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“Listen to Your Heart” #1 again

Written by tevensso on September 1, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - D.H.T. is back at #1 with “Listen to Your Heart,” although this time it’s the Top 40 Mainstream chart. Evan Lamberg, EMI Music Publishing New York, comments: “It’s the #1 most played song in the US at Top 40 radio this week…” The single has been on this particular chart for 13 weeks.

  On the Billboard Hot 100 it’s still a top 10 hit, at #10 for the second week in a row. “Listen to Your Heart” has been on the Hot 100 for 15 weeks now.


Here we go!!!

Once again!! So superb! Really cool!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

We all are tired of the so-called “news” about this cover. I think we had enough...

As for myself I’m tired of this cover. I think it’s a great one and I’m happy that it is doin’ so well :D

I just realised that I made a big big mistake in my post: I meant I’m not tired of this cover and the news about it. Oh, such things happen when you have a big big head ache in the morning...

Nice news...

Now this is what I call some real good news!!!!

I heard it on Australian commercial radio for the first time. Good signs it may be released here. The DJs said they loved Roxette and the original LTYH and commented on how DHT are top 10 with this in the USA.

Well, if you’re sick of news like this, maybe you should surf the fanclub’s site instead? No, wait a minute, they don’t have any news at all... :S

Jiha! You are retards if you complain when you are served news. That’s what this site does you know.

When I am looking for the latest news I always check TDR instead of the fanclub’s website.
Just because, like you said, on the latter there’s hardly any.
But I must agree when someone says that we got enough news about DHT. Reporting about the same item over and over again just to have some news is kind of annoying..

I’m with TEV on this one. It’s better to print some news rather than no news because some people on TDR will be interested in it, in this case about the US chart performance of a Roxette cover version. Those that aren’t interested can surely ’tune out’ as soon as they see headline involving LTYH...

“We all are tired of the so-called “news” about this cover”.

honey speak for yourself not for all of us.
What I AM sick of is ppl moaning about TDR News week by week.
I´m excited by Dancing DJ‘s and DHT success in the countries as USA and UK which are not easy markets when it comes to that kind of music.

@ Tevensso (and the rest of the TDR staff),

No offence my friend, but I don’t think your response to the user: “Room Service”is appropriate.

When a visitor to this site takes time out to give you feedback (regardless of whether you consider it to be valid or not), then surely a better response would be to treat it professionally and thank them?

Not only have you alienated this user of your service, but you’ve also used the opportunity to have a dig at your competitors (Official Fanclub).

I’m sorry if this appears preachy (I’ve tried not to make it that way), but I feel very strongly when I see things like this happen and I know Lars-Erik often strives to present TDR as a professional service.

Responses such as this destroy that effort.

Good point steven.

I don’t agree... the simple answer is if the news does not intrest people or the user of TDR then they DON’T HAVE TO read it, and they certainly do not need to post about it!

I see no problem with Thomas’s comments! :)

The bottom line is this; two wrongs don’t make right!

While Tevenso is naturally going to be miffed when some thankless Muppet™ like “Room_service” turns up and makes derogatory remarks about the article that Tevenso posted, he should nonetheless have not just bit back at the troll and would have represented himself far more professionally by not stooping to the moron’s level.

Lessons learned:

Room_service, sod off somewhere else if you don’t like what TDR is reporting.

Tevenso, learn to be more open to feedback and learn that it’s never cool to attack the competition.

So there’s my 2c worth!

Pot, Kettle, Black?

Of course it is, but that’s my prerogative as an impartial bystander!

Dear Muppet™ called PersPopPrincess (I bet you are Ms. Piggy):

If you think my comment is dreogatory, what should I say about yours, darling? You don’t don’t have any respect for the other user, that pretty evident. In my opinion, you should be ashamed about your unkind and disrespectful behavior.

My point was: I think we had enough about DHT. I know, Roxette activity is rather dead these days, and TDR has to say “something” in the news. But I wonder for how many moths we have read about that wonderful, beautiful and incredible group called DHT. I guess we all know can repeat their Billboard evolution by memory. They were #1, that’s ok. But it’s over now... We deserve a rest from DHT.

I was not derogatory, it was a personal commert from someone else’s point of view. Take it or leave it, you don’t have to agree. But it was not derogative, that’s for sure. You should be more open-minded too.

On the other hand, your comment was VERY dergative, and VERY disrespectful. I think you should think before, and shut your mouth sometimes.

And darling, these are my 2c: shut you a** and go to h**l, ok?

I agree that tevenssos comment was a little unproffessional, but why are everyone complaining about this news? Do you write to the daily newspaper every day and say: “I wasn’t interested in the news on page 5,7,9,10 stop writing that”? TDR is a newspaper, everyone is not interested in averything that is written in a newspaper, and other people are interested in everything... If you are not interested you can just stop reading when you see what it is about and let the rest of us read it! I’m very curios about how it goes for songs on the charts... Especially when per has a chance to be no. 1 in the US again! Thank you for letting me know all about LTYH in the states!

good, go DHT

As far as i am concerned, it IS Roxette related news, and i am interested to read it. I often see articles i am not interested in on TDR, so i just skim through them and dont read them properly. I would rather have ANY news than nothing at all when i log in to check what has been happening. Lets face it, this is all that is happening in the Rox world at the moment, and it will stay like that until we hear the news of Per’s next project. (I dont think we’ll be hearing from Marie for a while)

How many times have we gone through this? And how many times have we replied to it “professionally” as you like it?

it’s funny that when we reply “professionally” nobody cares and goes on complaining, and complaining about our reply, however professional it might be, but of course it is when you start to be a bit tired of complaints about the same over and over again and you reply a bit more straight and direct, that you get more reactions, and even against you!

