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“Listen To Your Heart” goes Top 20

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on July 7, 2005 to .

NEW YORK - On its seventh week on the U.S. Billboard “Hot 100” singles chart, D.H.T.’s “Listen To Your Heart” makes a leap of eleven spots to #19. This puts the song into the Top 20… and the song is still gold tinted and thus, expected to rise further.

  It stays at #1 on the Dance Radio Airplay chart.


NO way ! well thats a shocker its crap ! but good song , just a crap version, roxette should re-release there song in compition ;-)

Is it heading for No1!?

Here’s hoping it’ll bring Roxette’s name back in the US arena.

One thing we’re sure! That’s not like: oh dude listen it’s D.H.T. on the radio! I’m a big fan of them!!! or We’re going to see D.H.T. on concert tonight! They’re a great live band!

In my opinion it’s because the song is that good that even 50 Cent imitating Marie’s singing would be a great success too. If the time were right i’m sure Per would have done something to take advantage of this event.


I wish the crappy cover finally get the #1 spot... That way we wouldn’t see this “news” anymore. That would be nice!

You must be our happiest reader... Thanx for your enormous support...

A good cover, getting the airplay and recognition it rightly deserves.

I hope it reaches the top.


I’m ALWAYS right! WELL DONE D.H.T.!!! You rock!!!

Cant wait to go clubbing this w/e!


Well, since there are not so many readers left, maybe staffany is on the top ten list of the happiest readers. But that doesn´t say anything.

Anyway, it´s nice to see that song so high up on the charts. BUT! How many americans knows that it is a Roxette-song?
When a 80´s cover hit the charts in Sweden almost no one knows anything about the original. So, why would the americans be better?

And a day like this, the day after Gessle´s “comeback” has been confirmed, maybe the readers want´s some info about that. But you´re maybe working on that... I think this one covers it?

I really like the cover

It’s just fantastic!!! Go, D.H.T., go!!!

go go go!

Now I’m sure it’s gonna make into the top 10.


thought I’d never say this but: COME ON DHT!!!!!

Good for ROXETTE!!!!


ok.. it would be cool that the same song reached nr 1 twice in 2 eras :P

(not sure it ever happened, not with Rox at least..)

I did not like the cover, but i do like the “slow” version of DHT.
Its nice to see a RoxSong in US charts again, maybe if Roxette back, the company decides to release the new material there ;)

doesnt D.H.T sound like a sexual health problem lol

I dont like this cover that much either ( and I sure AM a dance music fan...). But this version just doesent do it for me. However, im glad to see an old roxette song in the US top20 again. Roxette/Per/EMI Capitol should really try to do something now in the US..this must be the very last chance to get some american attention..


NOW is the time for a US record deal, a re-release of the original version of “Listen To Your Heart”, followed by the release of “The Ballad Hits” ...

none of the young people know its a Roxette song anyways

But they will... it is like A Teens, nowadays every child knows Abba ;)

I really like that he mentioned Roxette! Great!

Billboard: entries with gold backgounds are albums with the greatest sales gains this week.

This doesn’t mean that the song will rise, but of course more sales=better position on the list.

Actually the gold tinted background is called “bullet” and means that the song had more airplay or sales than the week before but always the same song. It’s correct it doesn’t mean that next week will climb again but seeing the last week performance it’s very likely that it will.

Perhaps people who know the original will now seek it out – or those who only know it’s a cover will be inspired to hear the original. Maybe Capitol Records USA will now ship a few extra copies of ’The Ballad Hits’ out to stores again.

I think that “Listen to your heart” is the best song that have never been made. It´s my favourite song because its beautiful music and message.GO, GO, GO ROXETTE!You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to put my two cents into the whole debate over the D.H.T. version.
I work in a record store and about half the people who come in asking for this song ask about it as “the cover of the old Roxette song.”
And when you think about how many dance/club songs are created and released, (and the fact that no “dance” song has been in the US top 10 pretty much since DJ Sammy “Heaven” three years ago), there must be a reason why this song is so popular. And since nothing about its production is any special, I think the reason it is this popular is because many people remember the original version.... which I would think is the ultimate tribute.
Also, since there is the dance version and the “unplugged” slower version, plays of both versions count toward this chart position.

hardtoreveal thanks for your post. Nice to see new fans are registering all the time. I hope this cover makes Dance music big in the States again. cheers.


When i heard about roxette ,lisen to your heart, for the fist time, i become happy and more things, but it was 7 years ago, now is it back lisen to your heart and i whunder ,,- this song will never die!!

well x dht


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