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LTYH keeps climbing

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on August 11, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - This week the D.H.T. hit single “Listen To Your Heart” climbs two more spots on Billboard’s Hot 100 to #8, still with a gold tinted bullet. This means it’s spent 12 weeks on the chart with two weeks on top 10, and counting.

  The album stays at #3 on the Electronic Albums chart, the single stays at #3 on the Dance Radio Airplay chart and climbs to #4 on the Top 40 Mainstream chart, also with a bullet.


I Dont understand, what is it on the overall US music singles chart then ?

Hot 100 is the important one, but it seems Billboard uses the results from the other charts to create the Hot 100.

ok ek i think i understand so i know which one to look for now.

Roxette Rules!

Am I the only one who thinks that “DBU2000” or “TBH” should be re-released in america and now with some promotion???

no, youre NOT the only one!!! But we all know how EMI is :(

ok,so why has’nt britain had it released over here,i checked with hmv to no avail,if anyone in the uk knows where i can get it give me a shout

DEff re-release the HITS collection thats if i was someone with an inch of a brain cell LOL

The re-release of The Ballad Hits would be great :)

I think that a re-release of the Greatest Hits album would be very good. Nobody bought that cd anyway in 2000...

Per should have Clarence re-mix and update the sound of the entire Look Sharp album, plan a 20th anniversary 2006 release and see if it sticks. Also, don’t be surprised if Per teams up with a young Swedish songstress to release a CD of new material he’s been recording with her recently under a different name next year. Per has stated that Marie could never be replaced in Roxette, but rumor has it he’ll come up with a new name for the newly formed duo as a one-time side project, a la The Lonely Boys.

Uhm, shammes, you might want to scroll down a bit on the frontpage and read the last 10 articles or so...

hehe Starrox, wanted to reply the same, you were faster :D

Perhaps you two should actually read the article, as I did. Per denies that his new partner is a Marie replacement and he states that this new project they’re working on is his solo album. I’m saying that I’ve heard they are in fact creating a new duo with a new band name for this new CD. Per doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers right now with Marie’s health in the media he’s saying all the right things, but the rumor is that he’s getting ready for life after Roxette.

“Not ever has it been my intention to try to create a ’new Roxette’, and Helena Josefsson is thus NOT IN THE CARDS as my “duo partner”. I still hope, and believe that Roxette will continue sometime in the future and I’m also of that opinion that Marie Fredriksson is IRREPLACEABLE!”

To me this sounds like he’s not planning either a new Roxette (replacing Marie with Helena IN Roxette) or planning a new duo (another band/duo under another name) with Helena...

@shammes where did you get this info from??? Is it Expressen???

On the other hand, there is some truth in shammes’s posts. If Per gives this new project another name than Per Gessle, this might look like the end of Roxette, at least in the press... And it also might be true that Per is saying “right” things in public, but who knows what’s really happening...

Ayway, it’s better to wait.

I have a trusted friend that has had recent dealings with Jimmy Fun Music that told me this...whether it’s true or not, time will only tell.

OH NO NO NO “The Lonely Boys” Per in another band with another name!!!!

The end of ROXETTE!!!!!????? No.

So we don’t have to worry, time will tell.

It’s amazing how all the topics ends either in Roxette future or Marie’s condition. Give them a break. Per said that the studio work would be done by the end of the month, it’s not that long and we can wait a little more.

And D.H.T. is #8 with L.T.Y.H. Great! :)


unfortunately, FLAF has fallen from #22 to #31 in england this week.



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