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Written by Roxryder-V2002 on June 16, 2005 to .

(UPDATED) - After a long, long time a Roxette song enters the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. “Listen to Your Heart” by D.H.T. lands on #87.

  The original - Roxette’s second US #1 - charted at #1 in 1989, and was the first Roxette single only available on cassette in the US.

  Update Jun 3: The single climbs to #71 this week.

  Update Jun 10: The single takes another jump upwards, six steps this time, to #65.

Yet another update; Jun 16: It keeps climbing, another ten steps up to #55! Will it break top 50?



Hope it will reach the Top50, so I can see it in the charts, too.

it is the beginning of something good!


Listen to Your Heart by DHT is at #5 at Z100’s playlist, which is New York City’s and state’s biggest radio station. The song is the 5th most played song on the station.

Here’s Z100’s DHT biography:

With the 2005 single ”Listen to Your Heart,” D.H.T. became the latest European dance act to find its American footing via Robbins Entertainment. The New York label had previously helmed singles from DJ Sammy (”Heaven”) and Lasgo (”Something”) to success, and the Belgium-based D.H.T. (singer Edmee Daenen and DJ Da Rick; various producers) featured a similarly propulsive blend of accessible NRG/Euro-dance rhythms, plaintive female vocals, and progressive house texture. It was D.H.T.’s glossy Roxette remake that really caused a stir, like Sammy’s cover of Bryan Adams before it.

Take care.
Carlos E., New York.

uhmm the look was available on cassette and it was the first single off ls in the usa

Yahoo!!! Great news!!! And in D.H.T.’s biography Roxette are mentioned:):):) Hopefully the cover climbs higher!

“Only on cassette”...

It was also the 1st single in the US not released on 7” to reach #1. The cover version was the second most added song to US radio this week..17 stations. Ironic in a country that turned it’s back on Roxette 10+ years ago. On the other hand it goes to show Per’s songs can stand the test of time. Now not only are they playing the dance mix of it, but a lot of NYC radio stations are now playing the regular version which is near identical to the original..apart from Marie’s voice. Noone sings with such emotion as Marie..and certainly not DHT

Chartbeat writer for Billboard, Fred Bronson wrote about DHT’s version in his online column this week. Not surprising as he has mentioned on many occasions of being a Roxette fan and Swedish music fan in general. He also mentions some depressing chart facts about Roxette

i think we can all agree that if emi usa had stayed afloat simc would have been a top 20 single for roxette, when released the song had huge radio momentum all across the usa, its cool that alot of stations are picking up the original version of flaf, but it also proves that pers love of american top 40 radio sounds is what keeps flaf alive, he need to do us a big favor and write one more area tour based album with huge choruses and guitars so they can hit the states on more time, i really don’t roxette to go out with a whimper :(

That’s good, but I do wish it was Roxette. Well this is the next best thing.

Great news ;)


But haven’t covers influenced radio stations to play Roxette’s Listen To Your Heart?

@striker170:Thank you for the link, now I it translated to spanish in

it´s about time American´s hear good Dance music.

rolls eyes...good dance music?

ha anyway no cover has inspired them to play ltyh, that song has yet to leave american play lists, plj 95.5 plays it all the time and lately they’ve bene playing joyride and the look again, i dunno it gives me an odd feeling :) we need a good pop resurgance

@coyboyusa: I actually heard this week on PLJ those 3 songs you mentioned.

It’s so nice to hear Roxette on the radio. Awesome.

Take care.
Carlos E., New York.

Ermm would like to hear this...

@ally77 here you can hear the snippets:

Great news!!!

I love DHT.

I must say, this news surprises me, because it is a song written by Roxette and it is dance music. This combined being a hit in the States? Wow!!

Hey, now I’m sure it will enter the Top 50!

imagine how successful a release of crush on you or center of the heart or stars would have been ?

- Get a US record deal
- Re-Release “Listen To Your Heart”
- Release “The Ballad Hits”
- Get loads of $$$

Unbelieveable what gets on the chart these days... this remix sux!

Did you know that it has risen in the “pop 100”-charts from #38 to #33 this coming Saturday?
see here:

And in the pop100-airplay-charts, it has moved from #30 to #26!

just great, isn’t it?

Does anybody know the position in this week’s top100-charts?

I love the song and I soooo love the cover!

how can someone say this remix suxx??

because the remix sucks :)

Is it that bad? I listened it long time ago and i dont keep good remembers... Where can i get the version that now is charting billboard?

Tastes differ :)

it has taken another step in the pop100-charts: from 33 to 27. (see here:
but apparently it hasn’t entered the “top 50” yet.

Listen to your heart jumps from 55 to 36 in the Billboard Hot 100 Single Charts! Isn’t it great?
Let’s see how high it can climb...

I would have been the last one to believe, this song will actually break the Top50! I am glad that I have been proven wrong! A friend of mine downloaded two versions of this song for me and also Fading Like a Flower of Eric Prydz and burned them on CD for me and I must say, this is not worse than other dance music that is out there. You can not say, these remixes suck, if you don’t like dance music, say, I think dance music sucks..

This would be a perfect time for Roxette to release the Ballad Hits in the US.

Oh, another thing that has crossed my mind..

For an artist to prove, if they have got real staying power or not, takes at least a decade. If young new artists cover your songs in years to come and reach the charts and even have big hits with it - you have proven to have real staying power. Roxette has finally achieved this. 17 years after this song was released first, it is a new hit again. Wow!

#36 in the US is VERY good. I wonder if it will climb next week. But I dont think it will be a #1..


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