand it correctly (my Spanish is not that great...) there might also be a new video [for Roxette], it all depends on Marie’s health.

Great news! :-)

AWESOME!! I kinda expected this...!! But I simply CAN’T wait for ANOTHER Marie album...!!!!!


I didn’t expect these news! :-D

Cooool! A new rox-related album every 6 months! We’re becoming spoiled! ;-)

I didn’t expect a new solo album before 2007. I’m curious if she switched to her pre-change sound or something completely different. Still hoping for more than 1 or 2 Roxette songs though!

I didn’t manage to get all the releases of SOAP (singles, remixes, digipack)... Now this.

I think I need an extra job. If someone is interested I can type and use Excel. Contact me if you need a secretary (LOL).

Edit: By the way, do you know that Spanish article is 100% reliable? Spanish reports where not totally accurated in the past, do you remember? I don’t wanna be negative, but it wouldn’t be the first time they are wrong.

No the article isn’t all accurate, they say that Marie still has a tumor for instance. And d&d has not confirmed that this album will be out in May.

May seems a little soon, but then it’s not like they’ll be mounting a massive promotion campaign for Marie’s album either, so it’s possible... in any case, I hope Marie does ALL of the writing this time...

May?? That is really soon! Well..let’s just wait and see. I’m already impressed!!!
...she doesn’t want to work too much??? But is already recording a new soloalbum again?? Huh?? Isn’t that work too?? I’m confused...

Oh shit, I feel the need for a trip to Sweden again....

Can’t wait, can’t wait! :))))

This is really really fantastic!


lol @ ally,

Great news about marie,i can’t wait for both marie’s & roxettes releases, waheyyyyyyyy

That was really great but when it true!! i´m very sceptical!!

Wow!!! I hope she releases the album next or in my birthday! (that´s may 23 :P)

The article also says they want to film a new video for Roxette and a tour is possible (probably they meant a promo trip)...

”...explicó Gessle, puntualizando que sí grabarán un nuevo vídeo con el sello Roxette y esperan que pueda haber una gira.”

Let´´s hope it´s true!!!!!

Great!!!!!!!! Marie´s new album, Wow!!! Sure will be perfect like all his albums!!!

ow i love maries voice, cant wait. Im hoping for a more rock sound hehe. One roxette song, ONLY 1 , come on iv recored more songs in a week than that myself LOL.

am I the only one who forsees a big delay for anything roxette-wise?

wow just great news marie

and in swedish that,s way better then english
love it this news is that this may she probarbly had this already done past months and even past year

wel marie you surprissed us all now great great birthday pressend for you 30 may then a new album

Maja hej då det är bra så mycket bra

i’m dissapointed :( 1 roxette song on it’s 20 anniversary compared to full solo album looks rather silly. so let’s cut the crap and face it: maybe marie is no longer interesed in roxette?

“but she is really looking forward to recording with Roxette again” these words say a lot. I really hope so!

And yes, the article says that Marie still has a tumor...

“it all depends on Marie, who doesn�t want to work too much”- these words say a lot, too. maybe a little too much.

@Debora: I don’t think so!!!

it is a bit confusing what they write, it should be translated like “she is recovering of the tumour that she suffers” but I really think they they got Per’s words wrong, as he usually answers “she is recovering from illness/treatment, slowly coming back.. “

Can’t wait to listen to the album :D

a brand NEW album by Marie so SOON...and in Swedish...mmm, all in all a dream come true!!! THX!!!!

the fact per keeps defending the idea that marie wants to work with per when it seems she still hasn’t really approached him speaks alot about it

It says Marie doesn’t want to work too much, but yet she’s doing a new album? Hmmm..

Uhuuuu! Marie’s new album is coming! Great!!!

“CRIZ wrote: ...she doesn’t want to work too much??? But is already recording a new soloalbum again?? Huh?? Isn’t that work too?? I’m confused...”

