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Per and Micke ’Syd’ in dispute? “No,” says Micke

Written by tevensso on July 22, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Yesterday both Swedish tabloids Aftonbladet and Expressen had huge articles about Per not attending Micke Syd’s wedding. Both papers claimed that Per and Micke are in dispute - or even enemies of a higher level. Why writing such articles about Micke’s wedding is beyond The Daily Roxette. The fact that Micke ’Syd’ and Helena got married didn’t get much attention in the Swedish tabloids.

  According to TDR’s sources the rumors aren’t true. Basically what has happened is that since the only Gyllene Tider member Per invited to his wedding ceremony in 1993 was MP Persson, it was sort of natural that the other members don’t invite Per back.

  It may be true that Micke and Per aren’t the best of friends, but they are not fighting. “We are on good speaking terms, sometimes in life relationships just don’t work,” says Micke in an interview with Aftonbladet today. Micke also says that Per saying “I wish Micke and what’s-her-name-again the best of luck” was a normal Per-comment - a joke.

  Micke says to Aftonbladet and Expressen that he doesn’t want to contribute to the mudslinging, but it’s not about Per’s money or fame. At the same time Expressen claims that their article was “spot on” according to Micke.

  In the mid-eighties, there actually was controversy between Per and a Gyllene Tider member. Back then, Per and Anders Herrlin fell out of touch due to Anders breaking up Gyllene Tider. That is also a thing of the past.

  Update: Per has issued TDR a statement with his views on the incident.

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Aaaah, thanx! ;-)

We are on good speaking terms, sometimes in life relationships just don’t work,” says Micke

What are you supposed to think of this?
I always had the idea that the GT boys were very close....

per wasnt invited to marie’s wedding either was he ? ? interesting .

@ rox-kuryliw ... I was gonna say the same thing... nothing say they have to go to each others parties, weddings etc..

Tabloids suck big time...

i was thinking maybe per drinks one to many at weddings and starts singing lol

maybe he is not a great party boy.
or maybe he drinks too much at weddings and costs to much money. lol

or maybe he’s just cries at weddings....

lol see they could be loads of reasons, maybe he doesnt buy em presents

or he throws some pebbles instead of rice while singing ’and throw some pebbles to the groom’ [of course to the melody of “I wanna be with you”]

Now seriously, I don’t think it’s any of our business. Roxette, GT etc. is like a ’company’ (being colleagues) and what they’re doing in private life is, well...private :-)

Maybe Per is angry that Syd married Helena and not him....just look at the pic...


@Kattunge! That was a good one!! *giggle*

Hej I wrote before : don’t thake this Gessle-man too serious..:D It hurts how stupid this newspaper is...ouch...

..and Marie didn’t invite Per to her wedding because (as I know) she only invited relatives and very close friends and they had all nothing to do with Roxette. Marie makes always a big difference between private life and work and that is absolutley okay. I do the same...

I‘m so tired of Gyllene Tider!! There are always so mutch talk about money. Thats so BORING!!Anyway I think it was a little bit nasty of Micke that not invite Per to his wedding even if they not are so good friends.

Actually I thought that Gyllene Tider members were close friends... Well, I have to admit that I was wrong...

so, you don’t have to be friends to work together, think I said that somewhere else ;)

i can understad not inviting per to his wedding coz he might have alot of gate crashes tryin to see per!! and all of this GT money talk is getting lame! if you ask me it was VERY nice of per to reunite Gyllene Tider because look at the money they all made i dont know what they all do for a job in “the real world” but finn 5 fell and that tour WOULD HAVE PAID ALOT OF BILLS for the other 4 members! Easy money! dont get me wrong i think they deserve it, and i love GT more than roxette and i didnt know anders broke them up! Per must not keep a grudge long coz anders playerd bass for roxette for years. and marie not inviting per??? haha well thats strange i thought theyed be alot closer than that?!?! maybe Micheal had been reading romours in swedish newspapers that said per and marie Were making Booty Calls in the studio!!! lol and maybe his absence from micke’s wedding is due to him, chris, and clarence doing alot of studio time down in skayne following up TWATG and Mazarin both in english and swedish? who knows????????

Never liked Micke...

:P you don’t like anybody that’s not Marie! ;)

then you must have a problem getting friends if you only focus in VIP people ;)

@ Judith I think “the band” is not a job. It should be fun to play, to create music, to tour etc. My point is that when you work in an office, for instance, you can’t choose people you are working with. So for me it was natural to think that you are in a band with your friends, unless it’s some wannabes group.

PS What’s the story about Booty calls, have I missed something?

you might choose the people to be in a band (which for me IS a job, musician) when you form it.. but after 25 years when you reunite? surely none of the 5 are the same as 25 years ago...

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