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New Marie Fredriksson single out in May

Written by Jud on April 28, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - According to Capitol Sweden, the third single from Marie Fredriksson’s “The Change” will be “A Table in the Sun”, which will hit the stores on May 18.

  Previously released singles from “The Change” are “2nd Chance” (October 6, 2004) and “All About You” (December 1, 2004).

Update April 29: The B-side will be the orchestral version of “The Change”.


Yippee.... can pick that up whilst I am over there! :)

Perhaps this single is gonna be a bigger succes than “All About You”, since this one sounds more like people are used to from Marie. Good choice.

When did they decide about releasing a third single? I really would like to know that.. :O

One of my fave songs in the album :)

IF they decide to actually put this single in the stores it may outsell the 50 copies the last single sold.

That’s really great news and can’t wait to get the single, although again this won’t be that easy being here in Austria

Oh, I thought the project was already over! Is this the actual cover or something selfmade? The usage of a photo irritates me, I thought Marie wanted to keep the whole thing photo-free. Good news, though I would have prefered Mother or Bad Moon for single.

@ tev

Omg, now you’re all about sales figures, sales figures, sales figures! You’re not gonna get it anyway, why bother with your “witty” remarks?

Yes!!!!!! A really amazing new!!!! :D
Is great!! My favourite song!!!!!

Congratulations Marie!!!!!! :D

I’m bashing EMI here, not Marie.

God I’m SOOO excited actually... me likes the cover (is that the confirmed cover BTW?) ... wonder what’ll b the b-side... hope something MAGICAL!!!

Hmm, that was pretty unexpected....guess it’s just EMI trying to make some money after the flop of the last single....(perhaps they should make it available in actual stores this time )

My fave songs in the album!!!!!
I Love you Marie !!!!

WOW. That’s GREAT!!!
I ’m just very suprised...!

Marie, I love you!

Go Marie Go! :D

well, I’m just tired of all these solo single! Need some new Rox material!
After about 6 months from the last single I thought “The Change” project was over...and I dislike the cover, I think drawings by Marie are the best for all this collection of cd!
Anyway I love the song but I think is not the best choise for a good sale!

Yay! :)

Great choice! What a nice song! The little sweet voice is back!

Great way of starting the day. Today in a couple of minutes i have a job interview and this fills me in hope! A sign? ;)

So happy!

Hello Folks! Does anybody knows if the CD will be release in South America? TNX!!!!


bsides: we would write them if we knew them


so she did outsell “I Want You To Know” with the last one

Thank you for the news! I like very much this song.

Hmm...great..I just came in from my “chair in the sun”...and than I had to read this..very nice..
And I prefer photo covers so I hope this one is the real one..
about sales..well not everybody uses managers who buys the own singles....*evilgrin*

Good and unexpecting news :D
Honestly I don’t care about sales. Only wonder what could be the b-side...

A 3rd single sounds simply great!!!

Nice for Marie to get out another single, but EMI must be idiots releasing something that noone (meaning non fans now) will ever buy or play. Well, maybe it will be rare on day so one can make some money on it! ;)))

this just solidifes my thought that emi forced marie to put this album out and it wasn’t ready, she obviously isnt ready this is just disappointing

My favourite song on the album. I cried when i first heard this song, and i’m really happy its getting released. I just hope it gets more exposure than All about you

Wow, I’m surprised about that. Tev is right, the last single was not really in stores. I searched most of Stockholm for it and the only place I found it was the big Åhlens. It’s not going to be a hit with no airplay and such a limited release so I wonder why they are releasing it? Anyway, great for us!


It’s a fantastic song! And I like the pix :-D

Definitely the most moving song on the album! :) Something to look forward to now that spring is finally here :) Winks and hugs to my babes lonely_girl and Criz :))))

Yeah, it’s great to hear!
It’s a very nice track, although I wouldn’t pick that as a single. It’s more a Marie-thing... :)

Great choice for single beautifully sang , thats what makes her great her voice with emotion to it , wonder what b-side is ? :-DDD

ps , anywhere i can pre order the cd single ? :-S

good, hope it’s a success. on_a_mission

Great to know marie’s work is still going on... although I wonder how is she right now... still under treatment? Getting back her look?... Who knows... Still, the best song of the album.

