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LTYH cover moves up another few notches

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on July 28, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - On its 9th week on the Billboard Hot 100, “Listen To Your Heart” by D.H.T. climbs a couple of places to #12 from last week’s #14. On the Dance Radio Airplay chart it falls to #2, while it stays at #5 on the Top 40 Mainstream.

  D.H.T.’s brand new album, also named “Listen To Your Heart”, zooms straight into #2 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart.

  A quick analysis of the chart by The Daily Roxette seems to indicate that the song has enough momentum (taking into consideration the songs in higher positions that are dropping down) to break into the Top 10 next week.


i had a chance to listen to the album in borders what a waste of a cd

why are the so many charts ?

i never understand that ? In UK we have one national chart thats it. Dont other counties ?

Sweden has only one as well, (or two actually - one for compilation albums...). My guess is that most of these charts don’t count, but only the Hot 100.

ye thought that , does the US just 1 singles national chart !

The thing is that the Hot100 is built with the information of all of the others charts so all of them has its importance. But in the end the ones that really matters are Pop100/Airplay and digital downloads. That’s the reason why the songs are making those impressive jumps in the firsts weeks and then fall down.

Another week - another step up!

coyboy you need to learn to change your attitude RIGHT NOW!!!

@ LaMan


Isn’t Coyboy permitted to express his disatisfaction with the album?

Seems a perfectly valid comment to me.

i wasn’t aware that i had an attitude! do I! i was simply styating that for some meicore project associated with roxette simply by a cover song the album is bland and horridly boring i am entitled to my opinion and i am sure i am not alone in it but because of loud mouths liek yourself peopel have stopped expressing their opions for fear of being moderated

i agree with coyboyusa.where is the freedom of speech?every person in this forum ,have different opinion and i think have the right to express the opinion.We must be all friends in this forum no enemies


I think the DHT album has more hits on it. Especially track # 5 “Someone” (an original) and track # 2 the cover of Paul Davis’ “I Go Crazy”

Wow, what a surprise! I mean, given your employer, you can hardly agree with coyboyusa in public, can you? *g*

True,Star but if I didn’t really like the cd I wouldn’t say anything at all :)

you definitely have to speak your many people sound off when a new roxette album comes out and they don’t like it. let alone if a good or bad cover comes out. personally, i don’t think anyone could emulate the original artist e.g. ROXETTE, THE BEATLES, etc. however, in all fairness, a few decent covers have been know to come out.

*gag* ugh, i sound so switzerland(neutral) as i read this back to myself!!




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