We have replied many times that we don’t write exclusively about Roxette but also RELATED. This includes Roxette, Per, Marie, Gyllene Tider and musicians and other things related to Roxette and sometimes even music business. I doubt we will change that.

And as we said many times, we are sure that when you read any other online newspaper, you don’t read ALL news that are on front page, you read the headline and maybe the first lines, if you aren’t interested, you just skip the piece of news. Why not do the same here? It takes only a few seconds to realise that this article is about D.H.T.’s cover, so why waste the time reading it if you are not interested AND even write a comment complaining? Surely some people have a lot of time to waste?

And how many times will we have to repeat this same scenario again?

btw, somebody has been reading all these boring news,2789,693558,00.html

gessle says we have no plans to reunion. but Has roxette really splitted up????? I cant see it as splitted up really

So what is this boring piece of news which is about Roxette and not only Roxette related and therefore not worth translating about?

It’s about DHT... DUH.

Disappointing, Judith misses a valid point and becomes defensive.

The debate IS NOT about the validity of “Room Service’s” feedback, or indeed anyone else’s feedback.

Nobody has suggested that you MUST agree with the feedback from a user.

The debate IS about the manner in which TDR staff respond to such feedback.

A professional, public service is obliged at ALL TIMES to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

It doesn’t matter if you have to continually respond to the same feedback time and time again. Everyone deserves a professional reply and it’s absolutely no excuse for sloppy, emotive responses.

It’s a basic standard required by all good professional, public services.

(Edited a typo).

Oh, forgot to add…

My comments are not directed to Lars-Erik, who in my view is the absolute consummate professional and his responses have ALWAYS reflected that.

I agree, Lars is always totally professional.

wow, sounds like there’s mutiny on the ROX ship! well, here’s a thought......any news is good news! in the us roxette is all but a memory on the music scene(very unfortunate). so a story, any story, is something to us here. i’m not big on the cover, however, i do smile when i here the lyrics! it’s the echo of an old friend.

sorry i don’t mean to get sappy. hehehe!


point being: sometimes things are taken for granted, just roll with it.

rock on TEV

back to the subject please. If you want to discuss about TDR, please use the “TDR Discussions” forum:


Looks @ Judith

Why do people complain all the time?? As this is a Rox site, and it is a Rox song (albeit a cover) surely it’s news which should be (and is) posted on this site? Just because some people aren’t keen on the remix or this particular style of music, doesn’t mean that some people don’t want to know whats going on.

In my view to have a song written by Mr G at number 1 in the USA is big news for Rox fans. Basically it’s never gonna happen again for Roxette themselves, so this is a close as it gets!

I think the team behind TDR do an incredible job bringing us up to date news stories. Keep up the good work guys!

In my opinion, everybody has the right to have his/her own opinion.

I agree with Paul on this.... well said could not have put it better myself....

I still see no problem with Thomas’s comments...

i love Roxette,2789,693558,00.html

What does Per say about the future of Roxette? Anyone?
That pic is funny btw :) Marie = a pop princess!

I guess that part about having no plans to get reunited is made up by Aftonbladet...

you shouldn’t take a reporter who cannot even spell so serious.. but here goes the translation, with spelling mistake included.

“Och framgångarna har åter satt Roxette i fokus.
- Vi märker självklart ett stort intresse för bandet, inte minst genom
D.H.T:s breda USA-hit med vår “Listen to your heart” och Dancing DJ”s Englandshit med “Fading like a flower”, säger Per Gessle.
Men en återförening av Roxette är inte är aktuell i nuläget.
- Vi har inga planer på det, säger Per zGessle.”

And the successes (of the 2 tracks) have put Roxette in the spotlight again.
- We of course noticed a big interest in the band, at least through DHT LTYH in USA and Dancing DJ’s FLAF in England, says PG.
But a reunion of Roxette isn’t planned RIGHT NOW.
- We haven’t got any plans for that, says Per ZGessle.

Meaning that they aren’t planning to release something RIGHT NOW, not that they won’t get together anymore.

I think this is all cool about rox being openned up to the world - even if dht don’t mention roxette, typing in listen to your heart on emule for example brings up roxette above dht !

Alos it is clearly effecting rox in the uk since flaf is more downloaded thanx to the remix.

in regard to the “comment” , I think it was both fair and true - is there news on the other site? No. Do I want to know about rox related stuff? Yes

Room_service spoke on behalf of all of “us” or “we” without permission so it is quite fair to tell him to bog off actually - I am NOT sick of this news as I would like to know how long DHT run with this cover!

If you don’t want it then go there , it’s that simple - it’s not a dig at the competition. It’s not as if he said they were too lazy to post there or that dailyroxette is better or anything.

Some people just want everything that they want and care not about what others want! The DR isn’t just for you!

Stop moaning about nothing! If the mention of a cover and / or remix hurts or annoys you then I suggest you ignore them ! That simple !

I’ve just got someone to mail me out the DHT single... I’ve listened that much I wanted it!

Do we know what it is this week...

I heard this song for the first time yesterday. It is simply terrible. Their vastly inferior singer sings a few lines (badly) from the classic Roxette track, then there is some completely unrelated dance music, then she sings a few more lines (badly). Sounds like a #1 hit to me! This is just more proof that Western pop music died in the early 90s and now is at an all-time low.

By the way, I am a huge Roxette fan and I really wanted to like this song. However, it is simply horrible!


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