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LTYH enters the US top 10!

Written by Roxette-atic on August 4, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - It’s a considerable feat – a combination of talent, luck and marketing muscle – for a song to do so well as to break into the Top 10 of the main Billboard magazine chart. But it’s a rare occurance indeed when it happens more than once.

  This week, the Per Gessle/MP Persson song “Listen to Your Heart” does just that! D.H.T.’s cover version enters the US top 10 at #10! After eleven weeks it takes the big step – and it’s still gold tinted – meaning it’s expected to rise further. “It makes me really pleased,” Per comments.

  It stays at #5 on the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream chart, and it also stays at #2 on the Electronic Albums chart. On the Dance Radio Airplay chart the single falls to #3 from last week’s #2, after 25 weeks on the chart.

Roxryder-V2002 and Lars-Erik Olson contributed to this article.


Incredible! :)

Technically, this means that Roxette are now in the top 20 of the UK AND US charts!


Cool! ;-)

Hey tevensso... thanx. :-)


Hope all those who were so nasty/pesimistic about this single are redfaced and eating their shorts right now. Go DHT/Rox, GO!!!


Will it top it, again? I really do hope so!

Not bad...

Hmm... should be roxette listed on that chart, not these talentless DHT people...

Roxette should release a newer version of it . Marie thinks their version sounds a bit “dusty” today and that was back in 95 lol.

I don’t like the recording very much, but they’re certainly not talentless. They’ve chosen the right song to record, marketed it in a clever way and gained themselves a Top 10 US hit.

What’s talentless about that?

It would be nice if it was Roxette’s abbey road version at number 10 (as that is a lot better than DHT’s unplugged version), but nevertheless its nice to see a Roxette song back in the US top 10!
and after just listening to the Spending my time (electric dance mix), i think that would be the ideal candidate for the next remix/cover

What was impossible became possible... Although not by Rox themselves, but we shoud enjoy this success even if some of us (like me) don’t like this version

:D go go go!!

I would say that technically per and mp is on the charts in the us, not roxette....

daniel, perhaps, but you can also argue that it would never have existed or been a hit without Marie as part of Roxette, and there probably wouldnt have been much interest in it in the states, had people not remembered the original.

Re Spending My Time remix. I love that. Forgot all about it!!

I’m pleased that it’s doing well in the States. It’s done better than FLAF over here!

@sascha: My pleasure. ;)

gessles work (-:

Amazing! However, by being there doesn’t really mean they’ll be more popular in other places. Every time I check Billboard there’s a song from 50 Cents and I’ve NEVER heard a song of that band/guy/whatever around here.

The other day at a local disco they played “Call on me” which is a dance remake of “Valerie” by Steve Winwood (1982) I really liked. Very much in the style of “Fading like a flower”.

if i may pose a question.....with this new/updated version of a LTYH making it’s mark on the US and UK charts, will there be a renewed interest in ROXETTE in the US? it’s happened before, music, movies, etc. john travolta was a comeback kid. unfortunately, the biggest misconception here in the states is that ROXETTE faded away or disbanded which is very disheartening for us ROX fans over here. we will see!!!



there is mention of ltyh and flaf in chart beat:

I would never have thought that Roxette would have such international success again! And the article on is simply great!!!!

Thanx for the link, brentnewtown ;)

@ChrisWilliams - I meant musical talent, not business smarts.

As did I :)

Having musical talent means so many things, though. Not just having a ’beautiful voice’, but being able to tune into an audience - To capture peoples’ imagination.

Just like Roxette caught the imagination of the people of America back in 1989, DHT have done so with this (what I deem to be pretty dull) cover version.

“It’s a considerable feat – a combination of talent, luck and marketing muscle” - says it all!

When are we gonna get a comment from MP?!

I wish we could get a comment from MP... I’ll ask him.

how have dht captured and audience they r a dance group with nothing else to their credit...roxette had 2-3 hits out b4 ltyh was huge

So they’re in the Top 10 for no reason, then? Apprently no Americans like them, they have no talent.. bla bla..

All this must just be a typo on!

@Chris: LOL!!!

Quite a feat! This is wonderful news! Great to see some Roxette-related material in the Top Ten again.

you got my comment wrong its quite obvious the community that likes dance music flocked to the song and the few peopel who know and liked roxette, but you can’t heap 10 tons of credo on dht all they did was cover a song that was bound to be huge again simply due to nostalgia

“you can’t heap 10 tons of credo on dht”

Please don’t make assumptions.

I have nothing more to say :)

still climbing! #8 now, still gold tinted!


F*ck all of you D.H.T haters.. there not the first ones to copy a song. If you see no talent in the voice of lead singer in D.H.T’s band then you are chemically imballanced in the BRAIN!! She has a beautiful voice.. atleast she dosen’t sound like a f*cking Jackie Tarr!!! Bunch of goofs!! Up yours all of you D.H.T haters! I’m out.

Shouldn’t you all be happy anyway? D.H.T is bringing Roxette back on the charts so zip it shut! haters!!


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