@HBrox - she bought a house in spain recently so probably she doesn’t need regular treatment. This may be a good sign :)

Maybe she had to learn some Spanish and therefore she’ll be able to sing “Un día sin tí” much better, hahaha. Do you imagine a Marie Fredriksson concert for Spaniards?, i know I’m talking nonsense, but the idea of learning Spanish I think that must be a fact.

Great! This is probably my favorite song on the album...not sure it would do anything as a single but honestly who cares!

I hope Marie is well and living it up in Spain ;)

IT¨S so Greattttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*looks blank* ... oh now I remember - THAT album!

Strange move to release it at this late date.

I love the cover.Marie looks so happy.

Uh finally some an exciting new here...
Great to know there will be another single off “The Change”. I think “Many times” would be a better single choice, but it´s clear “A table in the sun” is a beautiful and very special song, so it deserves to this spotlight. Don´t really care about how many copies it will gonna sell... - I face it as a present to the fans. I hope the b-side is an unrealeased song... maybe “All I ever wanted” (cos Marie appears on the studio recording it in the “En andra chans” documentary....). That would be great!

PS: Nice cover! :)

Oh, this came as a surprise:) I also thought that The Change project was over. And now another single:) Actually A Table In The Sun is one of my favourites from The Change. But I prefer Mother to be released as a single. But maybe Marie wanted to release the song written by herself.

“The b-side will be the orchestra version of “The Change”. “


Hmmm, the b-side is not very ’motivating’ to buy the single. I don’t understand why they don’t have a b-side that’s not on the album, that would make it more interesting to buy the single...something is always great.

But it’s nice that there’s a single :-)

Wow, that’s disappointing in every way!

Well, what can I say? I bought “2nd Chance” when it came out. Why? Well, it was the new and lead single... and I thought “All You’ve Gotta Do Is Feel” would be a B-side (finally, it was included on the album). No B-side at all, a nice adddition to the collection, at least.

Then, “All About You” was released. I searched here and everywhere, trying to get it. I’m from Argentina, and as you can imagine, those Swedish releases are hard to find and expensive for me. But it worths, because it contains an alternative version of “April Snow” (sort of B-side) and a nice sleeve. I thought it was over... I talked with another fans about the eventual release of a third single... I thought we were just a bunch of dreamers.

And now we have this, but it’s a bit disappointing. The song is nice, but not enough strong for a single release. “Mother” or “Bad Moon” would be a wiser choice (all the singles were ballads). The sleeve has nothing to do with the former singles (or the album itself). I bet this people don’t know the word “concept”. Another MF drawing would be a perfect epilogue for a homogeneous project. If you see carefully, all the singles feature a different typography... “I en tid som vår” project was more “conceptual”: singles and album sleeves fit perfectly. This about the sleeve.

About the “so-called” B-side, what could I say? It doesn’t add anything. It an album track. Nothing new at all, that’s common on Marie. “I en tid som vår” singles featured a non-album B-side (“Tid for försoning”), a remix (“Drömmen” Z-Mix), and the third single, just another album track.

Conclusion: a nice addition to any collection (Marie’s singles are released in limited quantities and they become out-of-print quickly). Get your copy now, because it will be hard to find soon. But musically, it doesn’t add anything. Apparently, the label needs some extra money. I will get it, eventually. But I’m not very motivated, as I was when “All About You” saw the light of day.

Wonderful news that we are getting a 3rd single. I wonder why so late? Just seems so odd to be getting something after all these months. Then again, it is EMI. I never thought I’d see “A Table In The Sun” as a single. What an interesting move from EMI! I really like the song and am surprised to see it as a single.

As for the label needing extra money, exactly how much would they be making off another Marie single? If the distribution is as poor as “All About You” then I would imagine very very little, if anything.

Did “All About You” even chart on the Swedish singles chart?

I have to say that happy is NOT exactly the feeling of knowing the B-Side. It’s like a piece of the album, the last two songs.

The only thing interesting is the single’s cover. Kinda angry.

With “All About You” single we got ’April Snow (Alternative version)’ at least. What’s the point of this new release? It won’t sell well, it won’t get radio airplay either. I don’t care about sales after all. Forget the sleeve, forget the sales and the airplay! But it doesn’t include anything new, it makes it even worse!!! Why not a non-album B-side???

