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“Nyhetsmorgon” featuring Marie

Written by Jud on October 21, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish TV4 reported about Marie Fredriksson’s exhibition - which secretly opened its doors yesterday - in their afternoon news edition.

  A happy and smiling Marie appeared with her husband Micke Bolyos setting up the exhibition, deciding which frames to hang where, as well as answering to some questions from TV4’s reporter Lasse Bengtsson.

  There will be a longer segment about the exhibition tomorrow morning at “Nyhetsmorgon,” which runs from 08:59 until 11:30 CET. According to TV4, Marie will be on at 10:15.


Great, perhaps I will have it!!

Great, hope that we can see it later at Web TV!

wow wow!!!!! Marie looks beautiful, is a great news....thanks to God again for this miracle

@shine: *pray*

I have to go work tomorrow morning and I don’t know how to record digital channels :/

I have problems to register!!!

I just can wait to see her!!

I would like to see more! this Saturday online ;-)

really really great!

“Ja jag kan tänka mej att göra en koncert med Roxette”

Thank You Marie! You made my day!

When came it on Who can see it??

the program ends at 11:30 so I doubt they will put it online before that! :)

The interview was 20 minutes long :)

She saids she can imagine doing a Roxette-concert=) But not a tour..

understandable... most important is that she is fine :D

Really, Roxette concert? It´s a dream!!!

tell me more....

Has someone recorded it and is able to put it online somewhere?
That would be great! Thanx in advance!

Does anyone recognize that Marie has fixed her teeth? She doesn´t have that charming space between her front teeth anymore.
Anyway, she looked great. !

That was ages ago though.

Well, a tour is really one of the last points of the wish list. She is fine again and can get back to living her life - that’s all that counts. I am also sure that some day, there will be another Roxette CD. If they decide to play a concert (Globen 10 times in a row?), we will all be pleased to fly to Sweden to see them, they needn’t come to us. And if she feels up to touring - why not.

*goes to celebrate a bit more*

She fixed her teeth again, the last time she had still a tiny space left between her teeth!

But the more important thing is, that she seems to be happy and fine!!! :o))

Btw.: Where can I download the Nyhetsm.-Video? (A big HELLO to roxbytes!) ;o)

I cannot view the video on, after typing the address!!! It comes out that there is a “run-time” error....
Is there someone else who is experiencing the same???? Is there is another way to see the video....I am looking so forward to see the video....=/


It’s probably something with their server. I get the same error, but after a few reloads it usually works.

does anyone know when and why she fixed her teeth?
Where does she live now? Sweden or Spain, and where an spain?

the interview was fab ! but... anywhere to download it ? RoxBytes, maybe ?

I keep getting those errors all the time on TV4. So if anyone could upload it somewhere that would be really appreciated.

Can’t find anything about Marie on TV4.


This Interview is off.

download from this Interview????

I will hope that someone was fast enough to download it. *pray*

I guess you killed the server! ;)

(I say you because I wasn’t home when it was online ;))

I wasn´t at home when it was online!

Found that comment on! Maybe the clip will be online again when they fixed the problem! :-)

Tekniska problem
Just nu kan det vara svårt att se våra program på Vi arbetar på att lösa problemen

I think judith is right. We killed the server!
BTW: couldn’t see it as well! :-(

I will have it!!! One girl who lives in Sweden recorded me it on DVD.

So finally someone have it! :-)
Realy hope you’ll share it!

Oh my, I’ve missed the interview as well... Please, upload the interview somewhere on the net!!!

is there anyone who can translate the interview in enlish german or dutch

I haven’t translated the interview, because I didn’t have time but I’ve written some kind of summary in German on

i have translated the german summary into English..

Thank you! :-)

I have downloaded the interview from my pc. If someone wants to have it, just mail me. The quality is like a VHS - not the original quality!!

my mail: [email protected]

you can also watch it on my homepage:

but the quality is not good

Hi to all!
I got a lot of mails today for the report. I try to get some help to input the original Quality on my homepage- so check again the next days!!!!

We all are happy to have Marie again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone and special Mikalex1!

Thank you Mikalex1 for your mail and for your helping!!!

I’m happy, when I can see that. THX!!!!

Thank You!!

Tack så mycket Mikalex1

Thank you Mikalex1 for sharing the video with us.

Thank you! ;)

Thank you very much Mikalex1!!! :D
I can’t find words to describe how happy I am coz of Marie!

Does anybody know in which program this interview can be watched? In Windows Media Player I hear the interview but I can’t watch it, in others programs I can watch interview well but without any sound...

Thanks Mikalex1 for the interview and for updates on that.

M_a_g, in which format do you have it? 3GP or newly in MP4? MP4 can be played in newer versions of Winamp, about 3GP I still haven’t found out; LOL!

Hi to everyone!!
The interview is avaiable for 7 days. (just to tell you)
mpg4 format you an play with nero show time or window media, the 3gp format is for handy.

Thanks Mary and Mikalex1!!

I downloaded both files 3gp and mp4. I’ve got Winamp 5.08 so now I’m downloading Winamp 5.11. In Winamp 5.08 I can only hear the interview but withouth any video.
3gp can be played in real one.

I can watch it with quicktime-player without any problems!

Thanx alot!!!

The link works again!

Let’s hope the link will be working when I’m back from uni.

Working for me also! :)


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