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’Syd’ takes action against Expressen

Written by tevensso on August 16, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD - Micke ’Syd’ Andersson reports Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen to the Press Ombudsman. ’Syd’ says to Göteborgsposten that Expressen incorrectly reported that Gyllene Tider had broken up since Per Gessle wasn’t invited to his wedding. Micke feels Expressen used this to fabricate the information. The wedding was a private party.

  As far as Micke is concerned Expressen hasn’t treated him with the respect he himself has for media and he hopes that filing the charges will lead to a discussion about the newspaper’s methods. “After all these years I’m quite hardened in regard to what media does. But I just don’t take any more crap. To intrude upon our private gathering and using my mother and our friends are to cross the line way too far,” Micke says in a statement published on the journalists’ own site

  Per Gessle himself wasn’t too happy about Expressen’s article either. We published his statement earlier. “When Per is confronted with the ’facts’ that he is not welcome at our wedding, of course he replies something cold and just enough sarcastic. How else is he supposed to react? Who wouldn’t think a situation like that is uncomfortable,” Micke comments.

  The Press Ombudsman has this about the complaint process:

When a complaint is filed, PO’s task is to ascertain whether it can be dealt with by a factual correction or a reply from the affected person published in the newspaper concerned. PO may contact the newspaper for this purpose. If the matter cannot be settled in this way, the Press Ombudsman may undertake an inquiry if he suspects that the rules of good journalistic practice have been violated. He will then ask the newspaper’s editor-in-chief to answer to the allegations of the complainant. That person will in his turn be offered the opportunity to comment on the newspaper’s reply. Complaints must as a rule be filed within three months of the original publication.

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First post! Bra Micke!

It seems someone’s in trouble one more time...

Go Micke! :)

Way to go Micke!! :)

I don´t like him.

How unusual that Micke whines.

Oh, sorry, It´s not allowed to write so here, right?

The right thing to do, Micke!

Expressen deserves it...


By the way...did we ever get any information about the end of the lawsuit with Marie and Expressen? I can’t remember right now. The last thing that I remember is, that it got postponed.

Expressen = BILD (in germany?)

@GT_85: Surely you can write that if you wish, but where exactly is Micke whining?

@LadyJordan: Yep, something like that.

Micke rules!!! Way to go!!!

It was a shame that the worst Swedish newspaper used Micke’s wedding to try and start a war between the guys. (Must have been quite a deep “summer hole” this summer...) I keep saying that Expressen isn’t worth to be used to lay out the dustbin with...

... “why does it always rain on me”....

...and again it is Expressen, which writes totally crap! I thought they would have learned their lesson after the huge mistake they made with Marie.

It shows just one thing: No news under sun!
Just to spend the time off.
I hope & wait for real news.

What’s wrong with you?

@harriej Tabloids never learn!

I agree..I hardly think it’s whining..especially since he’s such a calm, fun-loving guy. It must have struck a chord for him to fight’s the family man in him I guess

i wonder what it is about per that noone invites him to their weddings?

@coyboyusa: and I wonder why some don’t seem to get it:

Marie just had her wedding with her family and relatives!! As I understood it right no Roxette-related persons where invited!! What is wrong about that? OKay, Per chose a bigger party for his wedding. Why not? His choice! His private life! Maries choice - her private life. They are just different people!

And the same with Micke. He says that he doesn’t have any private contact with the Gessles so why the hell shall he invite them to his wedding?

Why the hell does everybody try to makes a scandal out of something that is absolutely NOTHING!?
It’s really interesting to read Mickes column! We just have the papers to read and thanx Micke Syd that you let us know about what really happened during the wedding day. Sometimes it must be really annoying to be popular!

And in the end..I must admit...I don’t care at all who they invite or not invite to their private parties!

(jokemoduson)Shit,...I wasn’t invited too...what did I do wrong? ;);) (jokemodusoff)

you’re right i dont get it, these are peopel per has spent a good part of his adult life with, how he manages to not be included in something as importasnt as their weddings eludes me family or not , i’d say per was family

There is another aspect to it, at least in the Micke case. If Per was there, he would inadvertently take over the focus of the party and therefore make the other guests feel bad. This even happened because of Expressen, even though he wasn’t there...

So does mean, Per has never attended a wedding because of the jealousy of others thinking he is taking all the attention away because of his celebrity status? Poor Per :( Per, follow Michael Jackson and get disguise made up :)

I don’t think it’s jealousy.

Though when I look back at this event now, I think, there wouldn’t have been a scandal if Per had been invited. But of course Micke hadn’t known that...

at the end of the day micke wanted a private wedding,maybe he did’nt want to make a big fuss about it.micke & helena wanted the limelight to themselves and quiet rightly so after all it was their big day.expressen comes along puts 1+1 together & comes out with 3 (typical from tabloids),it’s about time somebody took a stance & did something,micke & per go back a long way & i’m sure there was nothing personal about nobody being invited to the wedding

Go Go!


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