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Written by tevensso on March 23, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD - will be shut down April 1. There’s really nothing more to say. Possibly it will be back in some form later on, but nothing has been said at this point. What’s definite is that Göran Fritzon will keep the domain for now.

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Oh must say the cool wallpapers there! :)

fair enough, fun whilst it lasted. oam

“What’s definite is that Göran Fritzon will keep the domain for now.”
What do you mean by that? Too bad it’s shutting down!

@GylleneM: It basically means that the domain won’t be sold, even though there won’t be any website in the address.

What’s the point of shutting it down? Why not use it as an archive and for general info about the band?

Per could do the same with Does anybody visit that awful website?.

:( that’s a pity, it would have been nice to go on updating the site with news about the GT members, people like to read about them.. at least I do.

Thomas was doing a great job keeping the site up-to-date and the forum clean ;)

I guess there’s only one thing left to do: thank Thomas for keeping the site all these past months! :)

Why??? I like

Yeah, shame...

Thanks, Thomas xx

I’m sorry but this is silly!!! Why not keep the general info on the site... don’t close it down permanently... that’s just STUPID!!!

I do think it’s daft to remove the content.... but it has been a good site, so thanx for Thomas for keeping it running! :)

is it so that emi had a 1 year contract? that it opened 1of april 04?

to me it seems that now when GT is over, at least for now, they dont need the website anymore. that means that the website was only up while they were in the spotlight, that means that it was only to get more publicity! i dont think that it sould exist for the band, it should be ther efor the fans! its a pity it ended like this!!

April 1st? Does that not ring any bells in your heads by the way?

Hey, does anyone remember April Mop events??? The Siter’s trying to make us FOOL...

Actually, I think the same. Is this a joke???

Gyllenetider getting a US contract this year?

This story is not published on April Fools Day.


It’s not O.K. I think.....

This is not an April Fools.

2 bad

But they’ll come back!
Maybe on GT-50? ))

Oh maybe on GT 30 =))

Even if there is nothing more to say, why not keep it open? The information that is currently on it is still nice to read, even though it is “old” news.

Indeed, the webpage can be nominated much more for closing down.

if you rember per said they were going to distribute the last gt album in the usa on usa capitol or some crap but it never happened. it would be better if he put gt to rest and sought out a nice small deal in the us for a rox album with no promotional pressure so marie can work with him at her own pace and we can see a rox album i am VERY tired of gt

And I am really tired of songs in swedish :) mazarin, all gt25 things :) It’s time for roxette ! :)

coyboy: do you mean this???

That was a good one:) LOL

I hate that wallpaper where they are so clumsily pretending to be sleeping, especially Per!

Comment removed by author

It is 2 sad
Why can’t they keep it open but not uppdate it??
If anyone wonder I want it to be open
Why shut it down if the fans want it and use it
isn’t it for the fans??

Det finns alltid nånting att säja!!!

There´s alwas something to say!!!

Strange, when there’s still with an outdated pop hits site....well, if they wanna close it, then I vote for redirecting the domain toanother GT site ( Elektroniska Tider for instance); then people looking for GT info still get it.

This is really stupid...

now it’s definetely over :(

Unfortunately, this one wasn’t a joke:(

... is a sorrow

I’m so sad. I really love

It’s a shame this went!


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