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Aftonbladet: “Gessle gets 20 million kronor”

Written by Helene2000 on May 30, 2005 to .

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports today about Gyllene Tider’s “secret deal;” the income resulting from last year’s tour, summarizing that Per Gessle earned 20 million Swedish kronor (€2.2 million), while the rest of the band got a mere two million kronor (€220,000) each. Göran Fritzon, keyboardist in Gyllene Tider, says to Aftonbladet “It was a good summer. I don’t like discussing money.”

  The numbers in the article are to be taken with a huge grain of salt, according to TDR’s sources.

Leendv contributed to this article.

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Per should get x10 more. He’s the man! :D Without him the other members would be getting 0 kronor.

I dont trust Aftonbladet!

So out of the 160 million the tickets alone generated, GT only gets 28 million? I DON’T THINK SO!

If it is true, then it seems very greedy of Per. Surely each of the band members should be paid equally?

I don’t know how many times we are going to go over this discussion. Ofcourse Per shall have more than the rest. He is the songwriter and the superstar in the band. I could think that MP should have a little bit more than the other 3, but obviously they have agreed with this. And even if they did argue about it and even if they do think it is not fare, then it is THEIR business. Not ours. And as the article in Aftonbladet says... the other 4 usually gets a kind of normal amount of money every year, so the 2 million extra for them really isn’t that bad.

why equally? Per is the author of most of the material performed, so he should get a bit more, but not so much more really, I think the other guys deserve more than 10 per sent of Per‘s part

but is it Per who decides how much he will get and how much Micke or Anders?

That’s their thing, and ofcourse Per deserves the money. And obviously the others don’t complain either. I mean the others can go on an on tour with their own songs and has Micke Syd as the singer. I mean yea, that would be kind of cool but I don’t think they’ll get like 492 000 people to watch them. Maybe 49 200. GO PG!

As much as they like the money, I think they get a bigger buzz out of performing in front of all those people something the money can’t provide...

Naturally, Per deserves more many cos he is the main star and he has written most of the songs. The question is how much more. I don’t trust these numbers. 20 million for Per and 8 million for the others. Aftonbladet could come up with something better:) On the other hand, even if it is true, then they all agreed on that!

Well most other bands split touring earnings equally. Royalties from record sales is one thing, but each member puts the same effort into a live show. I think it says a lot about Per as a person that he is taking the lions share of the money

But of course it is Aftonbladet, so we don’t know how much is really TRUTH!

Why make a fuss about it?
I think they earned every single coin of it, since they have enjoyed us.

They are mature people and I am sure they have made an agreement on it.

Funny: Everywhere the number of 492.XXX visitors was published after the summer tour, but Aftonbladet did their own counting and got to 499.632 visitors!

Regarding the money, we will never know how they devided the money, and it is none of our business.

I am quite sure that 499.000 is the right number. At least according to all the swedish newspapers tha last day of the tour and the day after.

Guys, who writes the songs??? Isn’t it mostly the songwriter, why a band is a success? So of course he should get the most money!

whats aftonbladet?is it sweden’s answer to the daily sport we have here in the uk?

i dont care if per is greedy he should get watever he wants i love him even if he was a total asshole i would probably love him more

For live shows, the band (should) split the money earned from the live shows equally. If I were in GT and there wasn’t a five-way split, I wouldn’t be touring.

As for Per being the songwriter. This is reflected in the songwriting royalties - which are recieved from record sales, radio plays and live performance.

If Per and MP are producing as well, they might get a producer cut.

What this means is either that Aftonblaaaaat are wrong, or the members of GT are stupid. Guess which :)


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