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“Fading Like a Flower” also charting in Finland

Written by animalkingdom on August 8, 2005 to .

HELSINKI - Dancing DJs’ remake of “Fading Like a Flower” has risen to number #13 on the official Finnish singles chart this week. Meanwhile in the UK the single slips, as anticipated, four spots to #22.


That’s cool, i didnt even know it was released outside of the UK

interesting how there are now two Roxette classics playing at the top of charts.... maybe Marie and Per just have to sit down, relax and admire how their work works for itself :)

oh.. I might even hear it in Helsinki next week ;)

I‘ve never heard that song.
But great!

This song is now geting play on Joy Melbourne. It’s Australias only gay and lesbian radio station! I personally think the mix is BS.

Just downloaded it and a bit disappointed with the remix. DHT remix of LTYH is definately more creative. Nonetheless, still happy that there are rox songs out there..

So it’s gonna be an international release?

Where can I hear that song?

It’s good news.... I hope it makes the Swedish charts!

it will!

I´ve not heard it in Sweden. Yet. and no one i know either.

It´s not really a song that would chart in Sweden, not even Opp. Nox charted better than 15 or something, for one week.

I still wonder how the hell the single charted here in Finland because I went to look for it in Tampere and didn’t manage to find it at Epe’s, Anttila or even Stockmann. Totally strange!

I even heard it in Croatian radio and really was surprised... But great anyway...

This week the single drops out from the Finnish top-20. I believe the single came to Finland as an import from The UK without a proper release. I guess the DJs bought it and now it’s sold out...


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