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New single by Micke Syd

Written by tevensso on March 1, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Gyllene Tider’s own little drummer boy Micke Syd Andersson has recorded a new single together with Mats MP Persson. The single is called “Du och jag och Glenn Hysén” (“You and I and Glenn Hysén”) and will be released in April, May. Micke describes the song “A little summer ditty with Gyllene vibes. At the age of 45 it’s about time!”

  Glenn Hysén is a Swedish soccer player (center half) that was huge in the late ’80s to the early ’90s. Hysén has played for IFK Göteborg, Liverpool, PSV Eindhoven and Fiorentina.

  Micke Syd’s singing career consists of singing the first version of “Tylö sun” and “Min tjej och jag” on Gyllene Tider’s “Moderna Tider” in 1981 (the two tracks were supposed to form Micke’s first single, but was scrapped), and finally releasing Mungo Jerry’s old hit “In the Summertime” in 1997.

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Good luck Micke!

Yay! Wonderful!!
Yes Micke, It’s about time!!

Never thought the wonderfull Eindhoven would be mentioned in this newspaper :)

Wow, I’m curious.
Would it be even cooler than ’In the summer time’ ? ;)

Go Micke!!

Is anywhere official page of him?

isn’t he singing couple of verses in one of the F5F songs too?

well, indeed why not cash in on GT’s popularity... be interesting if there’s a battle in the charts between this track, and one from SOAP.


Totally unrelated...

That’s not a flattering picture of him o_O.

He looks like he’s tellin the Dope Dealer on the corner to save him a twist or two O_O

Other than that... SWEEET he’s got a single!

@bunio: Yes he is. And doing it beautifully!!

Btw... the song is “Hjärta utan hem” and the lines he sings is:
“Hon kanske förlorat nån gång, nått kanske har slagits itu, hon vill inte komma tillbaks, eller vad tror du?”

Should make good listening...

WooW thats really cool! Good Luck Micke!

Do we know when it’s released...

where can we hear the song/when is the single released

Great! It’s a very cool and catchy song! :-)


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