Well, I don’t know, but it could be that she can work on her own solo albums whenever she feels like it at home. So there is no pressure with her solo stuff. She can do it in her own time. I suppose that would be the diffrence.
With Roxette, it is a totally diffrent story though.. deadlines, promotion.. expectations. And being extra careful with the promises they make now regarding Roxette, allows them to eliminate some of that pressure and some of the highest expectations.

Anyway.. A new soloalbum from Marie, in Swedish, sounds really really great!!

“Bunio wrote: so let’s cut the crap and face it: maybe marie is no longer interesed in roxette?”

Yea.. The same thought has crossed my mind aswell. Or atleast, I think she’d love to record more songs for Roxette, but I’m not sure she want’s to do all the nessesary promotion. And to be honest, I don’t think Per is THAT interested in that either even if he might want us to believe otherwise. It’s like... “been there, done that” for them. Why start all over again at the age of 47/48? For the fans.. sure, but that’s simply not enough to make the world go round... ;)

About how reliable this article can be, EUROPA PRESS is not a radio station or a tabloid, it is a well established news agency, so they make a living of being reliable, because they sell news to media.

I think the reliability can be counted to be “High” at least. If there was something unreliable, that would be the source, that is, Per. Anyway I also think that they mixed something up with the tumor, as Judith says.

In the past when we got unreliable news from Spain they used to be from “40 Principales”, which is a music radio station (later converted into a “media group” with some tv-channels as well) with a teenage audience in mind. I think this is completely different.

I am so happy! Can’t wait to hear new songs from Marie. :D I’m glad she’s working, whatever she does.

I love you with all my heart!!

I bet they misunderstood Per´s words. I think he would never say “she doesn´t want to work too much”. Maybe he said she doesn´t want to overload herself, to stress herself”... things like that. But it isn´t about the music, but about the promo trips and travelling and doing interviews and people asking the same questions million times again etc etc. Everyone should knows that her solo albums don´t take the same pressure as Roxette albums.

I do believe she wants to come back with Roxette, not because Per said, but cos SHE´s already told that.

Anyway, a new album from Marie is amazing news!!! I just can´t wait!

Grasi’s right... Marie herself has said she’s looking forward to returning to Roxette.

About this solo album vs. Roxette... Marie has a recording studio in her home. Some others have mentioned this and they make a valid point. She’s been able to work on this project off-and-on for a long time now. It’s a very different production schedule from what a Roxette project involves. This needs to be taken into consideration. I don’t believe it’s any kind of reflection on a lack of interest in additional Roxette work.

About those who question the accuracy of the report... is it whether this new Marie album is “for real” or not? Various TDR sources have previously hinted about this project, again... including Marie herself. Expect to hear some blues-inspired tracks, that’s for sure.


Marie´s solo album is an amazing new, so soon!!!!!!!!!!! I´m really happy for her.
SO, i can understand why she doesn´t feel like working that hard with Roxette again.

Her point of view about life may have changed, so her priorities. I support her totally.

Maybe the 1 or 2 songs are enough for now (I hope the songs be soooo good that they can satisfy our Rox-need for a while). A complete Roxette´s studio album may take much more time than usual, as in the Goddess words “Little by little”

I want a new full Roxette’s album but a new Marie’s album sounds perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The song better be something special and not just another song on the album

I´m so disappointed :(
Stop making boring solo material.

Great news!!! I love Marie’s solo work :) :) :)

Well, I will not get too excited for now about Maries new Album.. I will be waiting for the official statement of Marie’s management.. It would be amazing, but somehow I doubt it will happen so soon.. but then again, with Per and Marie, we have always been spoiled with great surprises in the past.. Do you guys remember when Tourism was released? That was a total surprise as well, totally unexpected..

Oh yes we remember Tourism.

Great news!! Go Marie!!

Almeriakix... the translation is not exactly the same.... ;)

Not too much of a fan of Marie’s solo stuff, but it’s good to have her back!! No doubt I will purchase the album :-))

Yay!!! I knew it!!! Marie, this is the most wonderful news Per could ever bring us! May is so close already. Whenever it comes I’ll be soooo happy!!

xx Nienke

May what year???

