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Gyllene Tider DVD delayed until next year

Written by tevensso on July 15, 2005 to .

The highly anticipated Gyllene Tider documentary DVD made during the summer tour 2004 will once again be delayed, for reasons unknown. It was originally scheduled for release spring 2005, but the release was postponed. Per Gessle confirms in a message to The Daily Roxette that the DVD will be released next summer, at the earliest.

  The 45-minute-long documentary, titled “Gyllene Tider lite från insidan” (“Gyllene Tider, a little from the inside”), was shown twice on Swedish TV4 in January and February. The version on the DVD is supposedly longer and the DVD is promised to be full with lots of extras, like “all Gyllene Tider performances on SVT, ever,” plus the “Teaser Japanese” video.

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No surprise... I’d first like to see what’s on there before spending some €25 on a DVD anyway.

LOL! When it comes out I´m sure it will be the flop of the year. Who will buy a DVD 2 years after the tour? Only some hardcore fans.

Now I am for once waiting for a DVD (which I’d also buy what I normally don’t do) - and I can’t even get rid of my money... :(

I will have to wait...

juat wait for!nothing else we can do,just always.

Ummm perhaps the release of this DVD next summer is instead of the Roxette album everyone is hoping for....

Thank you for your answers!!!!

Is it possible to download it from somewhere (the documentary shown on TV)??? Can someone upload it?

It will be released when a new GT album comes out next summer.

@ Galning - check this link:

download 4 parts, unzip, enjoy :)

@bunio: cool videos!

we will keep on waiting...

How funny is the Teaser Jap video! Haven’t seen it for years. Very bad!

@ally: I thought the same... :(


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