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“Listen To Your Heart” hits #1 on Dance Radio Airplay chart

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on June 30, 2005 to .

NEW YORK (UPDATED) - On Billboard’s Dance Radio Airplay chart, the cover version of “Listen To Your Heart” by D.H.T. reached the #1 position this week, leaving behind acts like Gwen Stefani with “Hollaback Girl” and Kelly Osbourne with her latest single, “One Word.”

  Meanwhile, the song rises another six places up to #30 on its sixth week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The single is still highlighted with a gold tint, meaning that it is still expected to climb more.

  “I think their version is totally OK,” Per says to The Daily Roxette when asked what he thinks of D.H.T.’s covers. “There’s an ’unplugged’ version that is ummm, sort of good. It feels like they like the original because they are very true to our version, except for the techno part of course! But it’s sort of the same vocals… nice and open,” Per tells TDR. “So, go D.H.T.!, Per cheers. “Let’s hope it goes to #1 on the ’big chart’ as well!”

  Robbins Entertainment, the duo’s US record label, continues to invest money in promotion. An industry publicist was hired last Friday and a new music video was shot in a studio here in New York on Tuesday.

Additional reporting by Thomas Evensson, William Navarro and Lars-Erik Olson.


surely there should be a (re)-release of the ballad hits in the US cos of this???? this is good...

You’d think they’d do something!?

Now this is EMI we’re talking about. IF they ever got their thumbs out, it would be too late anyways. Too bad, as this would be a fair chance to get some attention.

here here - it’s probably schedule for an EMI meeting January 2008.

EMI/Capitol: Re-release DBU or TBH in the US NOW!!

I never thought this cover would reach the top 30!

Did anyone knows that´s the owner ROXETTE is?

Oh, amazing news :) On the other hand, it’s a bit sad that EMI takes no action...

wow im suprised its doing that well ? doesnt make sence to me but alot of american-isms dont lol

WOW!!!!! :D


I finally heard it on Kiss FM Chicago, and the DJ said it was a song originally made by Roxette from the late 80s. At least their started mentioning their name again!!!! I would never thought this performance could reach Top 40 either...not because of the song, but the girl singing, poor, poor......Oh Marie! :)

Its also #1 on the Billboard Dance Radio Airplay!!!

guys lets be realistic....

why are emi going to push something their artists isn’t able to come out and promote? Aren’t you guys always complaining about emi capitalizing on things...and now you want them to?

Besides what if dragging per and marie out to promot a 2-3 yr old compilation delays the release of a new album, or even worse exaserbates maries health in some way? I think we all just need to do our part as fans and make sure that all the 12 yr old ignrants out there know that roxette recorded and wrote the song not dht

I still can’t watch the billboard charts on their page.
Can you?

@Roxette-atic: Thanks, I added that to the article.

@coyboyusa I some kind of agree with you. But I doubt that Roxette has plans to release a new album this year... Still it would be nice if EMI released something in the US!

Does anyone know how many copies it has sold?

per wants ut higher in chart so he gets the money and a holiday lol, i dont think he likes there version at all me thinks.

@roxeteer: you are welcome!!

And as you can see, Lars-Erik made it the main point of the article :-)

it woudl be nice is they did relese somethign but u have to wonder who exasctly has abandoned the idea of a usa release emi or per, i mean look at the interview he’s chamioning a cover of a hit of theirs from 10 yrs ago , and not really making any effort to say hey look even after 10 yrs our music matters, so i do wonder alot who has abandoned usa fans emi or per

Hey! I think this is SUPER! Hope to hear the song around here in Argentina sometime ... I wonder, which is the single song that’s being aired? I’m sure it’s not the unplugged version.

i think the song being aired is:

but correct me if i’m wrong.

Bunio: Thanks for the link, but I think it’s LTYH we’re talking about! :D

Nice website, by the way!

I believe the unplugged version Per mentioned is the one very true to the original..pianos etc (no dance beats)
Fred Bronson of Billboard responded to my comments in this weeks chartbeat chat

Note: I have since corrected myself for calling the FLAF remix a cover

@PiR_GeSSLe - sorry my mistake :) now it should be OK :)

Can you guys view the billboard homepage? I still can’t, but it seems no one of you has this problem.
Please tell me!

Anywhere we can hear this track! ???

@ally77 - read all comments :) especially mine :P

@Bunio - oh my, hittin’ like a hammer ;) I’m not keen on this kinds of records, but I must say that’s good for discos :)

@Superbullie I have no problems viewing Billboard site.

@ Bunio Thanx I missed that! lol

Nooooooooo I don’t like it!

I don’t like it either!

hej all!! i’ve just registered, very happy to be in your family!! this cover is bollocks, it’s crazy to hear it on the radio, almost annoying. and what’s more frustrating is here in the us, the music scene has all but written roxette off as an 80’s band. which is even bigger bollocks!!!! that’s ok, when my fledgling band CHARLIE hits it big i’ll acknowlegde proper respect and recognition to the musical genuis of per and marie

in roxette we trust


gessle for president =)

I heard it on the radio in the U.S. three times :)

The new charts must be out. Please tell us about it!

I still can’t watch the billboard page

Not out yet.

I thought this was getting released in the UK


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