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Marie Fredriksson to exhibit her artwork in Stockholm

Written by Jud on October 20, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson will exhibit her artwork in a gallery show entitled “After The Change.” The display, at Doktor Glas gallery, Kungsträdgården, will feature 24 of Marie’s most personal drawings, but only for 10 days.

  Marie, besides music, has always drawn and painted, but always privately, until last year. Then Marie got a new instrument for her creativity, the charcoal pencil. She painted the pictures of the cover of her last album “The Change” and when the album was ready and released, Marie went on drawing with charcoal. The result are these pieces of artwork, which she will show in her first exhibition from October 21 until October 30.

  Marie explains in a press release announcing the show:

“I have never felt myself so free as when I draw. One cannot compare it with music or anything else.

The freedom in my drawing feels like one big love, warmth and energy.

Free in the silence of the charcoal pencil’s light.”

Update October 20: As is often the case at gallery exhibitions, TDR has learned that a catalog has been printed. The velvet covered book, containing all of Marie’s drawings will be available for purchase at the gallery. Limited to 2,000 copies, the price is 400 SEK (€45). All 24 works of art on display are for sale, with the price set at 18,500 SEK (€1,970 or $2,340) each. Most have already been sold.

Update October 21: The exhibition is open weekdays between 11:00 and 17:30 CET, Saturdays between 13:00 and 16:00 and on Sundays 12:00 and 16:00. Entrance is free.

Robert Thorselius contributed to this article.


She should get ready for the next Roxette CD, not draw.

cool! I’d like to see some of her artwork

If she feels like it, she should do whatever she wants!!!
The most importent thing to me concerning Marie is that she is happy. After all what she did for me (without even knowing) and after all waht happened to her Happiness is waht I wish for her...

But no qustion: I miss her and I miss her music...

Jag saknar dig, Marie!!!

No, I think it´s a great news, finally we know something about her!!! Recently she sang at spanish club, now she exhibit her artwork....etc. It´s a very possitive news Marie is really fine. Who knows what 2006 will bring us!!!

I´d like to see her artwork too!

Sounds like a mid life crisis to me.

as long as she doenst draw the next roxette cd cover with her carbon pencil, i think it’s really nice for her to have something in which she can express herself...and i guess there are many fans who’s like to see the exhibition! maybe theyll print a catalogue?

Mid life crisis???

You have to emagine waht she´s been through - that was not and is not just a mid life crisis!!!

The cover for “The Change” is amazing. When I saw the documentary, when she explaned half of the face was the “before” and half was the “after”, I was moved.

The cover to the “2:nd chance” single is as well intense, sad in a way. It’d be really interesting to see that exhibition. Please, those lucky enough to go (and if allowed) could take photos and put them somewhere in the net?

Thanks a lot!

I think this is just wonderful news, well done Marie... I wish I could see some of your artwork, but never mind! :) This news has cheered me up! :)

What would be so nice also is if she did some copies of this art, to sell for a charity... I could imagine it would go for great prices... :)

First of all: GREAT idea, love it and would LOVE to SEE it, but: how stupid is that - only nine days??? I won’t be able to manage that!!

Wow! Finally Marie herself has given a sign of life!!! :-D
Will she be there for the opening of the exhibition?

Colin, as long as there IS a new Roxette album she can put whatever she likes on the cover! Even a shot of her hallway wallpapers. Oh, we already had that on TCOTH... ;-)

Oh, the original archived smalltalk thread (why?) says even more: “Marie will show some of her art. She will also be in Nyhetsmorgon at Swedish tv4 this saturday!”

Marie will be on swedish TV this saturday? Please anyone, watch it, record it, show us!


Marie Fredriksson on the news again. That’s something good. I really would like to see her artwork, The Change was very personal.

All the art is welcome but her music has no match.

So happy!

Is that a new pic?

Yes, the picture is new.

really? when it was taken?

She looks so thin...

She looks so Roxette :)

and what’s wrong with that? :S

Amazing new Judith!!
Have you got more pictures?

Any more pictures from the event?
Anyone will go to there? :D

Maybe she will be there!!
She is so cute!!
She is fine again!!!!!! :D

I don’t see anything wrong, everything is getting better and better :)

no pictures of the event.. because it’s still not open ;)

quite interesting, maybe Marie will abandon the music scene and dedicate herself to her artwork...?

she looks GREAT!!! good to see her again!

A new photo of Marie, very nice! Judging from that one picture, Marie’s look is finally on the way back to normal. Still somehow swollen around the eyelids and chin, but looks promising!

What about the TV appearance?

we’ll write about the TV program as soon as we get it confirmed.. :)

Thanx! You don’t have the Marie pic bigger?.. ;-p


Maire looks fine. I thought first that this is an old photo, wow.

Marie looks really great!!!

Marie looks great, what a wonderful photo of her! :) it’s so nice to see her again, she is looking so well! :)

she looks fine!I’m very happy for her , she is a fighter .


