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D.H.T. remains at #1 and #19

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on July 14, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - In the last seven weeks D.H.T.’s “Listen To Your Heart” only climbed. But in its 8th week on the chart the song stays put on #19. Although it’s not moving, the golden bullet represents more airplay than last week. So it still may move upward.

  On the Dance Radio Airplay the song remains at #1 for the third week in a row. It has been on the DRA chart for 22 weeks.


New Thread??


Why not??

i suppose it news while per on his hols , he can afford a longer holiday now the song is still doing well lol

Why not?

We HAVE already one!!!

btw: D.H.T is nothing special...

There’s at least five articles about this single. Don’t read them if you don’t like them. Maybe we can write something about a German coverband.

I hate coverbands!!!

I was hoping for this single to be in the top 10 by this week...

It’s the more related Rox nowadays but Per on Metro concert.

So why no? Better than nothing.

Guess so...

so let me get this straight, u delete threads of multiplicity on the same topic, but you bog down the new with 3 threads on the same topic about a coversong that has stalled on the mainstream charts? you never did that with any of roxette singles so why on earth do it with a coversong. no wonder i only visit this page once a week

Hope the song reach the top 10!

Is this the first time DHT release a song in the US?

why so fuzz about this? We always had articles about charts, you can easily skip to read the article, just like in another newspaper - it’s not that complicated ;)

And don’t mix this up with multiple threads, they are totally different things..

If Gessle and MP Persson had collaborated to write a song recorded by some previously unknown “pop idol” ... and that song had climbed into the Top 40 on the most important chart (Billboard Hot 100) in the U.S. right now... that would be big news for us here at The Daily Roxette. We’d cover that story, as the song climbed the charts.
That in this case, it’s a cover of “Listen to Your Heart”, a previous #1 hit for Roxette on this same chart... makes it even more newsworthy, not less.
Those who seem blinded by the “I hate covers” mantra, fail to see that this would have been a big story... even if it had happened back when Roxette was still releasing new material on a regular basis.

this is the year of dht...

I totally agree with LEO. This are important Roxette-related news!

Let’s pray the song finally reach the #1 spot soon. I light a candle and do my pryers every day for it. That way, we won’t see more about DHT.

I know I have said this before. But now I have added a candle. Pryers didn’t work on their own...

LOL (it’s a joke)

It won’t be over then ;) We’ll also report all the way down from Nr 1 ;)

The record goes 12- 9* on the Billboard Pop 100, so in fact it is now a Top 10 pop hit in the US

Did I mention that THIS is the right time for a re-release of the original version of “Listen To Your Heart”, followed by a strongly promoted US-release of “The Ballad Hits”?

Does anyone know how many copies have been sold?

There is a U.S. maxi-single release. I can’t find it anywhere, however – and I’m not sure it even includes the piano (slow) version (aka Edmee’s Unplugged Vocal Edit) that’s grabbing all the airplay. So airplay and digital downloads are what’s bringing the song up. The album, also entitled “Listen To Your Heart” (good idea to name it this since it will grab buyers) comes out Tuesday in the US.

D.H.T.’s full length album came out today in the US only. It has both the dance radio edit and the unplugged version. I have to say, the album is pretty good.

When I first herd this song played on the radio I rememebr thinking thats not Marie and Per. I must say I really didn’t like the way it was being sung, and still to this day change the station when I hear it. I’ve even called my local station and asked them to play the orignal verison by Roxette. I’ve only gotton one station to play it. The other said sorry we don’t have that version. I will always love the way Marie puts her feeling into the music they sing. I don’t feel DHT does. It was rumored over here in the states that they did not have permission from the song writer is this true?


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