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D.H.T. hits Holland

Written by colinvdbel on September 22, 2005 to .

UTRECHT - Last week, D.H.T.’s “Listen To Your Heart” (Unplugged version featuring Edmee), was selected as superclip for Holland’s biggest music television station TMF. Besides this version, the original D.H.T. remix is now being played as well.

  On the Billboard Hot 100 the song is still falling, but slowly; last week “Listen To Your Heart” was at #16. This week it’s at #17, after 18 weeks on the chart. Faithful readers may remember its peak position of #8.


The unplugged version is also very often played by french music channel MCM .

i think it’s a very bad version. she really doesn’t have a voice for such beautiful song. i think it’s very boring.
yesterday there was an interview with dht on dutch television and the ask why the song is so populair in amerika.
he said because it’s a beautiful song. and i must say that it’s nice to hear someone cover a roxette song. only too bad that it’s not that good.
but i guess that understandable because marie has such a beautiful voice.

Yay finally some interesting news!!! :)

D.H.T. curse is back!

The only antidote is that Son of a B, i mean Plumber bring something new!!!

Oh how I love that pianoversion......
I wish Roxette would have recorded the song that way. Listen To Your Heart has always been a very special song to me.
I must admit that this unplugged version is well done. I like it but I can’t get used to that voice. I keep thinking this should be Marie.

Diamonds are forever

in all i can do is YAWN!

I like this uplugged version. On the other hand, the voice is not so strong as Marie’s...

DHT entered the Dutch Top 50 this week as the highest new entry, coming in on number 30.

They chose the acoustic version of this song as a “Judge’s Pick” for one of the finalists to dance to on the US show “So You Think You Can Dance?” It was nice to hear Per and Marie’s song on international TV again, but as has already been said many times - that girl ain’t no Mrs. Bolyos...

i was in my bed and i heard the song played in “todays big hits” on Yahoo radio. It got me up to my feet cos actually it sounds pretty nice to me at first. Some thing different. then i got it downloaded and listened to it all over again and again.
Well i think it’s a good change. I dont think her voice is a s powerful as Marie but anyway the cover is not as rocky taste as the original one. I like this acoustic version. Wonder how it would be if Marie sang it. I must admit that this girl voice is a bit similar to Marie though ( but not as strong )


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