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And the Marie contest winners are...

Written by administrator on January 26, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - When The Daily Roxette announced a contest to win one of two “After the Change” books from Marie Fredriksson’s art exhibition, we didn’t anticipate how difficult it would become. TDR was approached by Petter Lindskog of who asked if we wanted to raffle out two of the books; and if so, he would donate them, including shipping to the winners. It was a very generous offer, and of course we accepted

  That’s when the problems started. Just as we were drawing the winner’s names, apparently went under and Mr. Lindskog disappeared. We haven’t to this date been able to make contact with him. We were actually in the process of writing to the winners to offer them alternative prizes when, through a twist of fate, we were in touch with Micke Bolyos (married to Marie Fredriksson). To make a long story short, the two of them donated two signed books to our winners. The books, plus something extra, will be shipped to the two lucky winners: Maria Laura Osorio from Argentina and Kamila Lesniewski from Germany, next week.

  The Daily Roxette sends its warmest congratulations to our winners and we wish to thank everyone who entered. Last and foremost, a huge thanks to Marie & Micke Bolyos who stepped up for the fans!


Congratulations for the winners :) and a huge thanks to mr bolyos :)

Great! Thank you very much TDR for not giving up. I never thought about getting the book after musicshop crapped down.
greetings to everybody Kamila

Congratulations to the luckier ones!!

So after all the troubles apparently it turned out even better.

something extra, cool! Wonder what it is.

Great that Marie stepped up for the fans!

awww nice :-D

Great!! :D Congrats to the lucky winners, she’s such a darling!!

Congratulations to the winners!!!!!!

Beautiful heart from Marie!!!

Congrats to the winners!

So kind of Marie and Micke to make up for this. :)

in the end it’s even better than the original prize :P

Wow, thats really nice of Marie and Micke!! It shows that they REALLY care about us, the fans!
Always nice to know!
Congratulations to the winners! a bit jelous though;D

Oh! They are lucky !

:( for me!
:) for them!


OMG Unreal!!! This is sooooo sweet!!! Micke and Marie, you are the BEST!! Hope to hear more from you both soon!!

xx Nienke

Awww that is fantastic! :)

Congratulations to the winners

Well done to Marie and Micke for helping TDR out in a time of crisis! :)

I agree with Judith. Sooo much better. Not just beacause they’ll be signed.. but for the fact that Micke and Marie personally made sure the 2 winners would get their prize. So nice of them.

Congratulations to you both.

thank u very much to micke and marie!!! they´re great.
i don´t have words for them!!! I love you!!!!
and thanks again to the daily roxette!! =) =)
love, Maria Laura.

Nice to see Micke and Marie looking out for the fans.

Congratulations to the winners :-)

Congratulations to the winners! :D

With everything that went on, it’s no wonder people on this site think TDR moderators should be the new fanclub staff. ;)

well done winners! It is so nice that both marie and micke are wealthy enough to donate TWO signed books for the competition.

We are truly honoured at this making a news headline!



Aw Marie & Micke are just the sweetest people!

I will second that!

Congratulations to the winners!!!! That is really cool and special!

Also a huge Hello to the moderators. You did a good job with solving that problem!


the good side of losing contact with Petter Lindskog is getting the book directly from Marie :)

the winners are so lucky :)

Micke Bolyos is the sweetest man you’ll ever meet. I ran into him once on the street and I asked him how his wife was doing. He was SO kind, he chatted to me for a few minutes about her and then he thanked me twice for caring enough to ask about her!! Such a sweetheart.

Can TDR explain the story of what happened? It sounds very mysterious with a “twist of fate?” It sounds like a cool story!

Well said Majdy! Lucky winners!

Germany delivered, Argentina in Madrid and moving along.

Excellent! Lucky winners treasure them forever

Dont understand how this guy can go under and disappear just like that when it was a Marie exhibition...not because of Marie selling enough to keep him going, but Marie Management not choosing the right channel!! dodgy dodgy dodgy

i´ve got the book and the photo in my hands!!!
thanxs again to micke and marie and of course TDR
best wishes

Dedication for Marie Fredriksson

The time for, the wind ceases, the sea calms... when its candy voice, invades our hearts... when it sings a love song, all dumb one... exists something of special in air that we breathe... the smoothness of its voice Marie packs our hearts, its face in them transmits tranquillity, peace... something special in you, makes with that it is different, with that if has detached... as a great star in the sky, its brightness, its light invades our souls... you is special, precious... is… Simply Marie Fredriksson.

A great kiss… Soraya :-)


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