I would like to see these artworks! It’s a pity they can rest only for 10 days... :-/

and Marie looks really fine, I’m so damn happy about this! :) yep she looks so roxette... ;)

Marie looks really great!!! THE GOLDEN VOICE OF SWEDEN ! - I’m always gonna love her! !!!!!!

Please, repeat this exhibition in January 2006! I would like to go there... :-o)

wow she looks so sweet! her artwork look sad though...

Yes, or in the spring. I´d like to go to Stockholm but this week I can not.

:D she looks amazing!!! this is great news!!!!!

Is this a new picture of Marie? If it is she looks really great. Hope she feels as she looks then :)

When you save the picture and enlarge it, it’s quite good.

I a huge art fan and doing a photography degree myself, i like her work is so emotional its really deep and soulful.

im so pleased to hear something about her to be honest !

She look so great!! Im so happy to see that!!

I’m extremely happy to see her again!!!
It’s a great new to know about her again!
Marie you looks simply GREAT as always!!!
I love you with all my heart & soul!

Marie looks really really beautiful=)

Wow, unbelieveable news!!! It is sooo great!!!! I would so love to go but why does the exhibition last only 10 short days?????

PLEASE PROLONG THE EXHIBITION (or repeat it soon)!!!!!

Do we have to start an “Artattaq”? ;)

And the picture is just amazing. This all made my day...

Ah, nice to hear something about Marie again! :-) Great she seem better!!!

I don’t really think 10 days is so short. She is after all not a known painter. It is, however, great they give her some room to show her stuff.

Would you really consider going to Sweden just to see 24 drawings? I wouldn’t, but that is of course since I am not so interested in art... Or is it because it is Marie?

I love the new picture, she looks so handsome...
Hope she back to us soon (I mean with Rxt)

Marie!!!! Wish I could send her a hug...! So nice to get a sign of life! Fantastic photo of her. Would be great to visit this exhibition...Hopefully someone can go there and make some pix.

I am happy! to see again and know something about Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

i still can’t believe that this is a new photo! She looks so great!


This is the best news in months. I am so happy with her decision and am sorry I can’t get there to see the pictures. If I had known a bit before... “one big love, warmth and energy” - are the feelings I receive from her music and from her lyrics. I wish her everyday freedom, far from worries, stresses and strains. God bless you, Marie! I always remember you in my prayers.

PS: “big love”? sounds familiar...

fantastik news! gosh, doesn’t she look healthy and by & radiant! sooo pleased to see Marie bing creative again, altho her comments about preferring drawing to singing have a bit of a dark undertone for me. Here’s hoping I’m only reading into things too much - WELCOME BACK MARIE! WE MISSED U TERRIBLY! xxxxxx

This news are so great, Marie we miss you so, and you come back finally, first singing blues in Marbella and now this great idea, exhibit your artwork, oh my god!, i wanna travel to Sweden now, but i don´t have money.
“Marie you looks very very nice, more than ever”
Thanks GOD for hear ours players.
Marie i love you more than ever, and i know i love you for ever, i´m hope you see you the next year, and give you a great hug.
Juan José Campora - Rosario - Argentina

Great news, great pic. I’m so happy that I can hardly write. It’s so amazing to hear from Marie again!

I don´t believe!!!, Marie looks really fine...Thanks to God!!!!

I’m SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! =)))
Marie you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))

Great! Art is my hobby too,that is very good to do hands someting and enjoy it. my best to you Marie!

I’m so happy :) This is the best sign that Marie is doin’ great. Oh, the pic is just fantastic!

Wow great to have some news on Marie and good news at that! I couldn’t care less what she does anymore I just want to know that she is well and enjoying life :)


I just having to look at the picture.... she just looks so fantasitc.... :)

I’m quite emotional today, and reading the article above, seeing the new pic of Marie, gave me a huge lump in my throat. I’m so happy...

I hope Marie will have a catalogue printed to showcase the work. Would love one. I’m a huge art fan and this would really be a cherry on the cake for me to have something like that... or even an original!


I printed this article with her photo!! I am so HAPPY!!!!!!!

nice to see marie again ... she looks amazing !!!

all the best, take care for her

Excellent news and marvellous Marie pic! I’d like to see her artworks and also to hear her commenting them.
First I thought it is some of the old her pics. But a close look and reading your comments made me really happy: Marie’s ok, she looks wonderful and thinner which means she’s recovering! WOW!

Great to finally see some Marie news. And what news it is :-D

Love to see some of her works!

And a beautiful picture of her as well!!

Marie looks great. I’m so pleased for her. All the best, Rich ;-)

thanks Judith... and thanks Marie! To be honest, I’m pleased with rare news about her: it’s better to know that she doesn’t waste herself anymore giving tons of interviews to stupid newspapers and magazines. She appears only when there’s something really important. But it’s sad to read that she doesn’t feel quite free in music. Maybe, it will come with time.

