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“Sommartider” best song ever

Written by tevensso on September 18, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - “Sommartider” has been voted Best Swedish Pop Classic through all times by the Swedish people. The results were shown in the TV-show Folktoppen (People’s Top), where “Sommartider” also was performed by gay comedian Jonas Gardell in a semi-gospel version.

1. Gyllene Tider - Sommartider

2. Ulf Lundell - Öppna landskap

3. ABBA - Waterloo

4. Ted Gärdestad - Sol, vind och vatten

5. ABBA - Ring Ring

6. Tomas Ledin - I natt är jag din

7. Lisa Nilsson - Himlen runt hörnet

8. Eva Dahlgren - Vem tänder stjärnorna?

9. Freestyle - Vill ha dej

10. Magnus Uggla - Varning på stan

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Im looking at this show right now! Its great!! Per seemed to be happy! Before they revealed the #1 I said to myself; if Gyllene tiders “Sommartider” dont win theres got to be something wrong with this...

what a strange version of sommartider ...

yea Gardells version was the worst performance of Sommartider i ever heard.

But the list is good, even though “Känn Ingen Sorg FÖr Mej Göteborg” just got to be top 3! ANd like Calle Norén said, Waterloo is really the worse Abba song.


Sommartider i dont know why this is so popular i think its sounds so cheap lol, sorry !

Saw it on TV..Per was wonderful as always...=)

Are there any pictures from the show??? :-)

Funny performance. :D has a long beard already but it still can make you really really happy in the carries a lot of endorphin inside....something Per very often adds to his songs...don’t know how but..well..that’s the main reason why I like his songs so much. They just make you glad

Jonas is.. great :D

haha. What I’m going to say has nothing to do with this topic at all. Expet for the fact that it’s about Sommartider.

Well. What I wanted to say was that me and my friend was out partying in a city called Helsingborg here in Sween last night. And we started to sing Sommartider, and kept on doing that for the rest of the night! I just came to think about that when I read this topic... sorry.

Ofcourse Sommartider are the ultimate summer song here in Sweden! No doubt about it. Even if it do sound kind of... lame? when you listen to it on CD nowadays. But LIVE, or when played on the radio... it’s awsome!

Sommartider is actually a bad song, at least I think so.. But then, when you stand there, in front of the stage and Gyllene Tider starts playing it.. It’s impossible to not love it.

But on cd, it sucks

By the way, how many times has Sommatider got the “Best pop song ever” title now? Many...

Once again, congratulations Gt...

OMG that version was horrible.

Never a song I’ve gotten all that excited about... I prefer ’Handerna.’

This version is funny

Sommartider is so annoying song :(

but I love Freestyle - “Vill ha dej”!

sticky wiener hey hey sticky wiener!!

i think of those words when i hear this song not one of pers finest momnets ever

Congrats GT, can’t say I didn’t expect it. It’s really NOT a very good song, but it’s the essential of the swedish summer (or has been since ’82...) BTW, “Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg” - I don’t think you can call it a classic... yet... and through all times? After all, “Sommartider” has last for 23 years. Impressing, especially if you start to think about how bad it really is =P

Jonas’ version of Sommartider is not bad :)

And yeah, Sommartider is at its best when it’s performed live!!!

I can’t believe that Roxette weren’t nominated... :(

Hej-hej! Great performance, it’s always nice to see how PG has influenced so many people over the years, it’s really admirable.

I wonder, is it possible to DOWNLOAD the video performance? I don’t get to see the streaming.

Just click on “Se Jonas Gardell sjunge Sommartider” to watch the video :)

Hehehe, funny version!!! :)

And luckily neither Håkan Hellström nor Petter (what is he doing there in the first place?!?!?!) went to the top 10!! Tjooohooo!!

this song was very popular on SUNNY BEACH this summer!!!
P.S i luv all made in Sweden!!

I am not sure I would deem it the best ever.... but it is good!

I luv Sommartider!!! yep, for me it’s a cool song :) It’s so LIGHT and just excellent while I’m driving in a car in! :P
So, I’m really glad that Sommartider got the first place! :)
But, just like AURYTE thinks, I don’t know why any ROX songs weren’t nominated :-/


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