Mwah ha ha..

No not any Marie Album in May!!! it´s official!!!

Maybe not no album just not in May... as Marie already mentioned that she’s working on it herself. :)

Time will tell

Makes a lot of people happy...

By the way nice photo of Per with the fans!

God the Spanish are beautiful people... *drool*

2 Purple: I´m from Czech republic, but I´m in Spain now for a bussiness trip and hey, spanish girls are beautiful.
Marie´s new album: I can´t wait, love her melancholia. Hope for another I en tid som var or Den standiga resan. Really love her (or Micke´s) Mother.
Roxette´s GH: I don´t understand this. Greatest Hits from Greatest Hits or Best Of from Best Of or Favourites from Ballad and Pop Hits... I can accept this new GH compilation only if this is the first step of new begining. If new long play album will come next year and this GH is comeback album, well, it´s OK and I understand Per and EMI. Hope for this.
PS: But I must say one thing. I´m relly looking forvard to see P and M on one picture, to hear them in one song, to see them in one video again. To read about them in magazines. And I avow, thank God for new songs, thank God for possible twelve new songs, and thank God for only two or one one song.

What’s happened to Per’s nose?!

Oh my...I have to confess that I’m soooooo jealous about this lucky guys.... Please Per, come to Brazil :D

Yea, Per’s nose really looks a bit strange on the photos. Maybe he had a fight in the aeroplane! Or just a cold... ;-)

maybe cocaine

Or a plastic surgery?? (-;

Yeah his nose used to be sexier... let´s hope he had a cold, or just a not to good photo.
And really hope it´s not the aging changes.

Dear God no!!!

i’m getting a feeling we’re all ggoing to be very disappointed..i have asense there will only be one new song on the hits package, marie will for osme reson decide not to promo tour , the rox box will be delayed till sometime next yr..i just have this odd feeling

Marie out with a new album?! My gosh. I’m chocked. She’s been really quiet about this, that’s for sure...
I’m absolutely looking forward to it!!!!
It definitely looks smaller...the nose, that is.

Cheers/ speedo

Nice to see the optimistic here!

I wondered about the nose as well, I guess it’s just the way he was smiling...

ahaha *LOL*

Funny how we fans worry about Per´s nose.

i’m really disappointed about this news, it seems marie is no more interested in roxette, that’s crystal clear...”she doesn’t want to work too much” but she works a lot for her solo albums.


Well, it is not known how much she works. Maybe she works three days in a row only to pause for the 2 following weeks? She has a studio in her house so she can work whenever she feels like it.

I think this GH (resp. the two new songs) is a “test” to see where she stands (healthwise and otherwise) and how it could go on.

We will know more later this year. Marie is fine again - anything else is a bonus.

roxgirl: couldn’t have said it any better :) *hugs*

1st thing to say: I personally dislike seeing Roxette being looked at from a “Per vs Marie dispute” perspective.
2nd thing to say: I personally dislike even more to take part in any kind of polemic.
That said, I still have to say that, for as hard as I try, I somehow fail to understand the criteria for such an assumption as that Marie presently lacks interest in Roxette.
When Per decided to release internationally a solo album in the same year as that of Roxette’s 20 years anniversary, I don’t recall any kind of complaint about it. And when Per, as just recently being asked what he misses accomplishing with Roxette, answered - “no, nothing really”, I don’t recall either any kind of reaction.
Why then for any kind of complaint, in the case, if so, of Marie deciding to release domestically a solo album in the same year as that of Roxette’s 20 years anniversary? And why then for any kind of reaction, after Per having being quoted by a foreign news agency as to have said that Marie - “doesn’t want to work too much”?
I do indeed fail to understand the criteria for such assumptions to be made (as I fail to understand the duality in the fans judging)...


Anybode from UK I can ask for a small request? Because it is private please contact me on [email protected]. THANX! Best regards Petr

Great news im very happy and surprised!!! Best wishes to Marie from Argentina,Rox


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