Whooo, a catalogue!! Wonderful news! But is it available via mail order?

It´s really great! She looks very fine. I think that´s her new project without Per.
Roxette will be back- Ifeel it!

Can someone tell me where I can buy the book from her paintings?????????

This book.... will be on sale for a little longer than the 10 days..... this kind of reminds me of the book on Halmstad that came out after my last trip....

I haven’t got any words...
they aren’t enough to explain how I feel anyway ;)
I’m just SO happy when anything tells me marie’s ok.
I’m gonna go there tomorrow, cos it’s kinda close to my house =)

Dressed_for_success: Oh, please tell us about it!!!

And could you be so kind as to enquire if the catalogue can be ordered from abroad? Tack så mycket!!!

I read in expressen that the drawing were for sale
can anyvone confirm that

They must mean the book that will be available.

I´d like to buy her book with artwork too!!!!

tev: yes maybe but I´d like to know if any of her paintings will be for sale

I’m happy to know Marie is fine.
She’s fantastic, she’s the best, I really love her.
Go, Marie, Go!!!

@ Debora... it sure is nice news!

@ Ted.... I think maybe some copy prints might be forsale.... the originals.... perhaps out of your price range!

I want the book thought....

The news has been updated, the pix are for sale.

And where are they to buy? Any clue?

At the gallery of course. :)


Wow, they are sold before the exhibition even started.

the vernissage (??) was tonite :)

2000.... wow I am guessing they will all be sold out by December then! damn..... by the way does anyone know if this gallery has a website because I cannot find one?

Per should buy some and put them into his hotel!! Then we can watch them much longer! :D

You never know he may do just that! :)

The gallery does not have a website. :(

how to purchase the book if you can´t go to the exhibition?

Well... you can’t.

id love to have one of her pictures on my wall :-D

is they know where i can see the other pictures :-(

@ rox-kuryliw, I’ve been looking, no avail yet, with a bit of luck TDR will show us some more!

“wonders how to get the book”

Awww Ted, I do hope you can get it, it would be nice to see one fan get a copy!

Send me 2000 SEK and I can buy one to you ;)

Just joking... :P

I’ve been always reading about how Marie likes painting. I’m glad she exhibits.

I can’t really give a clever comment about her picture (since I haven’t got a clue about art ;) ) except that it looks ok to me. :)

But I’m glad to see Marie. :)))

And I like her hairstyle.

A cash-in... surprise surprise.

So is Marie guest? on Nyhetsmorgon or not?I didn’t found anything on tv4 website...

Why exhibition is only 10 days?? Please, repeat it. I want to be there too.

Yes, I think Marie will be guest in Vyhetsmorgon. Please, swedish people, could you record it???? Thanks.

Well, I’m not Swedish, but I’m gonna record it...if I solve out how to record digital channel...How do people know Marie is guest on Nyhetsmorgon?

Even more Marie news!! Wow again :-D

I’d love to get one of them booklets.

I don’t see why it should be a problem to ship the catalogue internationally. If need be, do it via the fanshop. *HINT*

I don’t think they have enough catalogues to sell them abroad. It’s a 10-day exhibition, I guess they have printed a limited number, just for the people attending there. Who’s gonna be interested on Marie Fredriksson’s drawings outside Sweden? Just some fans, be realistic. I can’t imagine those catalogues being massively sold everywhere... That’s why they are not for sale on-line (I guess). Call me negative, if you want, I don’t mind.

the gallery dont seem to have a telephone (phoned the number which is on theres no telephone answering maching to this number the call ends”
how to reach them???? no mail no phone eh weird

The fanshop?! Ha ha ha!!!!

It´s Fantastic!!!!!
It doesn’t matter what Marie is Doing, The important is She’s Well. So Beatiful, Almost Like Roxette Years. It’s Great.

Marie, Be Free. We love you.

Thanks Judith, send us always news about Her.

Adriano - Brasil

“agrees with Tev” fanhop eh what shop “oh you mean THAT shop that never works”

I think we can say, that your only gonna get this “book” if you go to Sweden or live there...

hmm I´d say the only way to get it is to visit the exhibition

oooh god I have no words almost but I‘m really really happy!!! like everybody else here.

Marie you looks so pretty! LOVE YOU!

The artwork on display from the picture of Marie in front looks really good, I only wish I could see it!

@ally: yes, they are! I’d really love to see them, and not only in some pix...they lose their natural and intact feelings in this way. :(

I and animalkingdom were right :D We both wrote about a year ago that cover art of the Change reminds Helene Schjerfbecks work. And today Marie told on Aftonbladet that Helene Schjerfbeck is her idol :D So I do know a little bit about art :)

LOL Thomas! just my thought :D

Anyone want to visit the gallery with me?? Dont want to go alone...

@Roxette_atic: I wish I could go there...

i am so happy i,m getting her book from a good friend

soooo happy maja

62.00 euros+shipping,puh!

Well I did not find the museum in Sweden!


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