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Gyllene Tider’s Micke ’Syd’ gets married

Written by tevensso on July 21, 2005 to .

HAVERDAL - Finally Micke ’Syd’ Andersson, Gyllene Tider’s avid drummer boy, got his fair Helena! They were supposed to marry on an archipelago cliff fairly close to their summer house in Haverdal (just north of Halmstad), but due to bad weather the ceremony was moved inside to the church where they got married yesterday.

  Micke proposed to Helena, in front of 27,000 people at the final concert of the tour at Örjans vall in Halmstad last summer, where she said yes, obviously.

  Special wedding guests included, among others, Anders Herrlin, Göran Fritzon, MP Persson, Christer Sandelin and the Halmstad-based band Back On Stage, where MP Persson normally mans the drums. However, as Micke didn’t want their guests to work during their wedding party he played the drums himself… He even performed Gyllene Tider’s old song “Min tjej och jag.” Per Gessle did not attend the wedding.

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Wow! Congratulations Micke and Helena ! ! !

Damn there goes another handsome bachelor!

Nah, congratulations sweetest Micke & ur beloved Helena!! May your union be a blessed one!

Hey, Per Gessle didn’t attend!!! Was he invited? I still remember Marie’s wedding: Per was not there either.

That’s strange...

Congratulations. I hope they’re happy together ;-)

@Staffany: Expressen writes that Per wasn’t invited because of an argument between Per and GT about money. Expressen even said that Per hasn’t got contact with any of the bandmembers....
> this last part is strange because Per and MP are probably working together as they usually do

how cute :) congrats to them both :D

I met him the day before and he was so nervous ;) I’m glad that everything went okay and big congratulations! I know that Per and MP are still working together so don’t belive the papers :P

Nice picture, CONGRATULATIONS from the UK! :)

Hi you all!

The Expressen story is really weird, they say they supposedly talked to Per at Tylösands, and during the conversation he couldn´t remember the name of Mickes wife nor if they had just celebrated 20 or 25 years of GT. And he didn´t seem to bother about anything at all. It doesn´t fit to Per, as he normally would say (as he did on other occasions) that he would make no comment.
On the other hand, “being in Copenhagen” isn´t really a good excuse for not attending the wedding of a good friend...

Micke has always been jealus of Per.
It seems like he wants al the attention himself, and he can´t stand that Per get´s it.

Sad, but true.

Anyway, congratulations.

Grattis Micke & Helena! :)

Hmm, maybe Per can’t stand wedding ceremonies. Or he was at the funeral of another friend. ;-) What else do the articles say? They’re much longer than the TDR summary...

Our article isn’t a summary at all, but totally original. Both Aftonbladet and Expressen talk about why Per didn’t attend. They hardly mention the fact that Micke and Helena got married.

Congratulations, Micke & Helena!!!

And it’s a shame that all the papers pay attention to Per... Is that so important??? I guess, no one missed Per at the weddings... However, it’s strange that Per didn’t attend...

I have the feeling that Expressen got it the right way, not Aftonbladet. The comments that “Per” has made on Micke’s wedding seem quite probable. And Dimman simply tried to cover PG. Copehagen is near and still far - one can be in Copenhagen and still home, at Tylo. lol

It’s funny.

Auryte; Well, I don´t think that the ordinary swedish person cares if Micke is married or not.

And now it realy seems that GT has been split up for real. That´s big news. But not surprising.

Sorry tevensso. I don’t wanna turn your journalistic work down! See, I can’t read the swedish articles and wonder what else they have to tell. On ’The Daily ROXETTE’ it’s expected that Per news get more attention than Micke news. Obviously it’s Micke’s big day, not Per’s. Maybe you could write a second article: “Rumours about Per’s relationship to other GT members!?” ;-)

No offense taken. :) I’ll let some fan translate the poor, unconfirmed rumors about Per and Micke. I don’t like the kind of mudslinging they (Ab & Exp) do.

congratulations to you both micke & helena,you both look perfect together.may you both have a long and happy marraige.

love & best wishes

mark xxx

first of all, congratulations! :D


I think all these speculations about Syd & Per’s relationship are non-sense and unnecessary, specially when we have no information at all (I don’t think the information from Expressen - remember Marie’s case - or Aftonbladet can be taken serious), we are nobody to judge them. So whether they are friends or not, who cares. Their business.

Besides that, nobody says that you have to be best friends with the people you work with. In any office you will like some people more than others, you will confide in some people more than others. You might even become good friends with a couple, but that doesn’t happen in all cases. Why should it be different in a band or music business.

And then, people change. Two people can be good friends when they are teenagers but this relationship can stop existing or get more distant through the years. Some friends stay, some go. I wonder the same, why should it be different when it comes to Per, a band, music business.

And: the site is not about Roxette only but also related, wonder how many times we have to explain that ;) In addition, when we use information from other sources, we specify it under the headline, in this case picture has been taken from Expressen, not more ;)

Congratulations Micke and Helena!! All the best to you!!!

(The proposal rocked. *g*)


Well, I can understand why Per wasn´t there.
Look at
He´s a wedding crasher;);););)

I seem to remember reading somewhere... some time... that Per does not have that much contact with either of the GT members when they are not actually working together. Well, exept for MP then, but then again... they are working together from time to time. I think the same goes with Marie actually. And I do not find that preticuilarly (how do you spell that?) strange at all.

Tabloids suck......

stupid tabloids again... *puke* I don’t believe anything they write anymore >:-( It’s summer and they don’t have much to write about so they make something up...

Micke and Helena: Congratulations!
Hopefully you had a great day.

First of all: Congratulation Micke and Helena!!! All the best to you!!!!!!!!

and second...must be extremely annoying for the married couple to read about Per instead about their marriage...tss..

if Expressen really spoke to Per than they didn’t realise that he fooled them!!!! Why do they take Per sooo damned serious all the time..Don’t you get it?? ROFL...Expressen stays the way..1996 was it over for GT for the same reasons..let’s wait another ten years then...

i would also like to read sth more about Per & Micke case. Hope someone will translate it! :)

@Robrox Good point!!!

@GT_85 I understand that ordinary Swedes don’t care about Micke’s weddings. The same goes for tabloids!!! Micke’s weddings was the reason to write some crap.

Grattis till er önskar er all lycka!

They were so sweet together :-)

They just look so happy in this picture! :)


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