@m-cvk - this is not the case :) Singles are made for those who have for example heard one song on the radio and do not want to spend much money on the whole album. Single is much cheaper. So when they buy that single and listen to other song that is also on the album, the chance that they will buy the album is growing :)

Please not that i’m not talking about a real fan (who will buy everything even with such a horrible b-side :) ), but average radio listener.

That’s my point of view.

bought a house in Spain recently? Didn´t know that one.
so how many of you are going to buy the single?

ok i was excited, But now i know what the b-side is , its already on the album , i feel i have to not buy it :-( , not worth it for a fan, big fat shame .

REALLY disapointed now with b-side choice.

I’m gonna buy it. like everything that marie/per/roxette/gt releases :)

I’ll buy the single, but i have to say I’m a little disappointed that we dont get anything new for a b-side...otherwise still excited that shes releasing my favourite song from the album

@LaMan: I’ll buy it, someday. I’m not desperate for that single. But we know what happen to these singles, after a couple of years. “Så länge det lyser mittemot” is an example (I don’t have it, and I can’t find a copy in decent condition). Hey, that single also features 2 album-tracks! And it was the lead single of “Den ständiga resan”! :-O

But of course, as a Marie fan, I’d like to have it. But for me it’s not as cheap as for an European costumer. I have to save some money before, and see the way I can find it, LOL!

I’d just like to add that I like the cover. I take it as a good sign that Marie dared to show herself on the cover:)

Very disappointed by the b-side... I’m not against the song, not at all, but I hoped so much for something new. If they don’t have any extra material from this album, there are stolen once demos (the demo of Bad Moon was among them), and i think we all would be happy if some of them would be released officially.

Urm... I hope management is taking note of the comments here; if not HELLO wake up! People that’s been huge fans of Marie aren’t happy with that b-side!! I’m certain we can still make a difference... not so?

i do hope as fans wanting to buy the single for a good b-side we do make the difference but hy ?!

Of course I’m gonna buy it. would my collection look like without this single..ts ts ts..nice cover!
**big hug back to gyllene_tjej**

I’ts a good song but.... I liked Bad Moon better. Love the chorus.

But i wish Marie all the luck with the new single!!!!


It’s a joke,,,,,, ALWAYS THE SAME, THE SAME SONGS...


I don’t like ATITS much, so I’m wondering: why not release “Mother” (that has a catchy tune) or “Bad Moon” (so gloomy, yet so rocking)? These are songs that would get even non-Marie fans interested because the sound is a bit unusual.

Yep Bad moon would be a great single, i think probalby a hit in sweden, but in this time, after her illnes marie decided to release a songs that are about her fight with the cancer. they are now more emotional than bad moon...

Normally can’t even think of commenting on releases anymore but this one is really the WORST chosen release there could have been... only 2 track single, no maxi (which is not surprising for singles released by Marie unfortunately). 2ndly both a- and b-side seem to be just regular album versions, which will make hardly anyone buy this single, which probably will only be available in Sweden anyway despite being in English (like the prev 2 singles). EMI/D&D, where the *** have you lost your senses? No matter if your Roxette’s last single has been ’Opportunity nox’. All this can be sloganed as is Stupidity Tops

hugs back to gyllene tjej... will mail you soon! puss!

It´s a great 3rd single from the album but I think Bad moon or The Good life would be better as a single. We will see how it will be and how successful this song will be.

Well, Marie wasn´t the first neither the last artist in the world releasing CDsingles with only album tracks... there are other artists who do this too (Madonna is an example). Of course I agree this single is not THAT interesting (for the fans), but I loved the idea of a third single off “The change”, and I think “ATITS” & “TC(orchestra)” fit each other very well. Both songs are wonderful and so emotional. So, it becomes a very special single, if you think this way...

hello everybody, I think “A Table In The Sun” is one of the most beautiful songs! I´m looking forward to, bye

Marie we love you in Tyskland!

It seems it will not be released tomorrow after all...

Why not? How do you say that? Maybe EMI got so many advanced orders, that they didn’t have enough time to press so many copies. LOL!

Suuuuuuper!I really like the song but I want to see a new roxette song!!!!!!!!

it would be good to have this album, but i am wondering when it will reach to our NEPALESE market


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